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I decided to make a new thread so everyone will be aware of the URL.

The LainWiki is now online at http://0xa484e61f/~lainwiki

Maybe I will buy a domain name or register a .tk.

The purpose of this wiki is to store and share knowledge.

It is freely editable.

Share your opinion and conseils.

Current categories are: cyberpunk, λ (programming), art, cybersecurity, φ (math & science), diy, tech.


You could have just as easily posted to your old thread, which would have bumped this to the top. If people are interested, they'll bite. If not, it will get buried in posts or moved off the page. Please don't attempt pseudo-sticky for attention. Stickies are for mods.


Do you think I'm 12yo ?

There is a difference between "Maybe I will make it" and "I made it"

But I don't want to see this thread going to shit. Thanks for giving your opinion. Next time, speak about the subject or the thread instead of yelling at me for nothing.


You know what beats a wiki? A site where you can see all topics organized like chapters in a book. Wikis suck unless it's an encyclopedia. It expects you to know what you are looking for in order to find it, while you could possibly be missing a lot of great info you hadn't thought of searching.

What was wrong with the 90s internet paradigm of having links to pages by topic that have links to each and every tutorial/info page?


This wiki will become what lainons want it to be.


Doesn't really explain why you chose the form of a wiki. I just see a trend in utilizing what is currently trendy even if it isn't functionally good or intended for the application in which it is used. It's like using a smart phone os for a server just because it's in vogue, when there are dedicated server oses that do a better job. I'm not telling you that the idea of organizing useful info gleaned from the site is innately bad, I'm saying that the method of displaying it may be unintuitive.


Replace that flashing image, it's impossible to read anything with that thing distracting you in the right.


I agree, just use the image in the op.


Thanks lainon, I look Forward to helping!


Now that I have to read what I wrote, I agree.


Actually the image in the OP is the same. XD
If yo click on it the GIF plays.


Is it possible to register? I don't want my IP in the public edit logs.


IP are now anonymized. You can request an account.


Many thanks to our first editor


there's a free domain by Gabon



Maybe ;-)


why make a wiki for a dying site lmao


Dying ?


I just found this site last Thursday and love it. Maybe more will follow suit.


I was thinking this kind of thread should actually go on /r/ but it's here and nobody has complained yet.
Anyway, try to keep it up longer than a day this time OP (or keep a backup) because I intend to write


>I just found this site last Thursday and love it.
Me too, fellow Redditor! Let's all like Lain hehe!


We don't make fun of people for being new here. He didn't even make any mistakes or do anything wrong


You're not on 4chan right now man; alt-chans//imageboards live and die on their ability to draw in new blood, particularly donation based ones.

Many image boards have died when the users pulled up the drawbridge behind themselves, and then as the remaining users started to drift off (as happens on every website), the funding evaporates. Or worse, you become a website of the bitterest of the bitter like 7chan.

So do us a favour and lighten up.


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Do you have the funds to get a proper domain like lainwiki.org? If not, I would be more than happy to donate a domain to your Namecheap account to support the project.


well meme'd! xDDDD


Yes. I'm sorry xD


You can contact me (email or tox)


>proper domain like lainwiki.org?
I don't understand this obsession with having a "proper" domain.
Why do you want it? Because it looks professional? Because it looks cool?


Perhaps because you can actually type it? You can continue to type http://0xa484e61f/~lainwiki every time you want to visit it if you'd like, but I'll pass. Thank you.


who in the fuck types the whole address every time he wants to visits a site nowadays?


Alright. You convinced me. I won't buy them a domain name.


whats wrong with lainwiki.ga?
there's a free .ga handout....




current domain name is way schway.


Didn't even know you could write an IP address as hex. Looks good.


You can use the same domain name to acces the site even if the machine/network it is hosted on changes.


I was asking more along the lines "why .org?" and people responded >>35566 to >>35565


Anyone can request an account. If you contribute, maybe I will make you a mod.


Ur wiki will die because this chan is dying


>it will die!
>But i continue posting on it...


but anyone can edit, right?
Can we save drafts? I started writing something but ADD came and also hungry and also other stuff I must do and well you know...
Maybe I'll write it in my pc and then paste it there


Even if the chan dies we can just transfer the wiki over to whatever cyberpunk community we migrate to afterward.


I only use terminal and usenet newsgroups. Is this a newsgroup? What's the number that I dial into?



>hex-encoded IP

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE CYB つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


Moved to >>>/tech/26781.


Moved to >>>/cult/1735.


Is lainwiki every coming back?