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Here's a list of content I find to be cyber-culturally relevant and worthy of being backed up / mirrored so it's preserved for further generations of lainons/cyberpunks.

Another reason for backing up this stuff would be to keep it for personal access, even when shit/TTIP/gov take downs hit the fan (or when the content disappears for any other reason).

The lists is far from complete and I'd love it if you check it out, contribute links / content / whatever or backup (part of) the stuff on the list.

I've also backed up some sites of lainons I know personally (and of some others I don't), but I've removed those links from the version I uploaded here.

tldr; this is a list of cool cyber stuff; I want your input on other cool stuf; you might wanna backup some of it


pic unrelated


Wouldn't that fall under the hacking thread? There's a lot of material there too


The old ORC+ and Fravia+ sites. There should be archives floating around of both.


http://textfiles.com/ has a lot of that kind of stuff.


I don't think so, since quite a lot of the material is not hacking-related.

Yeah, it's already in the list, I've backed it up fully.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it.


I wouldn't say that Another is cyberpunk.

Bubblegum Crisis, Ergo Proxy, Psycho Pass, GiTS and Texnolyze are though.


I think a section should be added for meetups, congresses and conferences. Things like:

In addition; "scam school" should most certainly be removed


yeah, I just think it's a neat anime and maybe even culturally relevant. (that's why I put the cyber in brackets, other stuff I consider culturally relevant and/or interesting will also be put on the list)

I'll also add the other anime you mentioned.

oh yeah I agree about removing scam school, I just copied it from a list someone sent me

I don't know whether adding all the cons is a good idea; since it's such a huge amount of data that backing all of them up would probably be out of the realm of possibilities. I'll be adding the ones I can remember anyhow so maybe someone else can back em up.

I'll also put some more /diy/ related youtube channels on the list soon, but that might take a while since there's a lot of good ones out there

here's the updated version of the file https://bpaste.net/show/693d3603398c


Some hacker cons:

Chaos Communication Camp
Chaos Communication Congress
Electromagnetic Field (festival)
Galactic Hacker Party (defunct)
Hackers at Large (defunct)
Hackers on Planet Earth
Hacking at Random (defunct)
HoHoCon (defunct)
Observe. Hack. Make. (defunct)
Rubi-Con (defunct)
SIGINT (conference) (defunct)
What the Hack (defunct)


I think maybe throwing cons at the bottom arranged by continent might be useful. I don't think there are many lists that are actually up to date you know?
Plus encouraging meatspace meetups I think is a key part of moving hacker culture forwards


thanks for the list, I've added them

I've ordered them by country now

I've also added some more torrent sites I got from people on telegram

I've been sorting my youtube subscriptions into categories etc, but it's like 400 of them so that'll take a while

here's the most recent version btw



How would someone join the laintracker group?


you have to get an invite, everybody that has an account gets 5 invites to give away.


there was a TPP hoarding project thread that died not too long ago. If anyone saved it the contents could be salvaged. There was also a thread on all cyberpunk related music/art genres that died a little while back. Those thread contents could also be salvaged if anyone remembers what they were, though I doubt anyone does. Finally I remember someone sharing an old lain themed website a while back (probably a fan site) that was pretty good.


I think I might have the tpp hoarding thread backed up somewhere, I'll look into it.

I didn't see a music/art genre thread, so if anyone has that backed up, please let me know.

I've got a ton of personal fan/cybersites in here, so the one you saw might already be included.

Thanks for the info!

I'm pretty much halfway on the list of youtube accounts, but sorting through +- 400 youtube channels is a ton of work.
They will probably be included in version 4

here's an updated version (3.5 iirc)


whoa, seems like petsu has missed a lot of stuff in hekatestation
like magyar parvo


yeah, she's been having personal issues recently (like a couple of months at least) and she announced she left lainchan a few days ago


i bet you think wowaname is a girl too


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