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Does anyone have any experience making one of these? I could just buy a few yards of silver-fabric right? Any advice on how to do it right?


Bump of interest



I don't think silver would be the best. Copper, perhaps. You could just line some fabric with copper mesh and that would work.


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That site says that you can just use a empty chips packet. I'll have to wash one out and give it a try.


Let me know if that works!!


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Bigger version of OP's image


Considering making one of these and attaching it to the right hand side of my coat to be another secret pocket. I'd rather have a zip though and I'm no genius but I think I could do that too. No idea if the material could be dyed a more appealing colour too.

Technological textiles is now a new interest for me. Thanks Lains.


Once/if I fix my n900 I plan to take it with me as a wifi tablet and offing one of my pant's or backpack's pockets, or adding a switch between the battery and the phone would be neat .

I don't know how or if I'll do it but I'll be sharing here.


what an amazing idea for a no-budget startup for a kickstarter!


I tried using a large lays potato chip bag as a makeshift faraday cage. It worked well, no calls could reach the phone if it was dropped in the bottom and the rest of the bag wrapped around it.


So, I am guessing you could..
cut out two or three layers from a bag of chips, stitch them together, then cover with material of choice (duct-tape?)


Probably, though you could just do the same with tinfoil.


tin foil…


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Buy some stainless steel mesh off ebay.

Get 2 types of fabric, one for outer one for Inner.

Layer like and stitch like pic related.

When stitching make sure to not penetrate all 6 layers for the opening, instead do that separately.

Once done turn it inside out and there you have your pocket faraday cage.

You could just make an extra long sleeve without a flap for simplicity sake, it might even be a better idea as it leaves no chance for gaps.

Hems might be a good idea, some kind of edging to prettify the entrance, folding the edges will work as well. just make sure you fold it on the outside so when you flip it inside out you get the fold on the inside.

Easy as soykaf, only problem will be using a sewing machine, Grandma's are a safe bet in my country, maybe your school if you're still that young.

If not a steady hand can do it reasonably well, since the stitching is hidden you only have to care about it being strong, not looking good.


>Made in USA
Great so there's probably NSA backdoors.


They're really necessary during hacking conventions.


nsa backpockets



because if you go to a place full of hundreds of people whose hobby is hacking, chances are if some cheeky fuarrrk's found a way to wirelessly exploit your phone he's going to be there.


If you're stupid enough to have an electronic device on without a faraday pouch (which is basically mandatory during hacking cons) then you're giving anyone there permission to hack you. They will most likely fuarrrk up your phone to the point it hard bricks itself and you have to throw it out.


made me chuckle


silver is more conductive than copper.


we use them for digital forensic to stop people from performing remote wipes and other remote inconveniences


You're doing it wrong anon, you're supposed to pretend you're a 14 year old girl and would anyone like to come to your house and have a seat.


The variety of people that browse here always surprises me.


Just wrap it in aluminium foil


I think the idea of having a specific pouch for it is that it doesn't look so conspicuous when you are out and about.


I love my current coat but it doesn't have any inside pockets. I've been meaning to stitch a new one in for a while, so I guess I'll have a go with something like this.


Line a pocket in aluminum foil when you put your clothes on.
I don't think it would be inconvenient, since this is the type of tech you're not going to be using on an everyday basis.


Yeah you'll just look like some crazy conspiritard to everyone when you sound like crunching aluminum foil when you walk.


Indeed, I have a commercial anti-RFID pouch and it's made out of mylar.


wouldn't that just amplify the signals, though?


Such a comfy imageboard isn't it


You can use a bag of chips that is made of mylar. Cheap, non-crunchy, expendable.


Why not just turn the phone off...?


Because you don't know for sure that your phone is completely powered off and is emitting no signal whatsoever. A Faraday cage, however, does guarantee that no RF signal enters or leaves.


...no? It would turn most of the RF into heat. A small amount would escape through the opening in the pocket, but it would have a strange, changing, and unpredictable emission pattern.


I don't think that would completely stop signals from entering or leaving your pocket. It certainly would turn your pocket into a hellish environment for a smartphone radio, but I imagine that it would occasionally get a signal long enough to connect to a cell tower or wifi hotspot and reveal your location.


Thanks, nice article


>thinking smart and iphones will be fully off
>not knowing phone have a second battery and if you want to be fully off you would have to find that, and plug that of that off as well including the main battery as well.


>If you're stupid enough to have an electronic device on without a faraday pouch (which is basically mandatory during hacking cons) then you're giving anyone there permission to hack you. They will most likely fuarrrk up your phone to the point it hard bricks itself and you have to throw it out.
Show me proof that this has ever happened. The defcon wifi pineapple thing doesn't count.