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Do you guys know about MaidSafe and the SAFE Network? Are you gonna use it? Would you use a *chan on it?


Greetings, newlain. Instead of asking us if we know about it, your burden, as OP, is to provide a strong first post. Usually this means more than just asking questions; you provide very little substance. If you could give links talking about MaidSafe and the SAFE Network, that would be great.

>inb4 "Do your own research!"

You're starting a thread about a topic. It is on you to provide information about it, otherwise it's a pretty lame thread.

Almost as bad as "is MaidSafe cyberpunk?"



It's a secure, encrypted, anonymous decentralized network that also utilizes crypto-currency using a paradigm that is not a blockchain, so it avoids the downsides of blockchain technology, such as having to store the blockchain, or the transactions per second limit. The transactions will be near instantaneous.




I heard of it like a year ago. The fact that I haven't heard about it sense indicates that the network is probably dead/dying.


It's not. It's completed like 8 test networks, 3-4 of them within the past few months, and is currently in Alpha.

I'd put money on a beta by the end of the year.


How does it replace the blockchain?

Does it operate on top of existing infrastructure?

What sort of encryption?

Does the mastercoin fiasco, which is the only thing I've even heard about this project, concern you?


It's very complex, and difficult to explain in one post. You really are better served by reading documentation or watching videos.

I can try and tell you what I do know though.

It operates on top of TCP/IP, and uses standardized AES encryption I believe, but uses multiple layers of it. Files that are uploaded are broken up into 1mb chunks, which are encrypted and duplicated 4 times through the network nodes, so if someone drops, the chunk is still available, and it always makes sure there's 4 at any given time. The "vaults" that store the data (user run), take on different jobs for the network, either being routing nodes, or file service nodes. There's no way to anticipate what your vault will be at any given time, nor is there a way to control what it will be because that is decided automatically by the network, which helps to thwart Sybil attacks. This system means that there's no way to know exactly who is grabbing what data and from where. Even if you could see the IP of the person requesting the file, you'd only have a 1mb encrypted chunk.

Authentication is done via self-authentication. You have an account secret and a pass phrase. The account secret locates the files on the network, and the passphrase decrypts it.

As for the currency, it uses... Well I can't remember what its called atm, but basically the closest nodes (not physically, it's based on IP addresses and XOR routing, I don't fully understand it yet) determine whether or not they agree that the transaction is valid. I think it's 30 nodes, and something like 24 have to agree.

As for the master coin thing idk what you're referring to, but the maidsafe coins that are available are really just tokens that will exchange 1:1 with Safecoin on the safe network when Safecoin is ready and deployed.


I saw their presentation at cccamp15 and wasn't very impressed.
Quite a big chunk of the currency is "premined" and given to the VCs that funded the company behind MaidSafe. That alone is more than enough reason for me not to use it.


its really interesting. i downloaded and installed their alpha releases but cant seem to get it to run sadly (on linux). I'd use a chan on there


>Quite a big chunk of the currency is "premined" and given to the VCs that funded the company behind MaidSafe.

Source? Where did you hear that?


>Source? Where did you hear that?
I heard it at the presentation at cccamp15.
It's also in the whitepaper in the repo: https://github.com/maidsafe/Whitepapers/blob/master/Project-Safe.md

> Five percent of the safecoin issue will be laid aside for these investors and as safecoin is increasing in value, current investors will be able to swap their shareholding in MaidSafe.net for the coins.

It also seems like there'll be a crowdsale of "premined" coins by the company: https://github.com/maidsafe/Whitepapers/blob/master/Project-Safe.md#b-crowd-sale-participants
>A crowd sale will enable everyone worldwide to seed and be a part of the SAFE project. This will last until MaidSafeCoin are sold out (circa $8million). If the all coins are not sold the event will end after 30 days. The crowd sale will enable a direct purchase up to ten percent of MaidSafeCoin.

Sounds pretty ponzi to me but you're of course free to sink your money into it still.


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