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I have two Sun Sun Ray 1G 102 thin clients. What should I do with them?


Quick, cool, low power terminal?
Tor relay?


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media player to stream over network

xmbc maybe?


See >>>/r/25395
Host website.
How the shit do you think you can decode near any video on one of those things?
Unless you transcode the stream somewhere else first...


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sun hardware generally isnt known for its video capability, just raw number crunching. what you have are thins that are supposed to connect to a 420R or something beefy and about the price of a ford explorer.

if you like crypto, make one of them a root, and the other a CA. they do wonders crunching large keys even with a 32 bit RISC. you can even configure them as a tunnel or gateway for a vpn. downside is you can do the same thing with a pi, at about 1/10th the electricity.