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File: 1415726306891.png (1.8 MB, 300x225, Geoduck On Counter.jpg)


Hi /diy/! In the sticky it is said that cooking is a /diy/ subject, so I thought I would share with you some pictures of when I cooked a delicacy, a geoduck clam.

This picture shows the geoduck sitting on my cutting board.


That doesn't look appealing, I have to say. What did it taste like?


For the parts of the neck that I tried to pan fry but only slightly burned, it tasted like shellfishy seafood.

When I ate the mantle it tasted like amazing shellfish! I was expecting some exotic taste, but I was disappointed slightly. It still tasted good, though!


File: 1415727607598.png (2.89 MB, 200x150, Geoduck With Unedible Innards.jpg)

Here we have the geoduck that has had a knife slid down one side of the shell, to cut it away from it. You can see all the reproductive organs and stuff that we don't eat, just lying there.


File: 1415727671661.png (2.31 MB, 200x150, Geoduck With Innards Taken Out.jpg)

Now in this picture we have the siphon or neck (the long part), and the mantle (the part attached to the neck).

This are the parts that we are going to eat in the future.


File: 1415729285935.png (1.02 MB, 200x200, 141562602889.jpg)

Here you can see that I took the covering of the siphon off, and you can see how far out it stretches. That's at least 3 and a half feet right there.


100% organic condom.


where do you normally get these?


I guess, but aren't a fair amount of people allergic to shellfish? And, just imagine it: "Oh! What kind of condom is that?"

"Just the covering off the neck of a clam, baby.

You can grow them if you live in certain types of places, buy them at certain stores, or buy them online. Not going to lie those, this soykaf is NOT cheap! I got mine for free because I know someone, though. What you are looking at is like $30ish at least.


The mental image of the couple made me laugh quite loud!


>Cooking Thread!

never had store-bought jellyfish before so i picked some "salted jellyfish" at my local chinese grocery store a few days ago. tonight i decided to start eating it, but the instructions on how to prepare it was in chinese. i figured it was just explaining some fancy way to eat jellyfish raw/cooked so i opened the package and threw some in my mouth, and holysoykaf. it was like i ate a tablespoon of salt.

after that i did a quick search on eating jellyfish and discovered desalting is necessary for jellyfish that's been salted.


there is a super easy fish lemon sauce i usually make with fish fillet and rice

1. take pan where you roasted the fishes
2. grate off the lemon's peel and put it in the pan with butter
3. add lemon juice from the lemon
4. add cream and bouillon and pepper and whatnot
5. ???
6. profit


how do you usually roast your fish on a pan?


jellyfish rice rolls

so good. asian bakeries have em sometimes.


File: 1416381377850.png (183.55 KB, 200x150, Magic Cookie Bar - Pan.jpg)

After you desalted it, how did it turn out?

Would make/10.

Made a pan of this on Sunday night. All but two pieces are gone, and that was a 13x9 pan! Recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Magic-Cookie-Bars-from-EAGLE-BRAND/

I did one of the variations, as I used a cup of butterscotch substituted for one of the two cups of chocolate chips. They are amazing, and easy to make for all you non-cooks out there, too!


those sound really good. i haven't had a rice roll in so long, i'll keep an eye out next time i'm at a store.

i just left it to soak overnight but it was waaay less saltier than before, being similar to about half a teaspoon of salt stirred into a cup of water.
rinsing the jellyfish after the soak made the salt barely noticeable, but after rinsing i found that jellyfish doesn't really have anything else besides its soft and crunchy texture (very similar to honeycomb tripe, but more crunchier), which i love.

those magic cookie bars look really good as well, i might try baking them in a couple weeks. after trying to get into baking last year (and failing horribly every time), i've been itching to try it out again.


1. butter
2. fish
3. some salt
4. flip once or twice

i mean that is for fillet. i don't have a clue about cooking a real fish with you know skin and head and soykaf, i'm not a big cook


File: 1416889390105.png (160.81 KB, 200x150, 141676274176.jpg)


>those magic cookie bars look really good as well

> i might try baking them in a couple weeks

>after trying to get into baking last year (and failing horribly every time)

>I've been itching to try it out again.

DO IT! And, that recipe is extremely easy, and it won't mess up easily.

My dinner. Just some pasta with extra virgin olive oil, pecorino romano, a bit of italian seasoning, garlic, and some shrimp that I cooked with some butter. Not the healthiest, but VERY tasty!


Have any of you guys ever eaten a part of a heart? My sister got a special turkey from a farm she works at(organic or whatever) and cooked the heart. Not gonna lie, I thought it was going to be disgusting, and I was just going to eat some to say I did.

But holy soykaf! It almost tasted like steak!


>It almost tasted like steak!
Added to my list of things to try one day, which pretty much just consists of wasp larvae and cockroaches.
I'll pretty much try anything if there's already a fair amount of people eating and enjoying it.


>Wasp larvae and cockroaches

Hmmm… Well, I guess as long as the cockroaches are properly cleaned and cooked, then I would try some.

I am much the same. I will not always like it, but I will try it just to know what it tastes like.

I have had stuff like escargo before. But never those. Have you ever eaten a cricket? I have, in a cookie. http://www.reciperecap.com/chocolatey-chirp-cookies-13122098/ That type of thing, except the crickets I had were black, and I ate the cookies at a science museum, where they were already made.


Not so subtle bump. /diy/ will never die!!!


File: 1421131553566-0.png (104.9 KB, 200x150, Dough.jpg)

File: 1421131553566-1.png (204.65 KB, 200x150, Uncooked Pizza With Toppings.jpg)

My sister came over last night, we each made our own pizza and watched the movie Divergent (predictable plot, but a good watch nonetheless.)

My pizza will be shown.


File: 1421131646964.png (172.49 KB, 200x150, Cooked Pizza.jpg)

Here it is, in all its cooked glory! It was so delicious! I ate about 3/4 of it, and then set the rest aside for my lunch today, but then my dad saw it, I saw the hopeful look on his face, so I told him he could have it.


heart is delicious. we sometimes eat chicken hearts as a snack
>wasp larvae
I haven't tried those. but I have eaten silk larvaes/pupas(?).
They tasted mealy, floury. but I quite liked it.


File: 1421352192995.png (1.14 MB, 200x150, 14147749982601.jpg)

I made some curry the other day. Didn't taste very good.


quick question; when cooking for others how do you know if it's tasty or not? (My sense of taste is kind of numb.)


If they all throw up immediately afterwards, you did something wrong. Have you tried smelling it? Or, having a taste-tester?


well the actual taste (rather than salt and so on) works via your nose anyway… and the criteria is mostly, does it taste burnt/wrong-ish or more or less right (if you've had it before)

if you have problems finding the right levels of salt etc. that's pretty normal because everyone is used to different ones, so keep it somewhat low-ish and put salt on the table is the easiest route if you've encountered problems with people finding your food too salty


I have problems with the dosage of different flavours. Every-time I make tomato sauce, for example, it always come differently, even if I use the same amount, time and method. A taste-taster is out of the question, very rarely there is someone next to me when I'm cooking.



Do you test in-between? Spray and pray is not the best method, try to add, test, add, test, stop when its good.


but it never tastes good to me. I can test by myself. :(




Quick, lazy oven-style grilled cheese if you have a toaster and microwave:

1. Toast bread in toaster
2. Melt cheese in microwave while toasting. 20-30 seconds on high pretty much does it. Time depends on how thick you cut your cheese.
3. Scrape cheese onto slice of toast and sandwich it with the other (or scrape onto both and eat it open, whatever suits you).

It's most likely done before, but this is my proud reinvention of the wheel out of laziness.


I have some bread and velveeta. I will be trying this later, thanks anon!


does anyone have a guide for regular food like spaghetti?


No, but I can write you a list. Now, the question is, do you want to make it simple, where you already start with spaghetti sauce and spice it up a bit, or do you want to make the sauce from scratch?

I am glad you asked about spaghetti specifically, because I am decent at making it, and my dad is amazing at it! Best damn sauce ever.


premade sauce please.


So glitterboy, cook some celery, carrots, and onions in a pan, and make sure that they are soft. Then cook some meat. Hamburger is pretty good. Make sure it is in small pieces. Toss that soykaf in a pan with some spaghetti sauce that’s premade. Now, toss in some basil leaves (buy ‘em whole and dry), some oregano, and some thyme. I don’t know exact amounts, sorry. But that is the general idea. Then serve it on some spaghetti or maybe angel's hair.

Do you like Parmesan on your spaghetti? I do, but for the past year or two I haven't been putting it on, because my moth- I have been buying Pecorino Romano at Costco, and grating it and putting it on. It is similarish to Parmesan (http://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-pecorino-and-vs-parmesan/), but cheaper and still good. :D Best of luck to you, m80!


I'm lazy with pasta. I boil it in salted and vinegared water, drain, then add tomato puree from a carton and kidney beans from a can. I usually use short fusilli over spaghetti.


Hey, if you like it, it's fine, right? For food at least, as long as you aren't being like a cannibal or whatever.


Buy dry pasta noodles.
Buy can of marinara sauce.
Fill pot of water.
Put it on stove set to high.
When water starts to boil, put pasta in.
Check box for how long to leave in.
When done, drain water.
Put sauce in bowl.
Cover bowl.
Put in microwave until it doesn't taste like warm salsa.


Buy rice.
Put two cups of water and a cup of rice in pot.
Put it on stove set to high.
When water starts to boil, put lid on and turn stove to low.
Don't take lid off.
Wait 20 minutes.
Take lid off.
It's done.


I made the turkey for my family on New Year's Day this year. Stuffed it and all. Great learning experience, and tasty, too.



>TFW in a college dorm room so can't cook the nicer stuff



You can make some pretty good stuff with a microwave, see >>312


File: 1445289138139.png (373.45 KB, 200x134, Borscht.jpg)

I made a borscht. Well not exactly. Did the base, but I lacked beef, so I put
chicken instead. I also replaced the cabbage with leeks, and grated the carrot
instead of chopping them. I let these simmer, then I remembered a peasant soup I
ate with a friend, some thick grub with mutton and flour... So I added flour,
stirred and waited. Holy shit, this is the most successful cooking freestyle I ever
made. The borscht base (carrots, beet, tomato sauce and onions) combined with
the flour and leeks make a nice looking reddish gruel in which the potatoes and
chicken pieces almost dissolve. It kind of looks like pic related, but less lumpy.

So yeah, this was my crazy evening with some vegetables, two hotplates and no gf.


Who needs a gf when you have a badass soup

I kind of want to make a custom soylent that's maximized for cost effectiveness, while still meeting bodily needs (and with an optimal carbs/protein/fat ratio). Soylent does the job, but it's expensive, and I'd like to know the science behind.

It's a pipe dream right now because my college requires a cafeteria meal plan.


I have a serious request:

I am a college student but my dorms are apartments i.e. they have kitchens.

So far I have been eating poorly due to not knowing how to cook.

I am interested in learning how to cook... noodles. Chinese, Korea, or Japanese noodles and soups specifically.

I live in NYC so I can get whatever I need in Chinatown.

I know I can just google stuff but I was wondering if you guys had any recipes or sources.



There's a thread on /diy/ where someone posted a recipe for homemade instant noodles, you should check it out.


This?? >>977



>putting meat in borscht
absolutely disgusting


I'd love to do something like this, but for Australia. You cannot get soylent here full stop.


That looks good, Lainon. One of my cousins built a brick oven and I've used it and the pizza is pretty damn good. No pictures like you've got, but I'll make sure to take some if I do it again.


How I envy you! It was most delicious when I made that pizza many months ago, and I have not had such quality pizza in awhile.

A brick oven. Oh! I can just imagine eating the delicious pizza as it comes out from there!


Just made some sugar cookies with the fam. Star Wars shaped, but done by hand so the actual shapes are soykaf, but the general shape looks OK. Gonna decorate them and then eat them in line tomorrow as we wait to enter the theatre.

How many other lainons are doing something similar to this?

Any of you making stuff for the holidays?


My latest habit is cooking up tea with a small amount of sugar and lemon juice, then filling it up into empty yogurt jars, finally letting it chill on the window sill.

I am really a sucker for iced tea in general and I feel pretty moronic for consuming prefab lemonades and effectively paying for what I can have instantly at the fraction of the price.

Also the advice of mason jars that some lain posted is great.
Putting all kinds of food into them, cleaning is easier than expected, what's not to like.


Mason jars are amazing! I use them for canning as well as for drinking out of; they're perfect cups.


File: 1461450625802.png (1003.87 KB, 200x200, PIZZA-GIRL-VINE.webm)

Anyone got good ideas for pizza toppings?

Something minimal and semi-nutritious?
Basically not the average pepperoni bullshit.


What's wrong with pepperoni?

What about fresh tomatoes and cream cheese?


Baby prawns, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes.


My case is that pepperoni gets boring after a while. I think seasoning would be the ticket for something spicy.

Tomato and cream cheese sound nice tough.

Never really got into seafood past calamari, I'll try that.


Stir fry is really good


It genuinely looks like mud.


File: 1481290843451.png (4.2 MB, 128x128, 1481290753423.jpg)

Ok you lazy glitterboys, let's make some pancakes.
Banana walnut pancakes.
What you'll need:
>1.25 cups all purpose flour.
>2 tsp baking powder.
>0.5 tsp salt.
>0.666... cups of milk.
>2 eggs.
>0.5 cups of mashes bananas (I used one banana, you'll use two)
>0.5 cups of maple syrup (soykaf's expensive in my country, I used honey)
>0.25 cups of crushed walnuts (the original recipe used chocolate, I don't have any right now)


File: 1481291173368-0.png (4.3 MB, 128x128, 1481291016902.jpg)

File: 1481291173368-1.png (2.19 MB, 128x128, 1481291017418.jpg)

File: 1481291173368-2.png (5.78 MB, 128x128, 1481291017593.jpg)

In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt, set aside
In another bowl, put the bananas. She doesn't love you, you don't love her. The consequences of this fact are predictable.


File: 1481291423788-0.png (2.63 MB, 128x128, 1481291304465.jpg)

File: 1481291423788-1.png (2.76 MB, 128x128, 1481291304849.jpg)

File: 1481291423788-2.png (4.57 MB, 128x128, 1481291305071.jpg)

Now, add the milk.
Add the eggs.
Add a tbsp of the syrup honey.
I don't have to tell you to mix that soykaf.


File: 1481291748313-0.png (3.17 MB, 128x128, 1481291659741.jpg)

File: 1481291748313-1.png (4.11 MB, 128x128, 1481291660139.jpg)

Add that mix to the dry stuff.
Mix it well
Crush the walnuts like they're the nuts of that asshole who bullied you through middle school.
Add them and mix again.


File: 1481292092291-0.png (3.1 MB, 128x128, 1481292000396.jpg)

File: 1481292092291-1.png (2.51 MB, 128x128, 1481292000730.jpg)

File: 1481292092291-2.png (2.69 MB, 128x128, 1481292000934.jpg)

Heat up a pan or something, idk.
Add a little bit of oil (it's not as oily as the pic makes you believe, I swear)
Use your cute little cup to put the batter on the pan.
fuarrrk perfect circles.


File: 1481292368964-0.png (230.69 KB, 200x115, jc1.jpg)

File: 1481292368964-1.png (318.79 KB, 200x150, chanamasala.jpg)

Jap curry is my favorite winter meal. You can make the sauce yourself or buy the packets at most any supermarket for $2. Also get a japanese pumpkin (kobucha) and cut off the rind (at most any asian mart).

It's better with only vegetables tbh.

Another mega easy meal is chana masala you just need to have a decent selection of spices around (turmeric, garam masala, cumin seeds, paprika). Don't bother buying ghee just mix butter with a bit of olive oil (tastes the exact same).

Also making masala chai is fuarrrking deliciousness during the winter, you just need a strong black tea + spices (ginger, cinnamon, anise, cardammom). Buy the cardamom and cinnamon at an indian mart and it's dirt cheap.


Also to impress grils/guys with your mad cooking skills buy some saffron and cook it with chicken (super easy) and then make basmati rice with barberries.

They'll def fuarrrk you after.


File: 1481292532513-0.png (3.15 MB, 128x128, 1481292457656.jpg)

File: 1481292532513-1.png (2.74 MB, 128x128, 1481292458089.jpg)

When it looks ugly af, you'll know it's time to flip it. Let that soykaf cook a littl-HOLY soykaf I USED SELF-RISING FLOUR.
Whatever, it tastes the same.
Use your third eye on this step, you don't want it to burn.
Repeat the process until you run out of batter.
Now make some tea, grab how many pancakes you'll eat (not all of them, you fat fuarrrk), drizzle some of the leftover syrup on top of them (not all of it, you fat fuarrrk), add some berries and eat.
I didn't pic'd that one because I just want to eat.


Holy soykaf, that looks tasty. I really need to get into Indian cuisine.



Oh btw golden curry is soykaf get the other brand (vermont curry).


chana masala is my JAM!


I like this site http://www.cookingforengineers.com/
It uses JS for some things, but it's possible to navigate without it too, with some more hassle tho


File: 1484429506928.png (731.57 KB, 200x112, 1ATAQ.gif)

we should have a git repo for recipes. i have ~26.


Chummer, your pancakes look fluffy and fantastic! From the looks of 'em, I bet that they are a 10/10 in terms of taste!



It looks like one of those viagra clickbait ads.


File: 1490916361844.png (377.58 KB, 200x152, Osy2GiF.png)


it needs work. namely i need to add some descriptions of how exactly you cook some items. contributions welcome.