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Are you guys ready for an army of adorable robots?


I worry about job security for some people, really. But damn if these fuckers aren't cute.


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B-b-but... Terminator is not cute...

Truth be told, I'm a little scared of the possible monsters we are creating.


>Truth be told, I'm a little scared of the possible monsters we are creating.

You're both forgetting that the whole reason SkyNet went rogue in the first place was because everyone was scared of what it might do, and so they tried to shut it down.

Yeah, the singularity is fucking terrifying. The best we can hope for is peaceful coexistence. But since we are in the position of power, it's our responsibility to make that best-case scenario a reality. Nobody is going to do it for us, least of all an artificial intelligence, so it's important to avoid letting fear get in the way.


That's why maybe... we can post some cute robots?


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I got your back


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I'd like to have a depresive robot, maybe that way i can feel good about myself


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Or maybe a diva-like robot. The conversations i'd have with this thing would be amazing


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I think it depends on your definition of cute, but i think these two are pretty cute.
I'd run some test with them.


Am I the only one who thinks they were annoying?


It's been a long time I read those books, and I know some of the jokes went over my head as a child. It always occurred to me as strange even at that age, that an advanced AI robot would be so depressed so I thought he was just faulty. It never crossed my mind that there would be a reason to keep something like that around, the reason you mentioned specifically.


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I don't really care about robots and AI. I have no use for them. And my own job is, from the perspective of robotics, so complicated that I doubt it'll be fully automated during my lifetime.


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