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The Sticky: /Δ/ 2.0

This is new /Δ/, also addressable as /diy/, the projects board. The intent is that this board will be used to share and discuss physical building projects and other creations not suitable on other boards, such as cooking, automobile work, structural modifications to buildings, metal working, and circuitry design.

Discussion of computer working or electrical design and modification may be considered more appropriate on /Ω/ or /λ/; a thread in each or any of these boards for this is reasonable and allowed.

Creation of artwork, including music, games, visuals, and literature will belong in the /culture/ overboard, rather than this board. It's important to make certain no other board commands a subset of a project type before starting a thread here.

Do not give advice that is misleadingly dangerous or otherwise purposefully misleadingly harmful on this board. Failure to comply will result in a public ban indicating such or deletion.

If a large topic, such as cooking specific categories of food, already has a thread, try to use that rather than starting a new thread, if reasonable; starting a long-term project is an example of a topic that reasonably warrants its own thread. In particular, it's not reasonable for a particular medium to overwhelm the others across the board.
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Ghetto Wine-Making

So I'm in the dorms at a US college and since I'm pretty nerdy and socially awkward like most of us, there's really no opportunities to get alcohol until I'm 21. So I decided to take the DIY approach.

As somebody who has never brewed anything in his life before and just had the internet, I decided to get two S bend airlocks (with included bungs), some 5g packets of Red Star champagne yeast, and some big containers of juice.

I poured out a bit of the juice from the bottle, and a gram of yeast was measured out and poured into the juice. The bung was inserted into the mouth of the bottle and the S-bend (with some water inside of it) was fitted into the hole.

A day or so later it started bubbling, and after 9 days of brewing, the grape juice turned into (pretty shitty) wine and the apple juice into mediocre cider.

My test subjects rated (based on taste) the grape juice as an average of 2/10, and the cider as a 7/10.

Since I'm doing this sort of brewing completely blind, and obviously don't have the sorts of resources to do anything more complicated than this, I just wanted to share this little project and maybe pick some of your minds for some more advice. Let me know what you think!

Pic obviously related.
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Cooking Thread! -Geoduck picture dump

Hi /diy/! In the sticky it is said that cooking is a /diy/ subject, so I thought I would share with you some pictures of when I cooked a delicacy, a geoduck clam.

This picture shows the geoduck sitting on my cutting board.
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Has anyone any experience of this? What do you think of it? What kind of people are they suited for?
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I have two Sun Sun Ray 1G 102 thin clients. What should I do with them?
R: 12

we can have a thread about mechanics how cars, motorcycles and industries.
R: 17

Have any of you tried making your own music? I've been making some electronic music with LMMS and it's fairly relaxing.
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I been thinking about ways to build a VR system without having to pay a shitton of money for a headset

Most obvious choice is using an android phone with one of those plastic cardboardVR alternatives. A phone or small tablet with a 2K screen should give me better image quality than the oculus DK2 which has an old 1080p screen. Besides the sensors and camera in the android and the SoC itself can do a lot of tracking and related calculations.

For motion controllers I been thinking of using wiimotes, not the early ones but the ones that came later with the extra motion sensors. I saw some guys selling a cheap as fuarrrk 3D printed controller called revolvr that its basically just a light that changes color when you press the button, but somehow they managed to get the camera on the phone to do the tracking entirely through software by simply adding a chintzy piece of black plastic over the camera. Rather than use this soykaf which they expect to sell for like $50 I could get the PSmove controllers which already have a light and bluetooth plus gyros and soykaf like the wiimotes meaning that the tracking will be even better.

I could also use a leap motion since the new orion update finally gets the fuarrrking tracking to actually work instead of shitting itself when you turn your hand. I know, I tried the original and it was shit, but it seems it works now and I can get one new for $50 or less. Though I rather use actual physical controllers specially with vidya.

Problem is software, basically getting vidya and other VR programs made for soykaf like the oculus to work with this. I seen some kids getting minecraft on the PC to work with cardboard but it wasn't proper VR since the headtracking replaced the mouse instead of being independent. Is there something I can use? like an oculus emulator?
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Salvaging scrap tech

Got my hands on about 30-40 hdds all with holes through the disk.
Decided to see what i could salvage from them.
First off going for the gold in the pins.
Never done this before but ill update how its going.

Anyone else ever do any metal scraping or general salvaging of tech.
Figure i should get good at this since in the future theres going to be alot more old tech being thrown out.
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Hi /diy/! anyone into origami? any good links with models?
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Robot General

Is anyone in to robotics?
I've made a few bots in the past, but I would like to see if I could make one on the cheap. Does anyone know of any good part shops? What are your guy’s projects?
Pic is my most recently finished robot.
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Electrical engineering thread

figured this should go here, better than anywhere else. I'm getting a little starter pack of electrical components from eBay soon: resistors, potentiometers, LEDs, a breadboard, an arduino, etc. there are lots of cool projects online that I've been aching to try out. recently my FM transmitter I used for listening to music in my car gave up the ghost so now I have that to salvage components from. the AAA battery case and aux cord are of particular interest to me.

I thought that, judging by another project I saw done with a raspberry pi zero, I could connect a wire to one of the pins on an arduino (transmit, I'm assuming?) as an antenna, and do a little breadboard circuitry to makethe aux cable usable as input. no idea if it would work, though, or the complexity of the program I'd have to write.

are any lainons here electrical engineers? what are some projects you've made or are working on? have you ever popped something open and added something of your own to the circuit board? I'll provide the link to the bundle I'm buying, if anyone wants it or wants to recommend a better one to me.
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Does anyone have any experience making one of these? I could just buy a few yards of silver-fabric right? Any advice on how to do it right?
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Earning money remotely

Let's have a general thread, for listing ways to make money in the Wired, and sharing protips, Lains
R: 100

anyone into lock picking? i just did my first lock.
R: 34

Raspberry Pi Laptop Project Ideas

So, I want to build a laptop case with a small screen and plop a Raspberry Pi 3 in it. I'm aware of things like PiTop but I want to build this myself. You can already buy little ass screens made just for RasPi3s. Any ideas guys?

>inb4 "just google it"

>I've seen ideas already, I'm asking you for YOUR'S.
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Meme fashion

I have come to the conclusion that instead of buying boring 'designer' t-shirts that I will probably rarely wear because I don't like them anyways I should rather just make my own t-shirt designs and print them at local stores.

This way I can both express my creativity and DiY-ness.

Some of the things I would want to print are GNU/tech memes, so if you can suggest any good tech memes(they don't have to be about GNU/ Linux though) that would be great. Oh yeah and I am more on the sysadmin side of things.

On a less serious note I think I will call it 'meme fashion'.
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How to Colonize an Acre of Land

Alright, lainchan.

I recently inherited a single acre of land in the middle of 'Fucking Nowhere, Alabama'. I pay 108$ in land taxes every year. There is a single house.

However, all of the wiring and plumbing has been stolen from the house (scrap metal is a large business here). It can be a blessing in disguise, since the house is older than 1960. The plumbing is still hooked up to the base of the house, and an electrical pole is still near. My family has been kind enough to replace the roof and flooring.

I want to make a home for the rejected. In my direct company, people have been disowned and thrown out for being gay, atheist, and for other non-nonsensical reasons.

How can I turn this shithole into a paradise with the least amount of money as possible? Can I create a commune/colony to stand the test of time?

I don't have pics, yet.

>tl;dr I have an acre of land and a shit house. Help me make it cyber as fuck.
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Open Source Ecology

These guys are doing awesome stuff:


Help them with their Eco-Building Toolkit!

R: 3


/diy/, what sources of information on building/controlling drones could you recommend.Building drones is somewhat new to me and i would like to know any good sources.
R: 26

Free food

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get free food that isn't expired
R: 3

Hello /diy/ i want to introduce myself to the art of DIY. Especially with IoT devices, RPi, arduino... Where do I start?
R: 2

going to be setting up a diy studio soon and would like some pointers on getting started with useful arduino projects. The studio will be mainly for creating music and games.

also any other recommendations for what to have in such a studio would be nice.
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DIY 3D printer

Hi Lains,
I am building a 3D printer, been working on it for a long time, I got stuck with a lack of parts for a while.
I am specifically building a Kossel Mini, I regret this, I should have built a Prusa based reprap for my first 3D printer.


DIY 3D printer thread.
Has anyone here had experience with repraps?
R: 86

DIY portable computers

Anyone into really compact computers especially hand-built ones?

This is a really good example for what I mean.
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Long Ranged Comms.

Hello, if I wanted to maintain constant radio contact with a device 15km (~9 miles) away, and I had no guarantee of line of sight, what would be the best way of achieving it?

Is it best just to get a very large antennae or would I be better off having an intermediary device to bounce the signal off (attempting to the intermediary in a position with LOS)?

Also does anyone have any textbooks on this sort of things they would be willing to share?
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Slightly Jaded Anon who used to work in 3D printing: ask me all the things

Besides the obvious, where did you work? I'm not answering that folks.

Feel free to ask about the future/past/present/quality/advice/consumer issues et all. I'm here to answer.
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Anyone have any idea what to do with one of these?
R: 20

It's not good place to ask at all, but considering i saw pcr thread here i might as well ask.
I kinda want to store cum(mine and my boyfriend's) in larger quantities. Additionally i'd like it to not lose it's texture.
I know freezing is the best idea, but in my opinion doing this "commando style" aka shoving the airtight container into a freezer is not a very smart move(and then to unfreezezing it with a waterbath)
Alcohol also produces interesting results, but semen is kinda unusable.
Anyone interested in that topic?
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DIY-themed infographics.
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Laptop battery hotswapping

So, I want to be able to hotswap batteries in my thinkpad. My idea was to use a supercapacitor; I only need enough time to pull one battery out and put in another.

Are there any immediate issues with this? Some problems I can think of are:
- space and properly packing away wires
- on linux, how will the acpi stuff react when there's no AC power AND no battery? will it just say "unknown power source" or will it cause other issues?
- safety issues? I know some tantalum capacitors will quickly catch fire if you exceed their acceptable voltage, but I don't know about the materials used in supercaps
- do I need to worry about voltage spikes on V+ when I plug in AC power?

If supercaps aren't viable I'll probably just use a small lipo & trivial charging circuit, but that has its own issues.
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Making a comfy rooftop "den" for studying

I recently found that the lock on a fire escape near my house in London has rusted off, and so it is now very easy to get to the roof of this 6 storey building by climbing some steps and a couple of ladders. The roof is mostly flat with a chimneystack in the corner, and has a hot air vent which makes it comfy and warm even in the winter.

I want to somehow set up the place so that, in dry weather, I can take the trip up to the roof and study physics (my chosen subject) up there, in a comfy environment with a nice view and away from the distractions of home.

So I'm trying to think of what things I'll need to make it comfy up there. So far I have:
>portable whiteboard to tape to chimneystack to do work on
>whiteboard pens
>rug or mat to sit on, the same kinda thing hobos have
>some sort of weatherproof object to hold files and papers in
>maybe a portable heater or light source

So my question is twofold.
1) Can you think of anything else that would be good to have there? It either needs to be portable enough for me to bring it there every time, or weatherproof+cheap enough for me to not care if it gets stolen.

2) What kind of weatherproof mats and light sources are available, and where can I get them from for a reasonable price?
R: 13


i'm looking to get started with making circuits. is there any fun beginnersproject anyone could suggest.
R: 17


have any of you built your own kotatsu? if so, please share images/blueprints

i've been wanting to make one for a while, but i've never really constructed anything in my life
R: 2

can anyone explain this to me?

how do I know how big a capacitor to use; what purpose does the Atmel AVRtiny serve?

or where can I go to learn what is happening here? http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Shutdown-Button/
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Hello lainons
I have been interested in building a radio telescope.
I found lots of good sources on observing if you have one but no good sources to actually build one.
So if anyone here has information or is just generally interested in radio telescopes i would love to discuss and share resources.
R: 33

Mobile homes

So I'm thinking up a couple different ways to make a cheap mobile home and want some advice. Whatever I pick I'd be putting in most of the modern comforts like a stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer, rv hookup, sink, small shower along with fresh and gray water tanks, plumbing, small water heater, portable toilet, propane, electrical, insulation, cheap hardwood flooring, a window ac unit, a desk with computer stuff, bed, storage, couch, etc. Looking for something on the larger side or long term comfort. Basically a inexpensive tiny home on wheels. I’d be doing all the work myself. Here's what I've come up with.

1) Buying a used school bus and converting it into an RV. They're built like tanks and will last a million miles if well maintained. Once you remove the seats and flooring you have a relatively empty layout to work with. They're cheap (~3k) and still get decent enough mileage. While they're very reliable, when I do run into a problem it's going to cost a small fortune. Even something as simple as having to replace a tire. If it breaks down I could loose my house temporarily while it's being fixed. Headroom is lower than some of the other options. Lots of floorspace.

2) Buying a used box truck/moving truck with around a 20 foot box. They're more expensive, but they'll last 300k miles if well maintained and aren't as expensive to fix. A 20'ish foot box gives you a nice, empty layout to work with and have more headroom than a school bus. The downside is that they're pretty expensive (~8-10k for something decent). If it breaks down I could loose my house temporarily while it's being fixed. More headroom than a bus but less floorspace. Reason for going with this over a bus is that ones under around 20 feet tend to use standard truck engines and drivetrains making them cheap to own. Once you get over 20 feet they start to be built around commercial grade trucks which are expensive to maintain.

3) Just buying a used RV. This would be the cheapest overall (~6k + another ~1-2k for renovations. Most of the work is already done, I’d save a lot of time and effort. The downside is that they're built cheap and not meant to be lived in full time and expensive to maintain. I’d also loose a lot of choice and wouldn’t be able to fully make it my own. Like anything else if it breaks down I could loose my house temporarily while it's being fixed.

4) Buying a used truck and trailer and building a 24 foot or so house on wheels. You can do whatever you want and can park it somewhere and use the truck to get around. If the truck breaks down you still have your house. Downside is the cost.

5) Buying a used shipping container and turning it into a house. It'd on the pricier end but super schway. They’re extremely durable , you can ship them almost anywhere, and you have a open layout to work with. Downside is they’re expensive to ship and you loose the ability to move whenever you want.

What do you think? Trying to keep this around 10-12k US. I'll add solar and a battery bank later.
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i come to you guys with a sort of strange question,
so it seems my soldering iron isn't fully heating up what what could be doing this
R: 1

Hello /diy/,

I need some help with an old router that I turned into a WiFi repeater with openwrt, I want to use it through Miracast with a Pi & OSMC but with its current settings the devices connected to each of the routers cannot communicate, and no matter what I tried I just couldn't make them see each other. I tried having both routers have the same private IPs but they still can't see themselves. Is this a limitation of the router or is it just a misconfiguration on my end? the only thing i've achieved is pinging the gateways of both routers but not the devices plugged into them.
R: 5

Epic learning and win

_01: Watch and learn

I know absolutely nothing about assembling my own electronics, and next to nothing about the parts I'd need, but those seem like minor problems in the face of having to constantly compromise on buying or scrounging my own. Anything anyone else has made never seems to live up to specifications that I want or look for. This isn't a "how do I into electronics" or a "I'm such a cup of soykaf I wish I could be better", I'm gonna try to learn the basics myself and build up from there as independently as I can. Mostly I'm posting this so that I'll feel like randos on the web will hold me accountable if I end up doing jack-all with my newfound motivation. But if anyone was willing to share a design/build philosophy they stick to with their projects, it'd be nice to hear it. Whatever.

First project will be a digital wristwatch - nothing fancy or superhard I hope, but if it is, I intend to get my money's worth before throwing in the towel. I'm writing this at just past 1am. No idea what materials to use but ideas are floating around in my head and I think I have a rough idea of the basics. Since I'm starting essentially from scratch, I've got to research all kinds of soykaf. I'll update whenever with pics of this project as I go. Will also include my notes and thinking so anyone reading along can follow my rationale, or that's the idea. Plans are to turn this into a personal campaign of epic learning and win.

- tell time (fuarrrking duh)
- wearable in rain
- adjustable wristband/clock
- somewhat sturdy shell

- alarm?
- what else, it's a watch...

- ripstop nylon for the strap
- plastic/rubber/stainless steel adjustment (probably rubber)
- cubieboard/rpi/arduino for clock functions
- battery (replaceable or chargeable?)
- led screen module/failing that, basic pinpoint lights
- soldering iron, probably (I've no idea how to solder, better learn soon)
- plastic/metal casing
- glass/transparent plastic cover if led module doesn't have one already
- whatever's needed to waterproof this soykaf

TL;DR I'm gonna snort a line of knowledge and kick today in the dick. Here goes.

Signed, Calicat /01
R: 19

Most impressive home laboratories

Post the most impressive home laboratories that you have ever seen.

Also if you have your own home lab, post it as well.

None of the pic related are mine though, and I have seen even more stuff.

What is the difference between this and a battle station thread?
Well, these here are basically micro datacenters, that is the difference.
R: 9

Scrap Building General /SBG/

Hello, lain anons.

Recently, I grabbed a tape drive from a data center that needed clearing out.
I decided I needed a server and wanted to set it up quickly.
I grabbed some crates and rigged the motherboard to it using zip ties and some rubber bands.

Please share any scrap builds you have made or seen on the internet!
R: 4

3D Printing General

There are a couple threads, but they're not general.

Share your tears of a broken 3D printer here...
Here's mine, the heat break barrel is fuarrrked up because of the Teflon tubing failing and letting PLA leak out.
New part coming in tomorrow.
What 3D printers do you guys have, and how many tears have you shed?
R: 53

Hello lains,

I am interested as to why there is no 'real' cyberpunk clothing available...
Most of the stuff currently on the market is expensive designer clothing.
I think it would be very cyb for us to share some designs, do a groupbuy of sorts and get our clothing made in china or somewhere similar...

From what I know so far manufacturers will take designs and make patterns from them.
We can get those patterns at a premium and make them open to the public.

Please post and cyberpunk clothing you have made or designed or any ideas!

My idea of cyb clothing is functional but blends in with the public.
R: 1

Spark Erosion


Does anyone have experience with spark erosion / electric discharge erosion manufacturing?
I want to build a CNC 2D wet spark eroder for PCB manufacturing. Right now I'm stuck finding a good spark making setup.

What is a good voltage?
What is a good electrolyte?
What is a good method of regulating the spark (something with MOSFETs or so)?
R: 21

DIY Oscillators

Anyone here play with 555 timer chips to make music? Kind of experimenting with this schematic now. What do you think?
R: 4

Old ARMV6 smartphone running debian

Anybody here ever experimented with running Debian Arm on old smartphones with the help of apps like "lil' debi" ?
R: 7

Cooking is DIY.

What resources do you use for non-soykaf recipes? Most highly ranked sites are just filled with tracking scripts, advertisements, and product placement, i.e. recipe calls for soykaf brand(TM) green beans.

I just want recipes, not this trash.
R: 9


This is similar to one of the concerns over net neutrality. People are worried that, if they could, internet companies would make a budget version of the internet for a really good price and then once it has wide adoption, they slowly raise the price back up to what the full package was, while the price of the full package increases to the point that most people can't reasonable afford it. Meanwhile the websites in the basic package pay the cable company for the privileged of being included. It's really good for the cable company and absolutely terrible for everyone else since we are paying a similar price for a worse product and it stifles innovation by increasing the cost to even compete.

In the event/when this goes into effect , if I have a laptop (disposable) could i piggy back / get into public wifi hotspots anonymously or with out paying , using kali or spoofing a mac add?

Im older now and havent kept up with things. I just want to be safe if and or when we dont have a free internet.
R: 4

Got my first blade server and i want to use it for something sweet. Any recommendations? Already working on a local Wikipedia backup that can be accessed over CJDNS.
R: 1

EL Wire thread

Quite a /cyb/ technology, I made a nice wall decoration with it a while ago. Real simple to use and cheap as fuarrk
R: 15

More updates on that one van dwelling lain...

Looking for possible names, and tips and ideas on what to do next... Generally vehicle life and alternative living thread anyone?

I am a physicist, does anyone know what a physicist in a van should even do?
R: 7

Naval Operations: I made my own table top game

I just wrote my own table top game!

It revolves around 20 sided dice, ship miniatures and large open playing areas. The manual and playing cards are attached, all you need to bring in order to play are 5 different types of icons to represent the following per team:

1 Carrier
8 Cruisers
8 Destroyers
8 Frigates
8 Wings of fighters
8 Health Icons for Wings
8 Anti-Air Ammo Icons for Wings
8 Anti-Ship Ammo Icons for Wings

These could be coins, pieces of paper, or in my case 3D printed warship models about 8cm long. I will post images of them shortly.

I wrote the rules and created the cards in about two days with the goal of achieving a simple, easy to learn game with strategic depth and reliance on manoeuvre over chance. I hope one of you Lainons can play test for me and tell me how it went. I'm yet to play this but, if all the printing goes well, I'll have completed a game in the next 2 days which I'll report on here.

This is the only place I have uploaded the PDFs. I put a lot of work into this and I'm happy to give it out for free, so in the unlikely event you see this posted outside of Lainchan, leave a reply with a link or screenshot.
R: 3

Hello, I have nokia n900 with broken micro USB port.
I want to do something like pic related myself.
Any protips? Cutting of normal USB ←→ micro USB cable and connecting it to some conductor would work?
How to make case if I don't have 3D printer?
R: 21


Been growing some psylociben mushrooms indoors but I'd love some tips for small outdoor grows as we get into spring. Also permaculture
R: 3


What do you think about such mics, does anyone of you Lain ma this?
R: 11

Building an Analog Computer

I'm interested in building analog computers. Are there any webpages that are devoted to this? Has anyone here ever done it themselves? My main motivation is to see if I can build one that vaguely resembles a personal computer. This is all mainly out of curiosity.
R: 0

Geiger-Muller Tube Voltage Transformers.

I've recently purchased a sts-5 gm tube in the hope of making a Geiger counter.
The only problem is that I've got very little electronics knowledge and i need to convert 5vDC to 360VDC-440vDC.
Has anyone here built their own Geiger counter and if so what advice would you offer?
R: 3

Parallel computing

Hi, Lainons.

I'm currently working on a project and I need your opinion.
I want to create a parallel computer with old PC and broken PC parts.
I know a lot about electronics, but I don't know enough about informatics.

I guess like these are all computer with different OS, I need to have them all on the same OS.
But I'm not sure what to do.
So I thought it was better that I create a new OS that can withstand all their differences, like a multi OS.
Is there an OS in the Linux branches that can rotate together different OS?

Or is it better that I create a new one?
Moreover, does anyone know about or where i can find electronic documentation on parallel computing?
Thanks you.
R: 7

DIY Analog Glitch Art

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for making awesome analog glitch art? Got any schematics to share? What are some good types of devices to data bend?
R: 1

Lainchan Stickers

I currently have 4 stickers, but i really like the new flower one(zzz). If anyone has more art like this PLEASE post it. Also share your stickers ^^
R: 3

How to make my own Electronic assistant?

So, I've been trying to find some new project to do in my spare time. And I got really excited with the idea of a little humanoid kind of robot, that could also help me as an assistant for everyday jobs. I want it to be connected to my computer and my room.

Why humanoid? It's more of an esthetic choice. No real purpose there. Besides, I find bipedism way more exciting than good ol' wheels.

The problem is, I'm not that well trained in electronics. I've been thinking to use an arduino for the mechanical controls for the robot, and a Raspberry Pi for the assisting functions. As for my room, I also thought of a Raspberry. Mainly because I'm familiar with it, there are libraries for functions like image recognition and I like python very much.

But it would be a nuisance if I try to do a robot without knowing some basic electronic stuff, I suppose. What do you suggest? Do I start with more simple robotics? Or maybe I will learn in the way? What books or information can I read?
R: 8

Meatspace pixel art

I'll make bracelets out of pixel art images lainons post ITT,
I'm learning the technique on this OP's pics.
Resolution is aproximately 16x40 or less (template pic related) but exceptions can be made if you think larger is worth it.
Difficulty grows kinda exponentially with the quantity of colors, so keep that in mind.
I'll also be selling some of them, so interesting designs are welcome.

Apologetic line: this thread is also for related talk about macrame and such.
R: 63

Lainchan Projects

Hello lains. I really liked the idea of the Weekly Project and started to think about the possibilities.

The people on the IRC agree that we probably have lots of capable people here (specially with technology) and that it would be nice to have a small poll (or something like that) so we can gather some information about peoples capabilities and desires in order to be able to better organize common projects. So, some questions:

1) Do you think this is interesting?
2) Do you know a practical way of gathering this information?

It could maybe result in some nice art projects, information websites, a lain-community github account, a lain wiki, etc…!
R: 61

DIY Music

anyone building their own instrument or other music-related hacks?
R: 0

So I want to move, but not rent anymore. Can we have another van build thread please? I need a few things for myself.

1. Solar power and backup power source.
2. Sleeping Space
3. Mobility

Im new to this but I am really excited and would like some of the old info graphs from the last thread on this.
R: 1

i3wm internet kiosk

I think one could make a good internet kiosk with i3wm... as in one could lock it up to a browser pretty nicely. I haven't done this myself so I will just generalise the steps...

1) Install i3wm, preferably on a distro with su.
1.5) Of course set it to autologin into the i3wm session.
2) Customize the config to launch your preferred browser on startup
3) Comment out all keybindings of the i3wm config that are not needed. The only keybindings I would keep are the fullscreen toggles and dmenu.
4) I would remove everything except gksu and the browser out of /usr/bin into sbin. So that even if a user discovers the keybinding for dmenu, only authorised users can reach programs other than the browser. Optionally for ease of administration a keybinding could be made that would launch a terminal via gksu.
5) Make a keybinding for shutting down the pc.
6) Once we are done with making the config, just for extra measure we change the permissions on the config so that only root can edit the i3wm config.

And I think that's pretty much it if all that you want is a locked down browser only internet kiosk. Optionally if you want the user to be able to use some other programs as well, then you just leave those programs in /usr/bin, perhaps make keybindings for them as well. And then you put those keybindings on a piece of paper.
R: 36


Over the last few years I've saved a number of interesting projects from across the web. Some I've found interesting, some I plan on eventually doing.

I'll try to share about one a day or so. Contribute if you want or don't.
R: 58

DIY mechanical keyboard

I'm thinking about building a mechanical keyboard; seeing as the nice ones are fairly expensive to buy I figure I might as well go the whole hog and make a project out of it.

Has anyone any experience with a project like this and advice on where I should start?
R: 147

Electronics General

>Cyberpunk based website
>No electronics thread

Shame on you, opening an Electronics General, feel free to share your projects, what you've been working on, etc.
Let's get this board going.
R: 63

Bicycle Mods

I received an Answer Manitou 3 elastomer suspension fork from a swap meet for free. The PO decided to stuff wine corks inside it as a "fix". After 3 days of fuarrrking with it I successfully modified it to use coils and motorcycle shock oil for dampening.