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hey lainons.

DC24 was my second con, and was an all around success. problem is that i want to get a lot more friendly/a bigger circle of people i know in infosec and programming. issues therein is that the DC groups around me are dead.

only other DC group that i could join that has like minded individuals on IRC has someone toxic i'd like to avoid. so i am trying to find alternatives.

any of you lainons hang out with other programmers and hackers?


I'm not hacker or anything, but I try to avoid hackers groups because most of them are toxic with high number of arrogant incompetent people. I'd rather read inane shitposting, to be honest.


DC24 was my second con as well, I also attended DC23. I'm planning to go to some local cons, but there aren't really any DC groups around my area, or even in my state.

My plan is to check out my local 2600 meeting, my local BSides meeting, and any nearby security cons. I'm going to print out business cards with my name on them, email, and some short info like github or twitter handle. Its amazing how many infosec researchers use Twitter, there's a huge community on there. Start out by following someone like @viss (he's very popular at DEFCON) and branch out from there. (@TayOnSecurity is also great)


Oops, that's @SwiftOnSecurity


This guy gets it



yeah, i am a part of twitter, but twitter has this hemisphere of a dramatic shitshow. i don't know if you have been following the tor drama or many other micro-dramas circulating.

i didn't think of BSides, but i did join irc.2600.net last night. not sure what's to come of it, but goddamn i wish i had some local people to hack shit with.


If you're looking for local hacking groups/meetups.. you might possibly have a few options

1) Local Defcon groups
As stated, most defcon groups are shit, and if they aren't shit, then they're dead.
2) Local 2600 chapters
they typically have the same problem as the defcon groups/meetups. They're shit and/or dead.
3) Check and see if there is a hackerspace/makerspace in your area. The closer you are to major cities, the more likely there will be a hackerspace for you to hang at.
4) Conferences
bsides conferences are cheap, all over the fucking world, and generally speaking, the attendees aren't giant egocentric douchebags like you see at Defcon.

Other conferences I can recommend (note: these are all based in the US):

CircleCityCon - Indiana: Hotel and airfare there was cheap. The trainings are by and far, the most affordable training sessions you will find anywhere. The organizers are great, the content is good and most the speakers are more than willing to shoot the shit with you after their presentations. IIRC, the tickets are well under 100bux, which is a bargain compared to most conferences.

Louisville, KY
tickets tend to sell out really fucking faster for this. Training sessions are top-notch, but training tickets are 1k a pop. Still, compared to shit like blackhat (average is around 2-3k) and SANS (5k if you want to be in an actual class with an instructor), its a bargain. Standard tickets are 175/ea

You'd expect a con in DC to be filled with nothing but suits and shitty "cyber" talks. shmoocon is decent, but not unlike derby, the tickets sell out really goddamn fast. they're 175/ea, I think.

other conferences I've heard good things about, but have never attended:
ShowMeCon (St. Louis)
Layer 1 (Los Angeles)

>What if I don't have money to attend a conference?

Sometimes conferences like Defcon, Blackhat, Shmoo and some others will offer a "scholarship" for students or people who really want to go and can't afford it. Try applying. You never know.

also, if you just want to see the presentations, just go to irongeek.com. If the videos aren't there, go to the internet archive and search there. Some conference organizers are easily triggered and don't appreciate irongeek's sense of humor, so they drop their shit on archive.org instead.

With regards to "infosec, twitter, and drama" yeah. There's a lot of drama and bullshit, but its a really good source of information. Don't discount it so easily.


BSides sound so cool!

Has anyone been to many before? Can anyone provide some insight as to what to expect?


I've been to a BSides. It's generally presentations and talks by locals so quality can vary depending on where you go. The last one I went to was good and I'd go again.


I wish I could hang around the cyb type but it's hard finding people in a flyover city with a population of 600k people.

I don't care if they aren't too good at coding I just want to meet another person that uses linux for fun.


I'm the dude who posted >>35461

Generally speaking, the closer to a major city a BSIDES event is and/or the closer it corresponds to a major conference, the better the talks will be. For example BSIDES San Fran pairs with RSA. Unlike RSA, it isn't a total vendor shitfest.

Bsides Las Vegas pairs with Defcon/Blackhat. BSLV isn't nearly as crowded as either of those two, doesn't cost anywhere near as much, and is generally a lot of fun.

BSIDES DC and BSIDES CHARM (in Baltimore), don't have a corresponding major conference, but they're in large metropolitan areas so the talks are generally good.


I once thought there were people like me here.

But you cowards don't even smoke crack.


I really dislike hanging around with groups. I might hit up a few peeps every now and then but I generally stay away. As stated before in this thread, I just want to stay away from toxicity. I really dislike it. So I only come out of the woodwork when something cool is going on, and then retreat back to my cave to toil on my own.


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