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>watch old non-cyberpunk related movies
>find things like portable cd player, thinkpad-like laptops or hacking were standard in 90s
>movies I watched weren't made in usa
I feel so retarded in 2016, when this things impress me and today this is obsoleted technology (music in phone>portable cd player)
It's like we live in early cyberpunk, but not fully.


>movies I watched weren't made in usa
which ones?


Brat, Brat 2 (2 Russian) and many Polish movies like To ja złodziej from 2000, where teenager was unlocking cars in few seconds


welcome to the 21th century, shits just started, literally.


Did it, actually? I can't think of any recent breakthroughs, only refinements and novel applications of already existing technology. Is technological development really speeding up or are they just rebranding the old as something new?


all of human development is 'only refinements of already existing technology'. The little things add up.


some big breakthroughs recently
>micro solar panel and perovskite solar cells
>The Internet of Things is constantly increasing and becoming more seamless
>wireless circuits
>3d printing
>driverless cars
>commercial space flight
>AR is actually getting good


Give it time. We're literally heading into world wide dystopias 4 all.



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When boingboing was still being distributed in a zine-like format, they were calling themselves "cyberpunk"; if you ever visit cyberpunk.ru you'll find essays from the early 90s proclaiming the same old "cyberpunk is now" trope, too.
Technological development matters less than its proliferation; so yes and no.
Cyberpunk is about a dystopian as some white kid from the burbclaves throwing a temper tantrum over his pizza not getting delivered on time. Cyberpunk is about as dystopian as some white kid from the suburbs throwing a temper tantrum over his one-day amazon shipment not getting delivered on time. The world is already dystopian by that logic; the differences are minimal.



and still years away from public integration; call me after the tokyo olympics have ended.. then we'll talk.


I had that feel watching Brat.


So you are Polish or Russian then? There was a tabletop RPG I played with my brothers many years ago and it seemed quite well researched, even pointing out that east bloc ammo and NATO ammo of a certain size were not compatible, something not everyone would know or even bother to enforce in a game, loads of details like that. It also said that the computer skill was not available to characters who were enlisted in east bloc armies, only NATO guys could have it. I was quite young and uneducated but it seemed a compelling observation that implied that you guys were a little behind in some areas.

Many punk bands I used to follow continued to release cassettes long after I thought they were out of fashion, and they even translated their print lyrics to Polish even though they only sang in English, French, Spanish. You guys sure bought a lot cassettes so the bands wanted to support that. My friends visited Poland and came back saying there were only cassettes for sale at shows! This was not so long ago either, post 2000 I think.

I'm guessing this had something to do with the fact that in the communist era, cassettes were all there was because western music was technically banned though sold openly anyway. I imagine most of it was pirated on a mass scale from one source record that was smuggled in. Perhaps that meant cassettes, not records for sale, perhaps this tradition just carried on even after CDs were standard elsewhere and the "walls" came down.

Feel free to tell me all of this is wrong, just jumping to conclusions.


>Cyberpunk is about as dystopian as...
I don't know what novels you've read but there is always a great deal of poverty and violence in cyberpunk worlds. There is wealth and convenient technology but they are unavailable to millions of people. If you don't think it's dystopian, ask (figuratively ask) the South American migrants living in a storage unit next door to Hiro Protagonist burning piles of discarded paper lotto tickets to cook over.

The proper term is heterotopia though; it's neither utopian nor dystopian when seen from an omniscient POV though a lot of the people on the ground in those worlds can't see it.


sounds like real life to me.


Which is kind of the point. That's a problem.
We have the technological means to do much better, but that'd cut in the profit margin of a few so that's unacceptable.


>even pointing out that east bloc ammo and NATO ammo of a certain size were not compatible
I think STALKER does that too.