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Russia hacks DNC and releases e-mails and data via Wikileaks to influence the election.

Or does it?



Why some "russian hackers" would do it? AFAIK, this leak was made by dnc itself as black PR campaign.


Nah it was some Guccifer 2.0 shit. There were several important high up officials, including the head of communications who turns out to be a real dick, who were exploited with a zero-day according to the hacker claiming responsibility from WikiLeaks

Everyone is still saying it was the Russians to distract from the content. I don't put it past Putin wanting to put our equivalent of Yeltsin in power so he can march around east europe as he pleases. But that doesn't change the fact that the Russians didn't write the emails.

DWS steps down as head of the DNC, immediatly hired by Clinton. SДИDЗЯS people in an outrage.

SДИDЗЯS addressed his supporters outside the DNC this morning. "Look how far we came" We got this movement going, it's been unlike anything this country has ever seen, we are making history, lets keep it going, fuck wall st, fuck the TPP, fuck the 1%, we got some serious concessions out of the DNC platform, DWS has stepped down, now lets support Shillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. It was all cheers until the moment he said "Shillary" and then straight boos. All he could say is Drumpf is shit, we can't let him become president.

Jane SДИDЗЯS was caught on the still hot mic saying "They don't know your name has been put in nomination. That's the concern." Whatever the fuck that means.


Also, it's been settled that the DNC did indeed conspire against the SДИDЗЯS campaign, hence the DWS drop out. But there is no evidence yet that Clinton coordinated with the DNC against SДИDЗЯS. If that gets dropped she might be done for and Assange is hinting that the next round of leaks will prove that.


>"They don't know your name has been put in nomination. That's the concern."
That means that any SДИDЗЯS supporters can still vote for him instead of Shillary.


I have a feeling Hillary was not apart of the Sanders DNC conspiracy. I really doubt Sanders would have endorsed her let alone given that crazy good speech at the DNC if she was in on it.


Whether the Russian Federation was the one who actually carried out the attack or not, they're just a convenient scapegoat to make the issue seem to be more about the hack than what it revealed. And it worked: the Dems are very rapidly becoming angry at Putin and circling their wagons around their glorious leader Shillary.

As often happens in civics, the truth doesn't matter, what matters is what people believe.

pretty obvious to me that she twisted his arm to get that endorsement, and that it was all pre-ordained in advance and she had some way of making sure he held up his end of the bargain.


Ok. So, I moved this thread back to /cyb/ and the image decided to remove itself from the server, due to a bug with the spam mitigation policy in the software.


maybe, but there's a lot of evidence that the FSB was involved -- or, at least, that Gucifer 2.0 isn't who they claim to be. Worth a read, even though it's motherboard.



why is a thread about mainstream politics appropriate for cyb while an anarchism thread isn't

please move this back to civics, this is not cyb


because this is about a major hack.


The reason it's here, instead of in /civ/ is because this is one of those edge-cases where the thread could fit on /civ/ and /cyb/ depending on what aspect you want to talk about.

Someone in /q/ had made a fair point about the thread and because the OP had originally posted this on /cyb/, we figured they probably wanted to talk about the hack instead of talking about the political aspects of it.

It's going to be hard to please everyone in this case, so we decided to go with where the OP decided to put the conversation, which is /cyb/.


>russia hacks DNC


>> everyone is still saying it was the Russians to distract from the content.

>> blame russia = we dont know

>> sony hack = we dont know
This is just to get the media away from looking into the breach and trying to get the political groups sympathy.

Nobody talks of the Equation APT group anymore...