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Wondering about creating the LainWiki (if it doesn't already exist)

I'm asking you the ultimate question: would you find it useful?


Do it.


I think it'd be useful. If anything we could have a better repository than recreating the hacking threads every time.




Okay. I see there are some peoples interested.

First I need a logo: you can make one. If no one tries, I will draw my own.

2) is LainWiki a good name ?

3) dokuwiki ? Mediawiki ? another ?

4) public ? Registration? Invite ?


Wired wiki, layer 7 wiki.

I think it should be public, having a private wiki defeats the purpose i guess.


Sorry I mean: free edition or restricted edition? The pages will be visible by everyone


le upboat xD


I will first buy a .tk domain. I'll use donations to buy a .wiki domain. I will host it on my vps.


>would you find it useful

I don't know, what would go on it?


this is how "LainWiki" should (and does) look like.
the silly programming stuff can go somewhere else.


The purpose of this thread is a wiki for this chan, not for the animation.


why would we need a wiki, to document needless drama?


There are great posts every day with links to learning resources and endless information, that could be in a single place.

If you think the only thing we have to offer is endless drama is probably because you spend your time here in drama threads.


aren't .tk free at freenom.com?


Yes. I mean "register" sorry.


Don't respond to bait.
If post contains("drama") ignore and block.
Of course that doesn't apply to THIS post.


downboat from me. There are already related wikis on this like installgentoo and the /sci/ wiki, not to mention the cyberpunk directories. How will we make this distinct or offer something unique.


Like what?
I don't think there's much genuinely useful original content posted here. Most infographics and tips are reposted from somewhere else.
Besides, as >>35363 said, there's already many other wikis that cater to this need. No need to make another useless duplicate.




I'm not sure what wiki you are talking about, but we have a very particular kind of knowledge in lainchan. The hacking threads have resources for a specific type of computing knowledge, /lit/ has specific literature, /drg/ too.

What wiki has cyberpunk literature, drug procedures and low level programming material?



Here is the wiki. http://vps259034.ovh.net/~lainwiki/

It doesn't have a domain name yet and is still a beta version.

Help me to improve it. You can fix spelling and grammar, create the first articles and send feedbacks.


PS: Warning - CSS is fucking gore since I'm not very good at webdev


that's why I also mentioned cyberpunk directories. One can't be mentioned here because of stupid drama with kalyx, but there's already http://www.cyberpunked.org/cypkdir/ and http://project.cyberpunk.ru/ for example. And then there are other related sites like textfiles and erowid, and the various subreddits (>inb4 plebbit) with wikis already for drugs, hacking and programming that are linked to even more related resource heavy sites. I'll give you the low level programming one though, since I am not aware of any comprehensive resource hubs on it atm. But again, like another anon mentioned, most of the infographics and other guides have been reposted from other boards or sources. If you really want to make a wiki of value, then you'll have to compile all these already existing resources and then improve upon them by filling in any gaps they have missed, or offering a unique lainon perspective. It can't be just a wiki of rehashed information made different only with lain imagery and themes. Lain has been nearly beaten to death as a mascot for cyberpunk sites.


I just want to make a wiki, editable by lainons. So they have a place where they can put some valuable content.

I didn't asked "vote yes/no" I asked "someone interested?"

And if someone find it useful, I will continue.

But thanks for giving your opinion ;-)


I was just memeing since others responded with +1 and le upboat. So let me clarify, I would not be interested in the wiki or find it useful if it is basically a giant series of repost with a schway coat of paint. However, if it offers something new or improves upon other resource guides, then I would. If you want I could share some of the other resource links I have gathered, but maybe not here as I don't want to be banned for spam or advertising/sh1lling.


I agree with you. But memeing isn't very constructive.


Well this entire chan is based on the lain meme, but I will try and control myself.


Very +1


only cybermemes are realkaf, droog.


When debating, memeing isn't constructive.


OP here. Since kalyx is the admin of lainchan, i think his opinion would be useful.


jinteki.industreis can be mentioned. It's a good resource, however if you've ever talked with Akitaro you'd know that he's an absolute glitterboy.


Jinteki.industries was a cool site until he made it about hating us. Ironically that guy still posts on lainchan. If you want to make a resource page / wiki for lainchan then go for it. I wont endorse it if it sucks tho. The other resource pages that exist all seem to lack one thing or another.


Okay. It's online. Everyone can edit. I will add namespaces.


I suppose you're right.

I'm used to the bantz so it doesn't detract for me, but I'll be more mindful next time.

never talked with him or seen him post anywhere so i wouldn't know. I just saw in another thread lainons saying not to mention jinteki and talking about it very discreetly so I figured it was a taboo topic.

Where should I submit resource/database links for review/discussion to help make the wiki more comprehensive?


I don't know whether this count as threadjacking or something but I put a list with some interesting stuff up in another thread named cyberculturally relevent content
There's still tons of changes being made to the file, so I don't feel like posting it on the wiki just yet.
It started out as just a list of stuff I wanted to backup so it doesn't dissapear if sites go offline, but it quickly got enormous and I don't know whether I can backup this much data, but it might be interesting for other folks.



I like Lainwiki, it's for lainchan after all
Public of course (though we have to watch out for saboteurs)
I was gonna ask about the content but I guess the point of the wiki is that we get to make the content huh?
"The silly programming stuff" is one of the core concepts holding lains together.
I think we have a distinct set of interests which can appeal to a specific demographic (yes I mean "hackers", refer to the jargon file for a definition)
we don't do that here. Have a nice day

I think one of the things I miss of the old lainchan was that the users were generally willing to start new projects, now I see an amount of "what's the point?". Anyway count me in.


the silly programming stuff holds programmers and cyberpunks together.
no amount of time and customs will make the site being named after lain less arbitrary.


And weebs
Let's have an arbitrary name then, it's lainchan's own wiki after all


Yeah why does he hate us, I don't get it


>Where should I submit resource/database links for review/discussion to help make the wiki more comprehensive?

If your content fit in a namespace, create or edit a page. Else, what do you want to post ?


Is it going to be an actual wiki like c2 was or just another online encyclopedia?


Experiencing problems with the VPS. Will be back online as soon as possible. Sorry.


I will be back in less than an hour


Well it's going to take more time... I'm sorry


I will host the wiki myself. Wait 1 week and I'll make a new thread.


are you going for the same objective as the installgentoo wiki?


Me another mod have been wanting to bring back my old cyber life wiki, if you are interested in working together pm me on irc. I go by either IcanFLY or I_can_FLY on the IRC.


I forgot to mention I am at work right now, and wont be able to check any PMs until later this afternoon.


I got the access to my VPS. Going online today.


Oh sorry. Didn't read this post. You can email me if you want.


hes just some jackass who hangs out on cyberpunk sites.


Well I just want to dump links so lainwiki contributors can look over them and borrow from them or include them in another page if they want. I don't intend to create a permanent article equivalent of a pastebin link collection.


Moved to >>>/tech/26825.