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Greetings lainons! I was wondering which organizations really deserve our donations i.e; The Tor Project, i2p, wikileaks, etc. Also please feel free to mention other projects(open-source, etc) that really require funding.




Donate to lainchan!
Kalyx needs some new gold-plated macbooks.


yep! lainchan's a must! :D


>spending money on this shithole


A website to really look at regarding this is Givewell. It looks at different charity organizations and how they really use their funds. It's clear that, for example, PETA, does a lot of questionable stuff, but it might be interesting to find out how lacking in transparency some of the bigger charities like UNICEF are.

Somewhat related: research suggests that it is more effective to go to one of those websites where you can donate to people directly.


y'all need to leave kalyx the fuck alone, he's poured so much into this website


He doesn't even come back to this site
>poured so much


He openly admits to spending donation money on personal stuff. He gave a whole story about being homeless and needing money for food. It's kinda dubious that he really needed the money because he had plenty of gear (like apple products) that he could have sold.
Later, he tried selling off all of his things. People paid him, many didn't recieve anything. There was no word for a while, then he told everyone that he was fixing the problem. Some still claim they haven't got their stuff. Whether that's true or not cannot be confirmed.

My personal take on the thing is that people should be able to make a living off a site with zero advertisements. He was transparent about his personal spending of donation money. I don't have a problem with him buying macbooks with donations, but I would like to see a breakdown of how donation money is spent. If 10% was going to golden macbooks, no problem, if 90% goes to golden macbooks, I don't think people would be happy. I don't know how you screw up mailing packages to people, though. Use tracking numbers, worse case scenario you get Return to Sender and ask them for new address.


his cultists forget that


The "spending donation money on golden macbooks" meme is a joke. Regular donation money is spent on lainchan. When kalyx has needed money for personal things (like when he sold his stuff), that was made clear.

If you want to discuss how lainchan donations are spent, please take it to >>>/q/


yea, I wouldn't give my money to lainchan
More like FSF or some crowdsourcing project like Novena


My fund for keeping me as a neet Forever.

Give bitcoins.


May I suggest OpenBSD
It has quite the limited resources, and it keeps a sane development environment.
It is an important OS in itself, contributing to the issue of security where many modern OSes oriented towards ease of use and gaining new adepts disregard good security policies. And partly due to this, the system doesn't see as much support as it deserves. One example is that often device vendors refuse to even provide documentation for their devices so that devs can write correct devices (without having to resort to blobs). Hence many systems, not only OpenBSD, remain know for poor device support.


I've made donations to the FSF and the OpenMW, before.

I like FOSS, so of course I'll donate.


how about the opennicproject? It seems promising.


The Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University is the first thing that comes to mind, honestly.


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groups doing novel cancer immunotherapy research :D

also riseup.net


may i suggest lainchan


if I had to choose between giving money to i2p or tor, I would choose i2p. Mainly because the tor developers are a massive pile of vaginas, butthurt and apparently are okay with housing sociopaths so long as its convenient (applebaum) until they are no longer useful.

But if you want my honest opinion (and I'm under no delusions that you actually do, but whatevs) they're two sides of the same coin, only we haven't uncovered dirt on the i2p project yet.

Donate to EFF if you feel the need.


Suuure, Kalyx.

(actually I would love it if people donated here because I can't and want to see it continue ;_;)


defense distributed?


lets encrypt! AFAIK they are doing a great job!


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