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Hi Lains,
I am building a 3D printer, been working on it for a long time, I got stuck with a lack of parts for a while.
I am specifically building a Kossel Mini, I regret this, I should have built a Prusa based reprap for my first 3D printer.


DIY 3D printer thread.
Has anyone here had experience with repraps?



They are cancer. They will break. Again and again and again and again.

I used to work in the industry. All we had were complaints.

Basically you have to commit to redesigning and fixing the thing forever.

That said, Prusa is ok. Don't be a preassembled printer - it will just break and you will be sad.


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> it will just break and you will be sad

NotOP but just reading this makes me sad.

I always wanted to try to build a 3D printer myself, but I don't want to be sad.


>if you buy a fully assembled printer, it will break and leave you sad.

3D printing is fine but if you're running your own you will need to have a fair understanding of the machine.

As long as you're prepared to patch and mend and adjust, you'll get something out of it. If you just buy a ready machine, you'll be stuck the first time it runs down.

Futuristic machines, like outdated ones, need ongoing personal attention.


I was designing my own delta, but never finished it. my idea was to use 3 brushless motors to drive 3 stationary threaded rods to move the carrage, I should really finish it.