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What are some good channels and networks?


Someone would eventually post freenode.net and #lainchan because they still believe that it's constructive to do so, so I'll take this opportunity from them and point out that it's not really good.


Decent technical discussion, friendly regulars, a lot of off-topic, what's not to love?

While I'm here, have some fun channels
On freenode:
#haiku if you're a fan of that


I agree on freenode being a soykaf IRC network. It's was founded by a con artist who faked his own death and it is run by incompetent idiots. In the last two years they couldn't even manage to repair their Tor hidden service and the constant net splits.

To all users on #lainchan: please move to hackint, OFTC, or a channel-free network like EFnet.




What about Rizon?


> founded by a con artist who faked his own death

In /cyb/eria, that is not a bug, but a feature.


it's heck of a lot more freedom respecting than freenode. It obscures connections automatically, and anyone can register to have their connection completely obfuscated with a vhost.


This would make sense actually considering privateinternetaccess is a freenode sponsor. Its more profitable for PIA if you don't have privacy on the server. Speaking of which why is #lainchan on freenode? I've always found this a little strange. Rizon seems like it would be a better fit for us.


faked his own death? source?

im pretty sure rizon doesnt work with vpns and logs everything



Hackint/OFTC on Freenode?

As for good networks, I've been trying like hell to find anything that's infosec related/programming related. A lot of the surrounding Defcon (area) groups are like graveyards. Not a lot of activity.

The public channels seem interesting in terms of if you have any questions you'll get answers. Not a lot of people you can get familiar and friendly with though. Still on the search for that.


Join Club Cyberia on Tox. First add Lainbot. You will be automatically invited to the groupchat.


Rizon bans just about any VPN that isn't Tor; the network is so filled to the brim with ban-evaders that trying to get on through a VPN is one giant exercise in futility. At least freenode doesn't receive outages every single month.
Tox is shit.


The Irc2p network is good. Join #salt for anonymity/animes/tech/code/privacy/security/warez/opsec


All good channels are obscure

Therefore all the channels mentioned here are shit


Counter: most obscure channels are dead af


Moved to >>>/tech/27556.