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It's not good place to ask at all, but considering i saw pcr thread here i might as well ask.
I kinda want to store cum(mine and my boyfriend's) in larger quantities. Additionally i'd like it to not lose it's texture.
I know freezing is the best idea, but in my opinion doing this "commando style" aka shoving the airtight container into a freezer is not a very smart move(and then to unfreezezing it with a waterbath)
Alcohol also produces interesting results, but semen is kinda unusable.
Anyone interested in that topic?


I'm no chemist but i imagine cum only loses it's texture because the sperm dies. Maybe look into methods of keeping sperm alive, might be an easier way to search for it.


well sperm loses it's texture(that jelly-like) because enzymes inside of it makes it(namely it breaks the protein that make sperm gelatinous) so after about 20minutes. It is called liquefying. We want to stop that process.
But i am kinda not-good-at-fuarrrking-all in realistic side of things.


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This is an important subject please do not judge good sir


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just try to imagine that we need that to learn how to make sperm cells not die(which is a thing), but we want to go one step beyond and also make semen not change a lot(which isn't a thing, unless you have equipment). Though i am kinda aware that it belongs more into /d/ realm, but hey, maybe lainanos are interested. Though it's more like waiting for someone with a degree in biology, who'll share their knowledge(for example how to deactivate/slow down KLK3(aside from storing sperm in 2C to 8C temperature, because there is fructose inside of the spunk also. and bacteria like that a lot)


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This is an interesting endeavor. Good luck finding out how to do it.


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Something wrong?
These thoughts are literally how biological science would progress in the past. Like those crazy experimentalists in the past that would do tests on themselves for various cures and vaccines to progress medicine for humanity.
I hope OP and lains find a solution.


name one thing that could be done today that
1) is a advancement in any feild of science
2) requires storing gallons of cum


He's talking about the generic pursuit of solutions to problems you try to solve, whatever they may be. I'm not sure why there is so much soykafpost in this thread, if you can't contribute just leave the guy be, ain't your business, this ain't 2~8chan, shouldn't give a soykaf about it. If he want's to make an art presentation using cum and feces that's his business. Either help or don't, you're not a child anymore(hopefully).


How did a thread on polymerase chain reaction lead you to a conclusion that asking this question is ok?

Help us out - I don't see any specific requirements to work with, what is wrong with freezing? What undesired result of freezing would you like to eliminate?
If you wish to preserve semen big time, then, obviously, you should look into professional methods of cryopreservation, which are actually used by people doing it for, not judging, more serious reasons than "kinda wanting to store their cum and their boyfriend's", and maybe try to replicate them in home environment.
I presume that it's not the actual sperm, its' motility etc. that you want to preserve, but the organoleptic qualities of semen. In that case, even though I have never come in contact with semen that has had been frozen, I would guess that freezing would do the trick, so, again, I do not understand the specific problem that you have.

If he were to use this semen for art, it actually would be our business - endless 'edgyfication' and bastardization of postmodernism is a problem that touches all of us.


Never though my question is ok, just fetish_places focus too much on
>hurr durr so hot
without giving out needed information.

it does not "do the trick", classic methods of freezing and then unfreezing make it liquefy. We even did soykaf like
>put empty container in the freezer for a night
>pull it out about 5 minutes before
>"store" cum
>put it back to the freezer
>every time you want to store some more quickly pull out the container from the freezer
At the other hand, it's probably cause we don't freeze it fast enough or water bath unfreezing is too slow.

And I kinda ask out of curiosity, because you can always just add flour to the mix and condense it by yourself


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>It's not good place to ask at all, but considering i saw pcr thread here i might as well ask.I kinda want to store cum(mine and my boyfriend's) in larger quantities


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>I kinda want to store cum(mine and my boyfriend's) in larger quantities.


Nice job contributing to this 3 month old thread that you just bumped.


come on, it's still funny
op here


Not really, if I'm looking for this kind of soykaf I go to a lower chan.


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Haven't read it in detail, but this might be a step in the direction you're looking for.


Mix with 10% glycerol. Use something faster than a home freezer, or at the very least put it in a vacuum seal bag that's not very full, so that it is in a thin layer and freezes quickly.


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>>>/drg/ you sick bastard.