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yeah lmao no. Fuck people like this. "Woah hey guys we are a TECH STARTUP dedicated to ECOLOGICAL HOUSING thats OPEN SOURCE". Crazy guys GLOBAL, we are hip and MODERN. Look at our ted talk, look at our cool modern fraphics. The only thing missing is that they arent building these for small GRASSROOTS COMMUNITUES and SMALL BUSINESSES in THIRD WORLD COUNTRYS.

you are giving them 80,000 to build a bunch of houses that they will already be getting paid to make. The only catch here is that its wrapped in a bunch of buzzwords and probably empty promises (we developed a super formula to build houses crazy fast!! An eco house costs 1/1000 of the cost to build, we dont need to explain any of this). And they really cant come up with 80,000? After full on building like three of these? Probably are paying off their own house with that money. That or these things will fall apart after 5-10 years.


These guys are around for some time already and the company is not really for profit. Read a little more about what they are doing, it's really nice.

The idea is having open plans and construction guides for everything needed for basic human needs. Power units, tractors, etc, etc... In this project they are tacking housing, and the outcome will be open plans and guides for people with minimal practical capabilities. The fact that they can do it, etc, it to raise some funds, as they have almost none.


more and more threads on here seem to be veiled advertising.


A completely see through veil at that.


I doubt this is deliberate advertisement, OP probably just thought it was cool and wanted to share it.


I concur, OP probably just ran across these guys in my links for the Lainon starting a commune/shelter, and got excited.
I'm always getting excited over some new thing, shilling it, and getting told to piss off because I'm a shill, lol.


Thank you for derailing a perfectly legitimate thread for this board with your unfounded paranoia you fuarrrking moron.


Confirmed for a moron who didn't even look at the site, let alone any research.
The whole point is they are giving industrial capability to villages, instead of just foisting manufactured goods on them.
The machines in the GVCS can be used to replace any of the machines that break, they are giving self-sustaining technology to people, the proverbial "teaching a man to fish", the opposite of the junkie-pusher relationship fostered by every big company raping the third world.

fuarrrking moron. You are too stupid for Lain. Get the fuarrrk out.