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So, now that it is clear that Tor got rid of Appelbaum not because he did something wrong, but because a handful others wanted him gone (and get his job); and seeing that after the allegations collapsed, the initiators of the smear campaign are still in charge in the Foundation:

As an operator of a Tor node, should I still run it or stop supporting Tor?

Pro running:
It helps people, that's what's important
Foundation is independent of nodes

Con running:
We can't trust the Foundation anymore
Don't want to support intrigues and scheming, this has nothing to do with Tor's core idea
Disapprove of Steele, Isis and Alison still being in charge

Article by Die Zeit: http://www.zeit.de/kultur/2016-08/jacob-appelbaum-rape-sexual-abuse-allegations
Lucky Green shutting down: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/19690
David Robinson leaving: https://www.oneeyedman.net/?p=2581
Marie leaving: https://shiromarieke.github.io/tor

DISCLAIMER: I don't want to talk about p0litics or femnacis; not about what happend, just what to do now after it did happen.


Regardless of the internal drama in the Tor project, it still does good. It helps dissidents speak out against oppression, it helps journalists get data from their sources, it helps you and me protect our privacy.

You said yourself, "Foundation is independent of nodes". The Tor project could be run by a group of demons hellbent on the destruction of mankind, and I'd still happily run a node.


I agree with >>35555
While I'd think twice about donating, running a node only helps the people using the network, not the foundation itself.


They did the same thing to Julian Assange didn't they?
I guess sexual assault charges are an easy way to defame someone that you have jack shit on.


Are all normies so bonobo tier?


You shouldn't. TOR despite the articles you have posted remains very good in terms of service it provides to its users



Tor Network != Tor Project

By taking down your relay you're not directly harming the Tor Project, but hurting the uses of the network.


T-thanks feminism


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