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Does anyone have any ideas on how to get free food that isn't expired


Dumpster dive. Check behind supermarkets and restaurants and similar. They'll often throw it away still bagged right after the sell by date.


Are you the city? if so then there are plenty of place you can go to get food. Chruches, Free samples outside of food places, Soup Kitchens.

Its not hard to get food in the city. You do have to work for it though. There was a time i used to just walk down the street and collect pennies for a dollar pizza.


Beg for money on the street, go to charitable places that donate food to the needy and pay like $7 a bag full of food. While I don't beg, that's where my food comes from.


>Dumpster dive
Second this. In many places in the United States, you can relatively easily get *large* amounts of decent food like this.


third, this is by far the easiest way to go. pro tips:

>go every day for a week at the same time and figure out when they take the trash out, when it's not guarded

>do this for several places and you build up a run
>prefer fresh fruits and vegetables to canned because it's easier for canned foods to get get infested after damage
>make sure the owners aren't putting rat poison on it
>don't ever get in a compactor
>bagel places will always feed you but then you're eating bagels


Or stop being a useless human scanvanger and grow some vegetables, learn to fish, hunt. Seriously, buy a cheap 30 dollar rod that will last you for life, some decent 12 pound fire line, a bag of 2 dollar pikeral rigs and your set for a while. All you need is bait, which you can catch yourself.


>make sure the owners aren't putting rat poison on it

smh is this actually a thing.


not that lain but yes a supermarket near me has taken to pouring bleach into their bins to render everything inedible


I'm not sure about other locations but my local national chain sandwhich shop throws out their day old bread near the end of every day. soykafs even in wax paper so you can tear of the nasty bit if you want.

Otherwise learn to steal soykaf real good. If a store doesn't have security cameras pocket something super easy. Used to have a friend who could grab candy bars then arizona teas and one time a fuarrrking baguet.

Also if your poor seriously hit up a food bank or something like that. I used to volunteer at one and their pretty good. Even when the owner was embezzling money.


>dollar pizza.
Damn, everything in america is so expensive.
I can find a full breakfast, (meat rice salad soup drink) for that where I live. Usually that doesn't matter as the pay is really low too, but when I have to travel for extended periods of time I always feel destitute.


If you live in or around urban sprawl areas you can get a lot of free food from food pantries. I know one in my area that gives out a lot of food and toiletries for free.


a slice of pizza is a full breakfast.


Woops. Meant full lunch, sorry. Breakfast is cheaper, yes.


A single slice of pizza is at least 3 dollars where I live


well probably they wanted to avoid... rats? it's pretty much common sense if you dump food in your yard every day


When I went to OTAKON I just simply piggy backed with someone into a fancy suite, Go in a elevator do a nice little walk around swing back down grabbed a plate and told the front desk as I was leaving "I got to take this to-go!"


It's not like rats are incorporeal.


I make my own, delicious pizza for 4 dollars canadian with walmart ingredients.

Guys, learn to bake bread too, it's like 50 cents per loaf once you get it, and it's easy too, possibilities to make it to your liking are endless, put some spices and seeds in it...


File: 1482506950747-0.png (12.14 MB, 200x200, Art And Science of Dumpster Diving.pdf)

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And this is the "Survive" section from Steal This Wiki.



We need a thread about indoor farming.


I'm certainly no expert on the subject, but I know a lot of the fish around my area are not safe to eat because of industrial waste. It's something to look into.

If you think so, why not make one?


>If you think so, why not make one?
bcz em tor ;_;


I'm doing some outdoor farming activities starting at the end of February, so perhaps I'll make a thread on that. Know fuarrrk about indoors unless you count cannabis.



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albeit 40% of american food goes un-eaten, dumpster diving is also an excellent way to contract a preventable yet fatal disease. If you're in the united states, and currently do not have health insurance, avoid this.

yes, this is food, but its ethically questionable to take from people who need it ostensibly more than you.

not trying to derail the thread, or maybe I am. speaking as a former cook, you have no idea how insane the markup on food is. The same salmon dish that at a restaurant would cost nearly $30USD, probably cost $5 to prepare. and thats not taking into account the generous discount food service gives us for contract orders. Pasta is notoriously overpriced. I once had a dish that cost maybe three dollars to put together, that we managed to mark up to close to $50. Shrimp are not as expensive as you think. neither is steak.

I could calculate a week of pizza in my head 6 years ago. a slice of cheese pizza costs less than a dollar to make. markups on toppings are outright extortion, because most of the stuff we use to make toppings is on the expired/cut list. Nobody bought the sausage plate this week? its pizza now and the markup increases.

we're charging you for your laziness.

fish around the area is often unsafe to eat. the presence of flesh flukes or runoff disqualifies most fish from your plate, the CDC publishes a list of acceptable locations to farm and harvest shellfish, because there are toxic algae that can turn regular shellfish poisonous in less than a season.

farming! if you have land the easiest way to get started is a cheap herb garden.