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we can have a thread about mechanics how cars, motorcycles and industries.


Is that a tesla on the bottom picture?
I thought Tesla 'open-sourced' a bunch of their IP.

I do my own work on my car when I can.
Change the oil, filters, fix minor things like wiper blades, repaint bits, change brake pads, belts etc.
Really basic shit.

Recently had a problem with the battery draining/ not charging.
Started driving without the stereo on and haven't had an issue since I started using the stereo again.
So I took the face-plate off the stereo so I can't use it and no problem yet.
Everyone tells me it's ridiculous and probably something else, however I had the alternator tested and wasted time putting a new one in anyway and a new battery with higher CCA.


Tesla also has battery DRM on its latest model. The car reports your movements too (as if other cars don't do that already). Closed source is a trap! Buy an electric motorbike or something imo. Guess that may not work depending where you live.


I look forward to the future where I can ask tech imageboards how to de-botnet my car.


What's the most cyberpunk motorcycle? Friend of a friend I met the other day had some Kawasaki enduro, was really nice. Anyone have a bike of their own?


File: 1467720208705.png (9.98 MB, 200x200, Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles - 2nd Edition (2001).pdf)


mods sould ban people that put up a pdf and don't say what book it is
And in the title field I only see "complete idiot's guide to..."


Maybe you should read The Complete Idiot's Guide To Mouseover Text.


Sure, I have one. A 1980 Yamaha SR250. I bought it for 600 USD, replaced the battery, cleaned the carburetor, cleaned and painted the (amazingly rusty) gas tank, replaced the shock fluids and some light bulbs, and taught myself how to rude it. Someday it'll be pretty cyb - LED lamps and indicators, ham radio w/ roostertail antenna.

I think that pretty much any vehicle is cyb, at least in the right context. Sweet, high-tech / fast / powerful / streamlined vehicles are one category. So are utilitarian, ubiquitous vehicles that are distributed by the millions. Also, super-customized, hacked-up vehicles, or ones that barely work and are kept running by owners that know every quirk and warning sound.


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fucking SAVAGE

pic related its literally you


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A bit unrelated to mechanics persay but I'm looking into getting myself a Honda S2000 in the coming months, I'm pretty excited that I'll even be able to buy something that I consider a dream car.

I'll be doing lots of work on it, as much as I can, myself. Probably end up swapping out the springs for coil overs, get ultra light wheels, stiffer front sway bar to counter a little of that snap over steer and balance it a bit more towards understeer and make sure I've got some Pilot Sport 4 S tyres because they are incredible.


>ultralight wheels
Make sure to not go into light alloys if you don't have good roads. From my motorcycle anecdotal experience I've read plenty of people that ended up with cracks in forged magnesium wheels.
As for springs, it's a pretty easy job but make sure to get the spring compression tools, they're dirt cheap and making your own isn't worth it.

Speaking of tools, if you don't have one make also sure to buy a dynamometric wrench. Sadly, if you want to do very different things (like frame and engine) you'll need two, one in the 2-25 Nm range, and one in the 10-250 Nm range. These are probably the most overlooked tools someone should own.
And an air compressor with pneumatic impact gun is always a godsend when you find that fuarrrking nut that won't come off no matter what (which is every fuarrrking frame nut and bolt ever), but be sure to not use it to actually tighten soykaf, or at least pay attention to it because it's easy to overtighten them (especially the wheel bolts).
If you can't afford that right away you can always get a manual impact driver and a hammer for about 20 bucks, even that will save you a lot of headache.
You'll anyway need a compressor to adjust pressure in the tires, and you don't need an expensive one. What you need is a good tube and good fittings, the stock ones are always about 5mm inner diameter (at least here) and that's the way to make an impact gun work like soykaf.
The one thing you don't want to cheap out is wrenches. Don't buy one of those adjustable spanners and think it will be good for everything, fuarrrking up a bolt is piss easy and it will be a pain in the ass to fix. Fortunately, it's pretty hard to get soykaf wrenches, I only had a couple fail on me in over 10 years buying el-cheapo brand tools.

Motorbikes are somewhat easier to work on since most of the parts are very light and don't require any jack-tricks to put on/remove.
>>2193 old shock absorber fluid has the most disgusting stench to be honest. It was almost on par with that time when my engine was filled with wd40 and smelt like burnt death for a week. Even for a two stroke that was too much.



Having attempted to sway the front anti-sway bar on my Impreza I can vouch that getting a fuarrrked nut off a bolt is cancer.

We tried everything but given the extremely limited room our options just didn't work. Eventually had to take it to a mechanic to get the bar replaced and they had to drop the exhaust off.