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Let's have a general thread, for listing ways to make money in the Wired, and sharing protips, Lains


Hm, too lazy to make up your own scams?


Any methods that could be shared here are brutally saturated and used since the mid to late 90-2000s. Read a book and come up with your own method.


What book to read?


Just look for blogs that cover scams, social engineering and hacking.
After a while of reading it'll be extremely easy to come up with cool stuff.

Or be lazy and just infect badly secured companies with cryptolockers.
There're multiple services on Tor that offer premade ones and take a cut of every payment you get through them.


An anon posted a link to a free-lance writing site a while back. It rated users using a one-five star system and paid them according to their rank. I know that the star system exists just to motivate workers and that I'll never get anywhere above three/four, but it seems like an easy way to earn a few extra bucks a month with time that'd otherwise be spent playing Forza and binge eating.
Anybody have the link?


There's always the needy neet guide:
And this lil summary of misc online bullocks:

On the more tech-related side, there's the eternal fun of bug bounty programs and paid coding contests, assuming you can code worth a shit. If not, poke around here:
then look around for pdfs on debugging and read this:

Now that you can code a lil, learn to interview and look around for remote programming gigs:

Assuming you manage to accumulate some extra cash, learn to invest it, because making the man make you money is beautiful:
Take special note of algorithmic trading; it's all kinds of interesting.

And that's a quick n dirty run-down of the more straightforward whitehat, dosh procurement methods... Guess if you wanna blacken your means, look into malware development and phishing, but don't say I didn't warn ya.


I believe it was https://www.textbroker.com/

Why shortlinks, glitterboy?!


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Reads cleaner on mobile.
What, you scared it's all phishing shit? Please anon, I'd at least use coinurl for that, make myself the few extra satoshis...


That's true; I also checked your links and they are all good.

...Sorry for doubting you, anon.


Try Thumbtack. Some times I pick up jobs on there where people need a website. Can get you some good money.


...or you can not be a bottom feeder and actually provide a legitimate remote service which won't end up with bubba's 12 inch sausage in your ass.

Even without the repercussions of getting caught, this is just a prick thing to do. It's also petty and lacks any vision.

Are you 12 or something?


found the whitehat

>the body was too short or empty


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Really lain? If you have to be spoon fed then you will never be successful with this kind of thing.


I have some Facebook accounts to sell, where should I go?


I'm picturing that the penalties for online crimes are quite high. Though the percentage of people doing them that actually get caught is quite low from my understanding.


Sound like someone is angry


File: 1487726914149-0.png (9 MB, 200x200, Encyclopedia_of_White-Collar_And_Corporate_Crime.pdf)

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I mean, that holds true for most crimes, wouldn't you think? Just be sporadic and fearful of your tracks.
Also, here's the Encyclopedia of White Collar and Corporate Crime, for the curious.
And the pdf that tiny link that seems to have 404'd.


>offering illegal sht on a public form
nowhere you dope


Do extremely well at an online uni course then you may get offered to help run it


>there isn't Silk Road type ordeal for hackers selling soykaf between each other
I think you gave me an idea


I need to get one of those mturk kind of jobs since I can live comfortably If I make 100 bucks a week and it would spare me the hassle of working at a factory or call center.

The soykaf part is that most ask you to be a citizen of the first world and getting a soc num or other docs is a pain in the ass.


Yes please, so I can use your site


>The soykaf part is that most ask you to be a citizen of the first world
The U.S. specifically when it comes to mturk, unless you don't mind being paid in store credit.

Even if that's fine, the pay's about a dollar an hour. If you keep at it more opportunities will open and your earnings will definitely increase, but it's still mind-numbing drudgery for next to nothing most of the time.

Other sites will often have better-paying jobs, but nowhere near enough of them. I made good money for the effort invested on Clickworker/UHRS, but there was never enough work to make more than a few dollars a week.


rev.com doesn't seem to give a damn where you're from if you can understand and type English.


get a job? programming, therapists, virtual assistants, and qa can often be remote. i work for a popular anti-crapware company and i am completely remote with the occasional travel to visit my team. freelance if you don't want to be an employee. hang your shingle somewhere.


I'm pretty sure that the actual silkroad and the sites that popped up to replace it offer(ed) that service.
Lain was just telling you that if you talk about doing it here on Lainchan, you'll get caught.