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Hi /diy/! anyone into origami? any good links with models?


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not too crazy about origami, but i made this penguin a couple years ago by following this diagram http://www.geocities.jp/rivervillagekyo/page327.html.

some links i found interesting from the super complex origami general thread on 2ch:
http://ori500.free.fr/dia-e.htm (few awesome ones in this one)
http://www.geocities.jp/raqu_c/origami/index.htm (kaiju. Godzilla, Mothra, King Kong, etc.)

http://www.inaka.com/mori/50/o2.shtml (a few of these have a second page of instructions by clicking on a button after the last step on the 1st page)
http://www.geocities.jp/jjorigami/orizu.html (cool Dragon Quest ones in the 2nd section)



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I make a crane or two every day. I also have tons of PDFs from /po/ and bookmarks of interesting sites, but I've never finished anything complex.


how many cranes do you have? and wth will you do with them?


I have a bag of some pretty one. The bad ones I disassemble and recycle, the others I just leave around wherever I go.


Picture pls!!! I would greatly appreciate a demonstration of thine handiwork.


>thine handiwork
'thy' is the correct form.


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I did this one some time ago, the model is from Kade Chan (Fiery Dragon).
Tissue-foil 45x45.

In past I was fascinated with origami. Did many complex models and I have many photos here...
I recommend watch "Between the Folds", a documentary about science and art or origami.


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I've mostly folded used foil wrappers into simple patterns.


File: 1452007994202.png (17.1 MB, 200x200, 1552095274 Advanced origami_opt11.pdf)


File: 1452008133350.png (3.73 MB, 200x200, Marvelous Modular Origami.pdf)


File: 1452008235208.png (8.08 MB, 200x200, Kunihiko Kasahara - Origami Omnibus - 1988.pdf)

Sorry for quality.


File: 1452008310409.png (8.75 MB, 200x200, 0470758570_Origa.pdf)


Really love bill origami (and also money art - carved coins, mosaics…).
Have any other to do with banknotes ?
Should have a butterfly somewhere, will try to find it.


I make paper cranes all the time and usually just leave them places like this guy


I try to challenge myself to make tinier and tinier cranes, so I'll take the largest piece of paper I can find and make as many cranes as possible with it, and then set them up as families and just put them around the house or hide them.


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Fox from /po/

I'll post the guide when I can find it again.


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found the guide


Pretty cute, I've just made one.


why make some every day? to practice? why not make different things each day then?


Maybe he's doing the 1000 cranes thing.


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You've done a man's job, sir.


Do you have any guides similar to this?


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Not him, and English is not my native language, but I think he's right.


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the rat was designed by eric joisel, same thing goes for the (seemingly KKK) dwarfs in this post

If I recall it correctly, the bride and groom are designed tadashi mori.

I've also added two papercraft pieces in the images, since those have held up better since I made them.


either is acceptable
originally, thy was attributive, thine was predicative
so thine was used to state or confirm an aspect of something (the dress is red, the dress is thine) whereas thy is used to identify or distinguish (the red dress, thy dress). however, thine also came into use as a version of thy for before vowels or h.
so the only truly incorrect usages would be thine as an attributive before a consonant, and thy as a predicate.


Someone had to say it.

But can you fold with one hand?


I'm not him, but yes it's doable
I've done simple stuff singlehandedly


I wanna buy some big sheets of thin paper that's easily shapeable.

I'll probably go with some tissue/tissue-foil/whatever

does somebody have recommendations?

What kind of tissue should I get?

I don't wanna pay more than 2 euro's per sheet, unless there's a very good reason to do so.

I'm based in the netherlands, but online shops are obv ok, provided that they have sane shipping charges


I always found origami interesting but never knew where to start. Does anyone know of a basic origami tutorial?


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I'm interested in functional fabric origami, taking a piece of cloth and folding it into useful things like a piece of clothing or a backpack. I haven't found any material, though.


i've done some decorative fabric origami, kept in place by a couple of stitches, i've also done fabric giftwrapping. I'd be pretty interested in incorporating fabric folding in a fashion design, since it's a useful but rarely used technique