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Got my hands on about 30-40 hdds all with holes through the disk.
Decided to see what i could salvage from them.
First off going for the gold in the pins.
Never done this before but ill update how its going.

Anyone else ever do any metal scraping or general salvaging of tech.
Figure i should get good at this since in the future theres going to be alot more old tech being thrown out.


Magnets, platters are nice piece of aluminium, delicious torx screws, 7200 RPM motors. IIRC motors are hi-quality, might have ball bearings, so they are pretty useful.


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Not sure what to do with em all.
Most of the motors are built in to the aliminium. But some come off.


I always wondered if those motors are poeerfull enough for a multicopter


From where?


Augment your income - sell them.

Magnets can be used for holding knives or instruments on the wall, holding sheets of paper, cardboard, leather, cloth on metal tables while you work. Too long to describe what motors are handy for, though. A lot of projects require motors.
I doubt it - they lack wattage.


Company closed down at a particular site. Basically gave me all their hdds among other things, but they had drilled through them all so here i am.

How much u think the mangets would go for?


Not much, unless you add them extra value. Be original!


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Interesting. I have a dead HDD, but I never though of taking it apart for scraps. What can it be used for?


Okay never mind, guess I should of just read up above.
But I found this, looks pretty fun.


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Sick ass bling thats what u get.


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Okey about 2 hdds worth of pins so far


When the disks shatter, they fragment into very fine pieces and if they even graze you will probably cut you. Sent a kid to the hospital with one a while ago.


OP, will confirm i cut myself on the shattered disk.


I accidentally snapped a platter and cut my finger deep enough to require stitches. You better use gloves and eye protection when handling platters.


where do you get your salvaged tech, OP?

i tried to visit some e-waste facilities earlier. the buildings are under lock down with enough cameras to assume it's hiding the hi-tech of the world.


you should collect neodym magnets and sell it from ebay. ot make electrogenerator by yourself using magnets


>where do you get your salvaged tech, OP?
Seconded, I'd love to have 40 hdd's to fool around with.

Unless you're actually trying to salvage the chips, I think that pretty much every chip that you can pull off either has silver-plated, silver, gold-plated, or gold contacts. From what I've read, 1000kg of misc. circuit boards end up having about 0.5kg of impure gold in them, so you might actually be able to make some money off of that. Whether or not it's worth your time is for you to decide. If you want to actually recover the more pure metals, you'll need to invest in chemicals to do so (probably not worth it for 40 hdds), or you could send the unrefined pins to a company which specializes in this sort of thing.

Very rough estimate- 1kg of drives might get you something like $20 if sold to a specialty shop. This is from 10 minutes of googling, so take that as you will.


How do you get the motor out. Mine looks like its solidly embedded into the frame.



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OK so this video is for a different system where the motor is held in with a pin. Mine appears to be welded in. I think. Any ideas if I cal salvage that motor or should I hang it on my wall and increase my epeen?


Heat can melt the glue holding the motor, I often use a small blowtorch in those cases. Although I'm not sure if the case is part of the housing of the motor.


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I can melt the glue holding the leads in but I don't think that glue is holding it in. If you look at the second pic I posted, you can see a sort of etched ring. I think that's a very fine welding, but it might be a welding holding two parts of the motor together, not to the chassis.
There's a good chance that the motor is housed in the chassis. Its a Maxtor 256GB IDE hard drive if anyone knows how to look up the specs on it. I threw away the label so no serial numbers :P.

Also I made art.


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Do this. HDD sander.

Or speaker: https://youtube.com/watch?v=rVPjQou42i8


Iron your cables, make 'm tighter.


How do you actually iron a cable?


Doing the speaker. Question, did he leave the 5V power source connected to the hard drive or did he replace it with the amplifier?


He connected amplified audio to arms coil, turning coil and arm into a speaker (since speaker is a basically a coil and diffusor)


I understood that. I was just concerned if I needed to keep the 5V connected for whatever reason. I don't think I do because that doesn't make sense but I'm just double checking if I need to purchase a power source.


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bumping for interest. I need to figure out what to do with a couple of old HDDs and an old phone from 2012


with the HDDs, make a SAN.

With the phone, see if you can get it to run custom firmware then flash something dope on it.


Hard Disks have rare earth magnets you can salvage. the neodymium magnets are super strong and can be used for a wide variety of things.