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I recently found that the lock on a fire escape near my house in London has rusted off, and so it is now very easy to get to the roof of this 6 storey building by climbing some steps and a couple of ladders. The roof is mostly flat with a chimneystack in the corner, and has a hot air vent which makes it comfy and warm even in the winter.

I want to somehow set up the place so that, in dry weather, I can take the trip up to the roof and study physics (my chosen subject) up there, in a comfy environment with a nice view and away from the distractions of home.

So I'm trying to think of what things I'll need to make it comfy up there. So far I have:
>portable whiteboard to tape to chimneystack to do work on
>whiteboard pens
>rug or mat to sit on, the same kinda thing hobos have
>some sort of weatherproof object to hold files and papers in
>maybe a portable heater or light source

So my question is twofold.
1) Can you think of anything else that would be good to have there? It either needs to be portable enough for me to bring it there every time, or weatherproof+cheap enough for me to not care if it gets stolen.

2) What kind of weatherproof mats and light sources are available, and where can I get them from for a reasonable price?


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cockney junkies probably going to fuck your shit up if you leave it up there too long. Other than that I also really like the idea of a roof top den. Mostly because of that scene in weekend at Bernies.

I'd go for those big blue tarps but spray paint them a more incognito colour to keep a low profile. and go for a head torch instead of fixed lights or you'll find a shiny new lock on that door in no time.



Its pretty out of the way, but mostly I figure that everything up there is either going to be worthless for everyone except me (my notes, worksheets, etc) or something so cheap I don't mind losing it (tarp, mat to shit on, etc).

Painted tarp is a great shout, since thats hardy as fuck and fairly cheap too.

Not sure about the headlight though - wont a moving-around light be a lot more suspicious than one stationary one?



>mat to shit on

haha im retarded
its to *sit* on



you could have a jar of glow in phosporesent material for illumination

1) just leave it out in the sun during the day at night it glows for hours
2) its schway as f u c k


>its to *sit* on
on a good day...


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this is what you need to do for light. any flashlight+any water jug. for heating you can get a small portable camp stove.

also you can put your own lock on the fire escape door to make sure no one fucks with your shit. I doubt anyone will even notice it since it's supposed to be locked anyways.


>also you can put your own lock on the fire escape door to make sure no one fuarrrks with your soykaf. I doubt anyone will even notice it since it's supposed to be locked anyways.

This is actually a really good idea, it's what I'd do in your situation. You'd have better security and in the end it doesn't affect you being discovered etc at all.


Dumpster dive for an old couch? It could be more comfortable than a mat, and you can always just put some sheet over it for weather/hiding purposes. I would also recommend a mini fridge on hot days, you can make one pretty easy ^^ Be sure to post pics if progress.


Replace the lock, tap into some electric - put up nice walk in tent - then rent out the roof...