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I have come to the conclusion that instead of buying boring 'designer' t-shirts that I will probably rarely wear because I don't like them anyways I should rather just make my own t-shirt designs and print them at local stores.

This way I can both express my creativity and DiY-ness.

Some of the things I would want to print are GNU/tech memes, so if you can suggest any good tech memes(they don't have to be about GNU/ Linux though) that would be great. Oh yeah and I am more on the sysadmin side of things.

On a less serious note I think I will call it 'meme fashion'.


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Not too keen on the meme myself, I think the whole deal here is concentrated cancer, but suit yourself.

Here's what I got.
I do like the idea of having pic[1] on a black t-shirt tough.
So then again how about we make it a general for all kinds of shirt designs also?


>So then again how about we make it a general for all kinds of shirt designs also?

That was the idea.


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that's the dumbest thing i've heard all week


T-shirt printing or wearing memes?


Seriously God tier choice of memes in this thread

>nearly died hearing DON'T COPPY DAT FLHOPPY in his voice


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According to the Chinese, <meme> is a pretty good business opportunity to cash in on generation "I did it for the irony".


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Ayyy you must not read the fucking news. I'm happy for you.


"the cyber" now subject to increased authoritarian control!

Rejoice, netizen!


I would strongly advise against using lainchan banners as sellable t-shirt designs unless you know for a fact that they're free to use/copy. some of these are people's artwork (the today has been cancelled one for instance)


>sellable t-shirt designs unless you know for a fact that they're free to use/copy
Hope OP did his homework on that regard.

I for one won't ctrl-c/v, rather I'll remix it from scratch. Seems too easy and won't meet my standards otherwise.
Also never considered opening a t-shirt store on the wired.
It's enough competition as it is, although I could see myself selling original artwork if I have a proper original lineup one day. Who knows really?

I know the feeling of having original work stolen first hand.
Nothing I wish happening to others.


OP here... everything is strictly for personal use.


Pssssssssssssh good artists copy, great artists steal.

I pirate designs all the time. It's great. I look great.


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Obviously but apart from posers and suckers, who would wear those. Well, I guess there's enough suckers to make a buck or two


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OP, just stop.


>make my own t-shirt designs and print them at local stores.
You don't even have to do that. Just make some stencils and paint in them with an acrylic mix. There's some additive that you can put in acrylic paint to make it stick to shirts really good.


or just get proper fabric paint


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I'd like to create /cyb/ related shirts myself, not at a printshop but with stencil/paint as >>2240 suggested.

So does anyone have stencils / single-color graphics that are /cyb/ related and would go nice on a t-shirt? or power level hiding lain stuff.

one thing that comes to my mind are evil megacorp logos from various games/books/movies, pic related.