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Gonna leave these here


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Make your own teargas protection.


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Are inforgraphics allowed?


>info not allowed?
very cyber!

Be nice if you kept them on topic or relevent tho eh?

Think gas, smoke, reactions in this thread - anything in that area… not linux kernel map?!


what >>268 said. Resources that would be useful to anyone working on the /cyb/ sticky.


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OP here.. All lainchan related diy, info, & resourceful contributions welcome..


Is that a ASCII SPICE program? Not judging but there are pretty good free graphical programs for that.

Or did you draw that by hand?



Frickin wicked, does anyone have any more simple things like this? I'm in EE and have access to most of this stuff, I could go for more fun mini projects. In the meantime I'll look around and post if I find anything worthwhile.



Is there an option to download everything at once?


wget -xr http://ps-survival.com/
word of warning, it totals about 25gb


Hey guys, let's kick this thread up a notch! Anything that you think will help someone build something is good. After we have this thread full, we can then make a new thread that has all the resources except condensed a bit.

Instructables is a decent site. Note that the users upload their own set of instructions, so the quality of instructions may vary. However, I find it a decent place to at least get ideas.

You don't see me much because I post as anonymous 95% of the time, as I should.


> I post as anonymous 95% of the time, as I should.
good to see that mods aren't egocentric on this site
thank you for being you


Related, though somewhat dated and not quite as impressive as the other databases linked.


Lots of projects perfect for the kids!


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Question- I know that the 8chan /cyber/ board is doing a sticky, would it be considered heretical to link to them? Also, kudos on being a person rater than a moderator. It's refreshing.


I don't think it'd be a problem. Speaking of which, I think I'll link some resources from tumblr :

And also a few sites I like:
http://sci-toys.com (recently updated with dumb googleapis stuff, but I'm more surprised it got updated at all after being stagnant for so long)


This is an open source attempt to replicate some of the tools that the NSA use


check this out:

Its a cyberdeck! I want to make my own one of these..


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Oh soykaf schway...


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I'm a bit of a beginner to electrical engineering, and I've been going over the stuff here https://6002x.mitx.mit.edu/.
I'm about halfway through it and it's great and all, but is there anything that covers the same material in text?

I don't like the lecture format, it's hard to pay attention to.
Also just now I'm getting a completely blank page whenever I go there, so I'm a little bit fuarrrk ed here.
Preferably something that keeps the explanations brief and to the point.


I think they are moving it to edX but that isn't working right now.


Is there any efficient way to download all the files from preterhuman? I want to add it to my datahorde collection.


Dicked around with wget for a little bit after posting this. I have slapped together this command, which, after 20 mins of running is still pulling directory structure. I am not sure if I did it right, but I seem to be on the right track. If anyone could help, that would be much appreciated.

 wget -m -A * -pk -e robots=off -U 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:30.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/30.0' http://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/ 


Nevermind, that command only grabs directory stuff! if you want real content, type:

  wget -r -e robots=off -U 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:30.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/30.0' http://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/ 


Also, as a follow up, make sure you run screen before hand so that you can leave it and come back later. Also, make sure you have at least 300GB of disk space.


If anybody of you is interested in woodworking, check this guy's videos out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlP5qvpeqmg Technique and the tools he built himself are insane.


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Not only are they allowed, but they are encouraged, especially if your post also talks about it.

And if the infographic isn't malicious.


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What textbooks do you read in EE? I only have pic related.


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This was on 4chan when I was still visiting it, but this was pretty helpful.


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Another guy here, 2nd year EE student.
Out of the books I've used til now I really liked those two.
Computer Networking is pretty much theory about about TCP/IP model and several protocols with great explanations.
Microelectronic Circuits is a great books about (mostly) analog electronics.
Other books we're mostly mathematics, physics and chemistry, or were badly written.
I also have "Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design" by Brown and Vranesic, but I've only read a small part of it.


I hated that book. Dont know what it was but just couldnt get into it. It is free and you can take the free mit 6002x course with it though.


that's pretty outdated, it misses webp and possibly flif in the future.

here's a link for wifi antenna: http://www.engadget.com/2005/11/15/how-to-build-a-wifi-biquad-dish-antenna/



Found this site, the guy made a talk at the 32c3 about vector retrogaming.


It's a compendium of DIY projects.



Bunch of interesting but simple EW/ECM circuits in varying degrees of completion, with the occasional random rambling about jews, mexicans, and Obama.


DIY Google Glass: Complete Tutorial Part 1


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French guide concerning weapons the police use during riots and manifestations.

I got other guide concerning French police it someone's interested


Are there some kind of adapters that you plug into an outlet that just has another outlet on it that is oriented differently? My charger for my Pi has the prongs oriented horizontally but my powerstrip has it's outlets vertically with each one next to the other so that the the charger would end up covering multiple slots.


Is it possible to make a hierarchical directory of these links & resources for easier - quick reference? A sort of global lainchan bookmarks list / cyberspace warp portal ?



Gentoomen Library! Mostly covering compSci & Sec. has electronics section. 35GB


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Any PDFs on DIY wifi antena?
I want to make a really stron one


Not a pdf, but a good source:

I built that one some time ago, but never got around to getting a dish to go with it. Works as a directional antenna by itself and has some gain over plain antennas even without it.


This is probably the best place to ask this, do things like embroidered patches count as DIY? I'm just looking for a good site to buy them cheap, or information on how to hand-make one, because I can't justify purchasing an embroidery machine. I'd really like one of a game of life glider or something.


May I post the anarchist cookbook?


Soon (tm).

Hell yeah they do, chummer! Start a thread, if there's isn't already a similar thread. It'll be pretty schway.

Do you have the updated one? If so, then yes. If not, then still yes, but if I remember correctly, there's a slightly newer one than the original, and it's better. But I could also be dreaming and making it up in my head >.>


I like textfiles, but I never trust their 'how 2 maek bomb' ones, they're all very pseudo-Anarchists Cookbook (which isn't a good thing.)


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For the love of god, whats the source of the manga page


Mesu-Nized Festival