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George Soros (aka leftist globalist radical that goes around funding NGOs in other countries to further his goald) and his Open Society has been hacked.

The info has been leaked.

Get it while you can, use VPN + Tor


I might have been unlucky there, but the only file for my country is nothing more than a blog post. It's just a honest, simple analysis of the country back in 2011.

Thanks for the link though.


He seems to be really focused on immigration, hungary, moldova, russia and ukraine in Europe atm


I don't understand why all leaks aren't simultaneously delivered to WikiLeaks for curation and preservation purposes. We shouldn't have to worry about it going offline.


TIL George Soros, a business magnate who made his money by fucking over people, is a leftist radical.


Having money and being a dick does not make you republican.


...and not being a republican doesn't mean you are automatically a leftist. He seems to funds various causes like naive little pawns but I'm not really sure what his real game is. I just know that right wingers like to find out that he's "behind" all of their enemies' plans because this seems to automatically discredit anyone.


His goal is apparently destabilization to usher in the era of the NWO. In fact, of the two parties, the one that can be more easily attributed to illuminati like organizations are the democrats. The're the political equivalent to a snake in your boot.

For reference, here's an alleged FBI agent talking about soros and the DNC on 4chan some years ago.



*years = months


yeah, but being a ruthless Capitalist pretty much precludes you from being a leftist radical.


months = weeks. Apparently I have no idea what I'm talking about.


You missed the plane, m8. THe leftist radical agenda is being controlled by this guy. This guy funded black lives matter. He funded post occupy organizations in europe, and funded organizations that assist in relocating syrians to eastern europe. That's just recent stuff.



so he's a progressive. That's not the same thing.


I don't see how any of that's particularly bad, you may not agree with any of it but it's not bad. He's not outright fucking people over



File: 1471158731665.png (199.68 KB, 200x117, Internet+and+propoganda+snowden+leak+how+_21b3197f6263b973682b0d180016e8a9.jpg)

>blogposting about politics
This thread isn't for that

This thread is for digging
If you want to defend horrible things this guy has done then go on /civ/


mkdir dcleacks
cd dcleaks
wget --execute robots=off --page-requisites --convert-links --mirror http://soros.dcleaks.com/


I have seen that word been used a lot recently by the right-wing.
It seems like they are trying to say neoliberalism, but they either don't know what that means or don't want to blame capitalism.


stop trying to change the topic to promote your political agenda

talk is about the hack and leak of info and all NGOs he is funding


irony so thick in this post you could cut it with a knife


File: 1471186383639.png (1.74 MB, 200x150, 1471124920894.png)



thanks for bumping my thread


didn't he like say that "national borders are a problem" and "I would like to see a world government"?


> citing a 4chan post.
You have actual leaks to provide some hard evidence with. Don't cite made up copy pasta on 4chan.
Looks like he's a run of the mill trotskyite with fuck ton of money not a NWO illuminati.


the only reason person like you wouldn't look into a leak OP provided is because you are afraid that George Soros might actually be "NWO illuminati"


>For reference
>alleged FBI agent
>on 4chan
My sides have left the building.

Those are mainstream progressive movements, not "leftist radical".


Yeah, except everything in his thread checks out so far. Seems about as legit as an anon post from an FBI agent could be.


they are all pushing for borderless, multicultural, communistic new world
that itself labels them as leftist radical


stop trying to change the topic
look into the leak


I wasn't the one who changed it.

...yes in exactly the same way as the Republican party and Fox News are "nazis" (in the eyes of their opponents).


it's really not worth going through if you're not an investigative reporter who does this stuff for a living. Most of it is mundane budget reporting.


>mundane budget reporting
Now when you hear "George Soros is funding [x] radical NGO group" don't just go "pff, stop with your conspiracies" because you said it yourself that its "mundane"

>it's really not worth going through

but its worth defending George Soros and claiming he "dindu nuffin" why? Because you have something against the whole sentiment of calling him a leftist radical?

If you are so scared of being proven wrong, why do you keep bumping this thread up?


>...yes in exactly the same way as the Republican party and Fox News are "nazis" (in the eyes of their opponents)

That's not a far stretch really. Nor is the claim of progressives pushing towards globalism. You have to take the rabble out of the equation. We're not talking about your average liberals and conservatives here. The subject is very specifically those at the top of the food chain.


>Nor is the claim of progressives pushing towards globalism.
Here's that word again, care me to explain what do you mean by that?
Because it seems you are thinking neoliberalism somehow started with the left.
Is Ronald Reagan a communist now?


You are talking about a George Soros, a person you know nothing about and don't want to know anything about.

you are here only because you want some kind of political battle
Go to /civ/ for that


You're moving the goalpost m8. Political parties shift all the time. The republicans used to be the dems. They're the ones who started the unions. That's all fucking history. Now they're anti-union corporatist xenophobes. But we're not talking about all conservatives, or all republicans. We're talking about George Soros, and his attempt to destabilize society.


I know well about Soros, but I can also see the OP is carrying a clear political bias of it's own.
Maybe this thread should have been done on /civ/ to begin with.


File: 1471204477857.png (776.41 KB, 200x94, soros against femen.png)

hacking and leaking info is /cyb/
>I know well about Soros
Yet you dismissed all allegations as "nwo illuminaty" conspiracy
You don't know who Soros is, you don't want to look up what he has done, and you have no interest in talking about the subject of the matter

just stop posting then


I'm about done with this shill too. He's not even putting up a fight.


>He's not even putting up a fight
Yea, they always dismiss your claims , move goalposts or nitpick your comment until you have to go to dictionary and look up word definitions

meh, just ignore them, they don't live in world of facts and reason


>but its worth defending George Soros and claiming he "dindu nuffin" why?

I'm not defending him in the slightest. I think Soros is a midly repulsive person.

>Because you have something against the whole sentiment of calling him a leftist radical?

I am a little bit offended that you think Soros is a leftist radical, but it's more like an annoyance than an actual beef. It's pretty clear that you're too far down the rabbit hole to be persuaded. This side conversation is over.

>If you are so scared of being proven wrong, why do you keep bumping this thread up?

I'm interested in the hack. Who did it? Where did you get this information?


>It's pretty clear that you're too far down the rabbit hole to be persuaded
you're the one that doesn't want to look in the leak and calls all allegations "nwo" conspiracy

I am the one open for debate

>I'm interested in the hack. Who did it? Where did you get this information?

Now you want to be spoonfed with information, just so you can use it against me.
Look, I gave you the leaks and showed you what a man he is.

but here you go, I just searched for "dnc soros leaks" and found this nice article for you to read


here's the important information if anyone's interested:


>In the case of Soros’s Open Society, hackers stole a trove of documents after accessing the foundation’s internal intranet, a system called Karl, according to a person familiar with its internal investigation. On August 3, the DCLeaks.com Twitter account tweeted “Check George Soros’s OSF plans to counter Russian policy and traditional values,” attaching a screenshot of a $500,000 budget request for an Open Society program designed to counter Russian influence among European democracies.


so, looking at https://twitter.com/dcleaks_ , it's pretty obvious that whoever posted these is aggressively pro-Russian. They also seem to like WikiLeaks, which I guess makes sense. I doubt they collaberated though.

Apparently 'security researchers' think it was the same people who did the DNC hacks, but I'm not inclined to trust them with so little evidence.


>"its da russians" bloomberg says
Nobody knows who did it, they can only guess


FYI leftist radicalism=communism and anarchism.
Soros is none of that. He is a neoliberal. Neoliberalism is right-center, which actually is what the USA democratic party is as well. With the republicans being right wing.


File: 1471206888101.png (74.85 KB, 184x200, political affiliation map.jpg)

go talk about politics somewhere else


How about you actually provide evidence to back you're claims? I'm not going to waste my time trying to prove you right, that's your job. I'm listening if you actually find anything but I'm not digging through it for you.

My position still stands that he's just a very rich trotskyite. If I had a that much dosh I'd be sharing it with the EZLN, YPG and various other anarchist groups.


So I take it the leaks only prove shit that was already well known and openly stated by Soros and his OSF; that he has a political agenda and funds grass roots organizations around the world to further that agenda.

Neato waste of time.


the more interesting bit is where the leaks come from IMO. https://twitter.com/dcleaks_ is the supposed source, and they're obviously trying to further some political agenda.


File: 1471208522378.png (85.14 KB, 200x113, soros-quote.jpg)

>that he has a political agenda and funds grass roots organizations around the world to further that agenda.
Now we have names, affiliation links, addresses and sums of money
We can point at any his organization and say, "look what they're doing"

>waste of time

only if you believe in his ideas and goals


This leak, and the previous dnc leak came from Guccifer2.0. Guccifer 1 was ukrainian. Though we don't actually know anything about 2.0 it's not a far stretch to asume he's also from Ukraine. Given the situation in Crimea... OF fucking course they're pro russia.


Guccifer 2.0 claimed to be Romanian.


Genetics vs Nationality. In european counterculture, being romanian means you can claim to be a gypsy, means you can claim heritage of counterculture. It's the american equivalent of claiming to be native american punk rocker.


or that you're actually Romanian, like 19 million other people.


>It's the american equivalent of claiming to be native american punk rocker.
you have no idea what you're talking about, right?


You must be that fuckstick from earlier. I'm saying you don't have to live in romania to be romanian.


Romanian != Romani.


German != lives in germany


But the Romani people have nothing to do with the Romanian people.


>Not to be confused with Romanians, an unrelated ethnic group and nation, nor with modern or ancient Romans, also unrelated.

So it is.


Love how a thread about leaked hacked info got turned into politics and then bickering if romani people are romanian

Real classy lainchan


As referenced by kalyx, there's been a lot of /pol/spam. If you see any posts that fit this description please report them.


Was that the guy that started arguing about politics and definition of words?


Enough of romanians in both ukraine and russia. Also, I can claim to be japanese. Does it make me japanese?


Wow, thanks OP


oh snap


has anyone gotten a chance to look through these yet?


well, if Guccifer 2.0 claims to be Romanian, and Guccifer 1.0 claims to be Ukrainian, are they probably the same person?


you sound like you're a detective working on a high risk job, hunting down a hacker like life of your loved one depends on it

I like that


Because DCLeaks is a russian psyop.


http://8ch.net/p ol/res/7124433.html
remove the space

>pulling stuff out of your anus


detectives have to ask people such obvious questions?

Damn, that sounds boring.


Most detectives are hired to gather dirt for divorce cases, or to prove that an "injured" worker who is supposedly too hurt to work is secretly working under the table somewhere while claiming compensation. Also insurance bullshit. Pretty boring indeed.


>leftist globalist radical
>globalism, the movement for worldwide capitalism, is leftism
>leftist radical agenda
>black lives matter
>globalist share trader who fucked tg
>run of the mill trotskyite
>borderless, multicultural, communistic new world
Seriously, what the fuck is going on inside your poisoned little head? These are complete non-sequiturs


>who fucked the bank of england


Moved to >>>/civ/1323.