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Heya Guys .I have a question.
Is there a alternative to the internet . Like the internet we know and use. The dark web is pretty much dead and is swarming with feds. Is some sort of hidden meshnet out there free of prying eyes of government,shills, ads, and corporations.



we have a lainnet on there


I2P is a good one, it's similar to tor.


Yes OP I can vouch for this anon. I2P is good shit.


hows the community on there . Can you tell me why its "goodshit " XD. Is it superior to TOR?


Less mainstream and full of feds for starters


It is P2P, everyone is a node. It is much better suited for large data transfers. It is more difficult to access clearnet through. It is less known by the masses. Overall, it is a better and newer approach to anonymous routing. But, because of it, it is less studied for security vulnerabilities.


Barren land. Mostly pedos, junkies and 1337 edgy teens thinking they are hackers.


There is, but we won't tell you here because it would be flooded as well. Good luck.


>The dark web
Yeah… the one dark web, right? You know, that these kind of 'hidden meshnets' you're looking for are the definition of a dark net?
However, try the lainnet (dead ;_;) or join the dn42 which isn't soo dead.


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