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This is new /Δ/, also addressable as /diy/, the projects board. The intent is that this board will be used to share and discuss physical building projects and other creations not suitable on other boards, such as cooking, automobile work, structural modifications to buildings, metal working, and circuitry design.

Discussion of computer working or electrical design and modification may be considered more appropriate on /Ω/ or /λ/; a thread in each or any of these boards for this is reasonable and allowed.

Creation of artwork, including music, games, visuals, and literature will belong in the /culture/ overboard, rather than this board. It's important to make certain no other board commands a subset of a project type before starting a thread here.

Do not give advice that is misleadingly dangerous or otherwise purposefully misleadingly harmful on this board. Failure to comply will result in a public ban indicating such or deletion.

If a large topic, such as cooking specific categories of food, already has a thread, try to use that rather than starting a new thread, if reasonable; starting a long-term project is an example of a topic that reasonably warrants its own thread. In particular, it's not reasonable for a particular medium to overwhelm the others across the board.