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have any of you built your own kotatsu? if so, please share images/blueprints

i've been wanting to make one for a while, but i've never really constructed anything in my life


i always wanted one, you can buy those designated radiators separately, right?


yeah, there are tons of kotatsu heaters on amazon iirc


File: 1480094762139.png (1.25 MB, 200x150, treesome.jpg)

just guessing here, but an ikea table and an engine block heater might just do the trick. as for the blanket, buy one size larger than the table and a good quality staple gun.


full disclosure: Im a welder/machinist.


File: 1480291379833.png (740.5 KB, 200x152, terrestrial-leg-warming-unit.jpg)

Use fire-resistant materials and a blanket that can be easily washed.

Build a light frame that can be easily disassembled and put away or re-purposed into a coffee table when its not winter.

Install kotatsu heater not space heater.


This sounds like a huge fire hazard.


the best things in life are brother


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179 fires caused by kotatsu between 2005 and 2009, and the main causes of fires are bending the cable until it breaks/shorts out or stuffing the kotatsu with clothes. So like, just don't do that.


File: 1481986716027.png (3.26 MB, 200x134, punpun.png)

Here is one my friend made :3
Source: https://punpun.xyz/


>horizontal case on the floor
Come on, get a shorter monitor stand and put the monitor on top of that case.


Admit it, it's yours.



This looks really confy but I wonder in how much time someone who sat on chair for is whole life could enjoy sitting in seiza more than 2min


Why the hell would you sit seiza at a kotatsu? The entire purpose of a kotatsu to keep your legs warm. How do you suppose it can do that if your legs are under your ass?


File: 1488513789729.png (480.68 KB, 178x200, 57623016.jpg)

Sure have. I built it the hard way.
There's holes in the blanket with metal grommets and pins in the legs that locate in the table top.

If I made another I'd just put magnets on the legs and table top.

Cost under $100 to make. But you'll need a lathe and router to make it the hard way.

It has chairs now too, just cut the legs off them.

It's going to sit on a heated rug with a thick rug ontop of it because wood floors.
>I hate sitting on the floor
>Hardly use it
I guess I just like making things more than using them


Or ya can just place the tabletop on top of the blanket. How it's supposed to be.


I didn't want someone stepping on the blanket and pulling the table top and everything on it over.


That's a real nice website you got there, beautifully designed