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anyone into lock picking? i just did my first lock.


seems neat, got any guides?



I've tried it, with improvised picks.


i walked down the main street in my city and picked up street cleaner bristles.


so what is the password?




I've done it before, but it's kind of quantum; if anyone is looking I can't get it done.
It's a pretty useful skill, people *me* forget their keys all the time.


What were you using? I have had success with paper clips.


Paper clips and the metal from a windscreen wiper.


i used tweezers (ripped in half and bent the end, and street cleaner bristles i found on the street.


All I know is bump key method….
I know it doesn't open all locks(just most of those I am interested into), but it is a start.



Does anybody know how does this compare to the MIT lock picking guide?


Im a locksmith ask me anything you want to do with locks


if i come in and ask for free old locks would you give them to me?


How fucked have people been when you have been called out to let them back into their house or car? As in out in the winter cold.


I have a question; Does anybody know a gentler method to open a padlock with instant glue, other than break it open with a hammer and a metal stake? Those things are heavy.


Those work well for lock picking?


yeah thats what everyone uses


I just use a lockpick set, picked up a great one with strong tools for $40


>for 40$
Just buy 5$ of hacksaw blades and file them down to picks


any way to make a home made lockpick? what do you use as lockpicks beside paper clips?


Bobby pins. Those with girlfriends that have long hair will find them scattered around their house in various drawers like some kind of random object spawn in a Bethesda game.


do you modify the bobby pins? got a photo?


Just duckduckgo "!g bobby pin lock pick". There's plenty of sites and videos that show you how.


>just duckduckgo "!g.."
what the fuck
why would anybody do that


Why wouldn't they?


Next time just say "web search xyz" because spergs like >>143 will be appalled that you have different views than him.


okay, to explain myself
you're using duckduckgo to do a google search. That completely defeats the purpose of using it.


!bangs encrypt your search through a proxy.


what kind of locks do you guys normally practice on?
oh, that makes more sense
well not the encrypted part, but the proxy does
I just use startpage for that tho


When you !g search something on DDG, it sends you through to encrypted.google.com. You can read more here: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2011/10/google-encrypts-more-searches

I'm not sure if other !bangs do the same though (such as Amazon and the like).


yeah but google's still tracking my soykaf when I use secure
at least if it weren't a proxy


> Got to leave this here:
Very comprehecive, of course DEFCON!


Hey, >>43 if you are still around, I would still love an answer to >>45 's question.

Also, does anyone know a good guide to making homemade lockpicks or stuff?




File: 1434234907017.png (637.48 KB, 200x113, DSC_0423.jpg)

Hi lain, first post here, I made these with used hacksaw blades and a dremel. With just a few hours of practice I was able to open almost any padlock in the house and two doors. One door took me +10 minutes though. It kinda scares me how easy this is.

Now I carry them almost anywhere, it's a very useful skill.

I'm kind of necroposting because it's a pity this page is so dead...


There's not really such a thing as necroposting on an imageboard -- especcially one this small -- so don't worry.

Anyways, you're right, it's very easy. As such lot of locks have become more of a social thing. The idea is that if it has a lock you're supposed to be good little boy and not want to gain access. fuarrrk that soykaf though.


must have been a dopamine rush :)


>I'm kind of necroposting

That is encouraged. Per the rules, "Don't be afraid to bump old threads. The only dead thread is a sagelocked one."

Though, for reals, how did you make them? Where did you get the hacksaw blades? How long did it take? I want to make some, but I don't really have materials around me, so I want to know what to do before I just go and jump in.


File: 1434394935919-0.png (2.75 MB, 200x150, DSC_0411.jpg)

File: 1434394935919-1.png (353.91 KB, 200x113, DSC_0414.jpg)

I had some old and dull hacksaw blades and with missing teeth. I used to cut lots of metal with the hacksaw and never threw the blades away. It took about 10 minutes each one.
I cut the stencil carefully, then laid it over the blade, applied a dab of paint and slided it down the blade with a piece of paper to transfer the shape. When the paint is dry I cut it with the dremel disks, specially useful for the straight zones. You have to be careful and wear eye protection because they tend to get stuck and shatter at high speeds. For the groves I kept using the disks because it was more precise than the sanding cylinder. I just vised the dremel and I held the pick against the spinning disk.
I tried to avoid getting it too hot while cutting it and I was constantly wetting it with a napkin to conserve the heat treatment.
This was the first one I made. I used sand paper to soften the edges. I also sanded the sides to make it thinner and easier to use.


> Now I carry them almost anywhere, it's a very useful skill.
What about the coppers, lad? I don't think they'd be amused had they found that in your pockets.


I don't live in the US, in my country it is legal to carry them, they can't do nothing about it unless you're caught stealing something. But it's probable they can take them away, it mostly depends on the situation.
I almost don't use them and I certainly don't flash them around, I keep them in my backpack along with my leatherman, just in case.


More than likely you could have bypassed that lock instead of picking it.

Check YouTube for videos on Masterlock bypasses.


If you live in the UK you can be charged for going equipped if you aren't in the trade.



Nice! It sounds like you have a workshop with some really cool equipment!


Not really, just the basic tools and a dremel kit.


I'm a newbie who just got into lock picking. Very easy. I picked my first lock under a minute.


good job anon


>TFW no schway lockpicks to practice with and no tools to make any

Why even live?


order some online.


Ah yes, I forgot to mention that I have next to no money, and no forms of electronic payment besides BTC (which I have like $0.75 USD in), so buying them isn't really a good option for me. ;_;


did you even read the guides? OP walked down the street and picked up street cleaner bristles.


I live in a semi-rural area. Rather than the street sweeper, we get a machine that cuts down the grass and bushes on the side of the road. It comes by, say, twice a year? Only once have I seen the street sweeper. And that was like 3 years ago. But, I am going to uni in a city, so I'll be sure to try that!




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>be me, lonely lainon, somewhat antisocial.
>quit drinking heavily, need hobby.
>get lock pick set on massdrop
>get good. pretty good. real good at 5 pin and master
>southord pick set upgraded with wards
>sunny day, walk out to local bridge
>happy couples cover bridge with 'love locks'
>rageface as i walk across bridge to the nearest bar.
>wake up next morning with hangover, resolve to pick every fuarrrking lock.
>start picking. most locks dry, open easy except the bolt-through locks slowing me down
>lardmonster barks "hey lainon, you better not steal my lock"
>hung over wide eyed "why?"
>lardmonster replies "b-because"
>!fsck given. keep picking.
>im halfway across with 30 locks, 30, in my packpack. enforcement drone approaches.
>relax. remain calm. consider implications of bridge crossing two states.
>feign blind ignorance for 20 minutes, portly backup arrives
>ordered to replace all locks. TFW mission failed.
>replace all locks in a single line, affix to railing.
>wander home defeated.

>1yr later

>moved to megacity. picks illegal. no more picking.
>unpacking, drop old backpack
>mfw two weathered locks fall out and skip across the living room floor.


10/10 story. I see a lockpick set on massdrop, but it says that you need to be a locksmith or show ID or whatever that you are legally allowed to get them? What's up with that?


it depends on which state you are in.


Washington or Idaho.


How hard would it be to craft a pick with a lime instead of a dremel?


Why would they want to keep locks on there? Those things damage the bridge. Maybe they just don't have enough locks for it to be a problem yet?


maybe anon omitted that they were all attached to bikes.


File: 1439387052830.png (285.99 KB, 200x115, Kun1cDd.jpg)


Paris rightly complained they interrupt the architectural heritage of bridgework.

fat loud midwestern fuarrrks shackle cheap 3-4 pin and warded garbage to long defunct bridgework in a desperate misplaced attempt to retrofit their trapped, isolated and fragile relationships with a tangible sense of permanence and purpose. check pedestrian bridges in your area, you'll find this crap.

I'm fun at parties.


anyone have anything on car locks? not trying to steal, genuinely curious on how those things work


I'm going to piggyback off of your question a little bit.
I have a key FOB for my car (2012) which also unlocks a co-worker's ride (2009). They're the same brand but are different models and have widely different manufacture years. The gaping security hole made me look a little further.
The Wikipedia page states
> Modern systems implement encryption to prevent car thieves from intercepting and spoofing the signal.
>[citation needed]
There was supposedly a presentation given at DefCon about a device that would let thieves-to-be.
>The device transmits a jamming signal to block the vehicle's reception of rolling code signals from the owner's fob, while recording these signals from both of his two attempts needed to unlock the vehicle. The recorded first code is sent to the vehicle only when the owner makes the second attempt, while the recorded second code is retained for future use.
I can't find a recording of the presentation on Youtube or Vimeo and I'd love to hear from a Lain who was there.


I'm tired of what I do, so I'd like to pick something like this up as a hobby. I enjoy knowing security and protection things and how to pass them (and thus, secure yourself better).

What would you suggest as a good starter set I could pick up on e-bay or massdrop? I saw some interesting looking ones, but I'd like the word of someone who actually knows this.


I've been trying my hand at lockpicking for a few weeks now, on a single lock - a master lock no.1 that is supposed to be a beginner-level lock - and I cannot for the life of me get the damn thing open.

I've read the MIT guide to lockpicking and Lockpicking Detail Overkill. I have a pretty good idea of how locks work and the basic speed bump method, but holy fuarrrking soykaf it's like no matter what I do I can't get all the pins to set and am oversetting them all the time or something. Hell, I can barely even figure out when I have set the pins or not. I knew that lockpicking was hard, but it's not like I'm starting out on a Medeco or anything.

Did people have similar experiences as me when starting out, or am I just not meant to be a lockpicker?



which year was it? i think almost all of the DEFCON videos are hosted at media.defcon.org you might want to have a look



thats fine.


File: 1452341450290.png (51.41 KB, 190x200, 1438460955618.gif)

I have a problem, i cant get past the 4th pin, its too low and my torque wrench seems to be blocking the way under it.


File: 1452372122321.png (36.83 KB, 200x113, serveimage.jpg)

>TFW you locked your keys inside, but your picks are in your go bag.


The first lock I ever picked was a padlock with a hairpin. It actually effing works. Then an "industrial grade" lock with a hairpin, which is ultimately easier to pick.


are those locksets that come with a clear lock good for beginners or should I just get a set off amazon?


clear locks are amazing for learning


Technically that isn't picking a lock, you were bypassing it. To pick a lock, you need a tension wrench and a durable pick. A standard hairpin isn't durable enough unless you are talking diary locks, which you can bypass without trying.


I got a southord pocket set off of massdrop. It has tools that screw in like an xacto knife and the pocket clip is a tensioning wrench. I have opened a few padlocks, but I am still working on learning. I printed out the MIT guide too.


I opened a lock for the first time (as in, with intent and not randomly jiggling the pick around) after months of fuarrrking around with locks here and there and reading up some material about them and continually failing on multiple different locks. And it was for the actual useful reason of helping my friend who was locked out of their apartment.

soykaf was fuarrrking exhilarating.


What do you guys think about abloy locks?
After searching some info I found out that some abloy locks are practically unpickable and the only way to pick them means breaking them (here's a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tc8LJiBuOc ).
Do you have any experience from abloy locks? Would be interesting to hear some stories.
I have never picked locks myself but I am planning to start doing it as a hobby.


So when I took my lockpick set into work to get open a server case I could have been stopped and arrested?
I love my country.


it's a very good guide, the pictures are well made and illuminating


In my experience, I would say abloy locks are basically impossible to pick. I one time spent like 2 hours trying to pick one of them and to no avail. If you need a lock to protect your stuff, that would be the one.


I did a little research last month and came across this fellow


I think he's still active on some other forums. But his picks are gorgeous. I even contemplated calling him myself but, you know, there'd be no reason to since I don't pick locks.


Here's another link showing lots of his stuff


Just beautiful.





I did my first lock with a hair pin and a "industrial" lock. Fuck did it impress tho.


Pickin' locks with a piece-of-shit tier kit off Aliexpress (the one mimicking a credit card). Really useful skill, once I had to pick my way into the shower for two weeks.


Beautiful! Got me inspired to make wooden handle for my picks.


>once I had to pick my way into the shower for two weeks
Could you talk about this some more? Did you use the fake credit card pick to get into the showers, or different tools?


Does anyone have any tips on how to get a 'feel' for a lock? I don't seem to be able to map out the pins very well, and find out hard to tell when a pin is set or not.


Try to feel every pin without tension first. You need to distinguish number of them at least. Oil the lock if necessary. Then gradually apply tension and try to move every pin up and down again.



Watch all of Deviant Ollam's videos. He's great. Also make sure and get some high quality picks.


You shouldn't need any guides, just keep pressure on the lock with the torsion wrench and try and push all the pins up/rake the fuck out of it. Once you figure that out then you can dig deeper into how to handle I/Mushroom pins and stuff like that.


File: 1472298250232.png (508.86 KB, 200x200, MITLockGuide.pdf)

Sharing the MIT lock guide, in case anyone wants it.


File: 1472342882239.png (1.1 MB, 200x200, safecracker.pdf)


File: 1472400344640-0.png (7 KB, 200x150, seemslegit.jpg)

Shower door had a cheap (no, really) pin tumbler lock, so nothing else was needed. After a couple of days I just started raking it, it took less than 5 seconds to open, though locking it back was a problem. Solution to this was to not rotate the plug completely after unlocking (i.e. leave it in picked state), so I won't need to pick it again to close.


i definitely do. my problem is finding locks. i've been to junkyards and spent quite some time in thrift stores trying to get some old locks. outside of just wandering out in the wild and being sketchy af picking locks, where do you guys get yours?

i ended up going to this marketplace where a guy claimed to give me a bunch of high security locks for 50 bucks. what he sent were things i could have picked up on a dark night in a storage unit facility.


Dumpster-diving behind a locksmith shop. One can actually procure some quality locks in this manner, though it must be forewarned that parts of the lock may be broken (i.e., the clasp of the lock might be broken, making it useless, but the mechanism still works, making it useless to them, and golden for you).