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Have any of you tried making your own music? I've been making some electronic music with LMMS and it's fairly relaxing.


Same here.
Musescore 2.0 is good too because of the realtime keyboard, so bad it is not usable on Linux yet.
I suggest you to buy a guitar or a synth and play them instead of a computer, it is better because you don't have to plan what is coming from the speakers


I really want to and I always install software to do it but I have no musical talent whatsoever.


I kind of enjoy meticulously programming what will play before listening to it over and over though. I might buy a synth so I can dick around with certain sounds more easily, if that's what you mean. I can see how that would be less tedious than what I'm currently doing.


A bongo will do the trick, you should feel the music and the rhythm before creating it


I'm using ableton and a doepfer dark time and dark energy. The hardware is mainly for the enjoyment and experimentation that comes with twisting knobs though. VST plugins are really good nowadays, so its not like you need them to do interesting stuff.
Have you tried renoise? I played around with a free tracker (milkytracker, I think) years ago and still like the concept.


Op here.

A link to my first track:


I'll be uploading any I make that are worth a soykaf, so enjoy.


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firejailed milkytracker jams


Sounds like bytebeat, but without the cool C one-liner.


Thats pretty good. I'd trash the part from 1:35 to 2:00 though, it kinda disrupts the structure of the whole thing - unpleasant.


File: 1492885133924.png (1.02 MB, 200x200, cumbia.ogg)

Thats funny, I actually got an urge to make a song yesterday. I made this cumbia beat, this is my first actuall song so its not very good. any constructive criticisms and helpful tips would be nice.

Does anyone know how or why the bass makes a weird clipping sound in the intro? Im using LMMS


Sounds funny. I like it, lainon.

I always wanted to have a psychedelic cumbia band.


>the bass makes a weird clipping sound
did you try using a little more attack on it?


Thank you. it worked

Lets do it. I'll cover mega-reverb maracas


File: 1492904629854-0.png (2.25 MB, 200x200, MyjimmyjamCreep.ogg)

File: 1492904629854-1.png (1.93 MB, 200x200, ukuleleHop.ogg)

I also made this ukulele beat right after a break up from a long term relationship. It made me feel much better. Almost like I transmuted my sorrow unto it. I got into making jams to cope with being lonely, and It got me through it. I messed up on the Ukulele, but then again even my microphone is soykaf.

Also I dont know if this happens to other people but usually when I come up with tunes I really dig, its when I wake up either really early in the morning or really late. I have to be in a state where I feel all fuzzy. Perhaps its because the chemicals released in REM sleep are fresh in my brain? Sometimes I'll even wake up with a tune or even multiple tunes playing in my head. This happens with lyrics too, although more rarely. That rock song came from one of those awakenings, and the ukulele riff part of the hip-hop beat was too.


Hahaha MyJimmyJamCreep.ogg sounds like something I hear on a Ween album. Good job.


Shameless plug: https://soundcloud.com/hypersurface/corridors
I dabble a bit in music. I don't often make much but it's fun to hear something finally take form.

Your song is clipping like crazy. Back off a bit on the volume and make sure the volume meter is never in the red. It's considered best to keep everything in the track below -6db until the mastering phase. Other than that, practice a bunch! I maintain the notion that everything you make in your first year of production is soykaf, but don't let that dissuade you from trying!
I like it, it reminds me of Aphex Twin. I'd recommend adding some more stereoized elements, the mix seems a bit dull and empty. More stereo means a fuller sound.
Cool. Not really my style but it's different and I can respect that. The clicking sound likely exists because you are retriggering the sound in a way where the new wave is out of phase with the old one. Adding more attack / decreasing the decay time would help with this, like the other lain said. Adding other modulations to the sound would also likely solve this.
I like the chill / psy sounds. The kick drum in the second sounds comparitively very loud to the rest of the mix though.

Cool stuff all around, I'm going to keep an eye out on this thread.


OwO a new wage slave your music thread? Don't mind if I do!

>lo-fi and lo-fi hip hop

>dark techno
I keep meaning to finish off my new release for this but have been busy
>black metal breakcore noise cyberpunk I guess?
don't take it too seriously