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Is this a phishing scheme? Is calling the number the scheme or is my phone already compromised and I should factory reset?


99% the number is the scheme. Any email can send a text to your phone if they know your number and carrier, it's probably just spam. I'm gonna call it though hang on


just rang and rang and they never picked up.


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update, they just texted me. Doesn't look like a very interesting scam, they probably just want to send me some virus


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>It's Remy
*ignores txt for 2 days*


What sort of google service are you using there? If the number was the scam then why did you call it? Were they expecting to talk to us for a while before convincing us to do something like download a virus?


they probably just created a throwaway gmail, then used the gmail calling feature to call them


of course is a scam OP!
anyone complementing you from a random 24 string of characters is obviously a scam


No OP, this looks 100% legit.


If they picked up I was gonna say like "hey sexy" in a real deep voice or something, expecting some generic indian scammer or someone to be on the other end. I was recording it in case it was funny. It was my normal google voice, I can always block the number.


I knew it was a scam. I was interested in what the scam was.


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God fucking damn it. Every time I start applying for jobs my contact information always ends in unsavory hands. Last time I got prerecorded telemarketers for chimney sweeps, this time I get blatant shit SMS messages.

Last time I changed phone numbers because when I changed carriers. This shit isn't going to stop.


Add your phone to this: https://www.donotcall.gov/

Then threaten said persons with lawsuits. It often works for me.