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Hello everyone! I noticed there isn't a thread on this topic, and it's a topic a lot of people tend to mention.

What are good tips to start practicing good OPSec? Any good tips on hardening your OS?


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Holy shit. Thanks for the resources. :)


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OpSec (an abbreviation for operational security, so no need to capitalize the P, type it in all caps, etc.) is unrelated to OS hardening. The less edgy term for it is tradecraft. The term anarchists use is security culture. Looking up intelligence community training material, security culture zines/articles, and similar is probably the best way to start learning good "opsec."



Couldn't you search something like this yourself before asking for someone to spoonfeed you?


Well, outside of it being just easier this way (parsing the good documents / videos / etc.), it also can spark discussion about practicing OPSEC.


It's pretty bad OPSEC to Google 'how to opsec', 'how to do hide my sketchy shit', etc.


anyone who has a concept of "OPSEC" in his head and is smart enough to know about what Google has been doing for past few years will know to not use google and instead use searx.me or ixquick

superficial discussions that bring nothing new to table


>superficial discussions that bring nothing new to table

why do we need to bring anything new to the table? Lots of people have never done this before, they need to learn the older stuff. Any discussion is good discussion in my book.


seconding this. grugq knows his shit. recommend reading opsec for hackers at a minimum.


You're using the word "spoonfeeding" to describe elitism. Spoonfeeding would be to tell him where and how to do things, pointing him to a file with 400 pages isn't spoonfeeding.

A lot of people are new and might not even know what OPSec is. Don't be a dick.


I know two things about OpSec


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Hey kids, do you love the Internet? Great! Let's talk about OPSec! But first, let's talk about you first;

Do you like Netflix? Or maybe you enjoy Facebook? Does your daily routine involve a boring 9 to 5 job or playing video games and posting on imageboards while unemployed? Well, congratulations, you are completely ordinary and your security measures are simple! Just keep your computer's operating system updated and if a guy with an Indian accent calls you saying that your computer is sending him errors, just tell him to fuck off!! Consider Ublock Origin for Firefox and Chrome, it makes webpages look prettier!

Are you in an oppressive regime? Does your leader say you have to verbally suck his dick or risk being punished? Are you a rebel who wants to have his or her voice be heard and possibly take down your little dicked leader? Well, comrade, looks like you need Tor! Tor allows you to evade the eyes of your local dictator by making you anonymous, for the most part. You could even use Tails!

Are you a sick fuck? Do you like blowing yourself up? Do you abuse animals and little kids? Do you share your disgusting passions online? Well, I suggest suicide!! If that's not your cup of tea, please just upload your sick shit to OneDrive! I hear they give free computers to terrorists and pedophiles who use their cloud service.


that's right kids! Nobody has anything to hide from Big Brother but criminals. Are you a criminal? Well, if you're hiding something, you must be!


I want a 50's era style parody propaganda film about OPSec so bad now, anyone here have a good voice?

Now, now, Mr. Orwell, remember what we said about Oppressive Regimes? Places like China, North Korea, and other Un-American places monitor AND censor Internet to restrict free speech, so it's okay to hide from the government. But we are the good guys, we will never do that, kids. Just remember to not say anything bad on the Internet!


Quality post


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bumping this because some people are anal about having multiple OpSec threads, so we should just concentrate that discussion here.


If you have shit to hide, why are you putting it on the internet?


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