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how do i create an account for this and for :: https://fauux.neocities.org/login.html i need help because i don't know how to do it.

I have looked everywhere i could and still can't find anything, can someone help me?


I dunno but google 'site:https://fauux.neocities.org/'


you do know neocities is only for static file hosting right? The action, /wired.php doesn't even exist, it gives a 404 error. The javascript plays the denied sound no matter what, it's in the playIt function which is called in onSubmit no matter what. Validateform just ensures the username is in the form of user@host.tld and the return value is completley discarded. What are you even talking about "create an account"


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This question is as old as time. Try view page source.

There is no way to access the wired on that site. It flat out says tells you this. It also drops a hint about another site:


mebious.co.uk is literally referenced in SEL


No shiit, but in the page source it says:
"mebi will find "Tec in dec" > .co.uk" which hinted that a real world version of that site existed. Which isn't to say that everyone who watched that show didn't immediately try accessing that URL.


Has anyone taken the time to check if something involving "tec" has been posted to mebi in December? Just a thought.


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Theres an even clearer shot in the episode where lain's room explodes. The camera literally focuses on it.


I'll see if I can fetch it.


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Ignore these people. They let everyday knowledge about everyday technology, politics, maths, reason and similar unimportant stuff make them forget what lain really is.
Just use any random username, and input an email address for password.


>your name is in the list


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>mfw this website is absolute gold and I thank the gods it exists.


Username is whatever
Password is a valid email format.
Used to go to a forum I think now it just 404's


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Is this it?


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Is this it?



It worked, but put me in some random "all reset" page.
Is that what it's supposed to do?


Not who you're replying to but I think it used to redirect you to a forum but it doesn't exist anymore so it just sends you to an error page