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Post the most impressive home laboratories that you have ever seen.

Also if you have your own home lab, post it as well.

None of the pic related are mine though, and I have seen even more stuff.

What is the difference between this and a battle station thread?
Well, these here are basically micro datacenters, that is the difference.


*home computer laboratories


I'd love to start a home lab but I'm a skint student living with my parents. Once I graduate and get a solid job and a house I can join the money sink.


So would I. One of my life wishes is to one day own or operate a supercomputer. Well, owning a supercomputer is a bit too much, However, a datacenter is possible.


File: 1482368020219.png (206.98 KB, 200x200, telemetri.jpg)

Maybe not a home lab, but I found this to be the right place to post the telemetry station I use


Can you say more about this setup? I have really no idea about what it does.


Now you did it, now you woke her up!
She's already baging on my heart, demanding science and studies. My mind answers only to her. Where will I go now?!

good bye, nirai kanai


Impressive. What is your electricity bill like?
Does anyone have experience with running an own autonomous system (AS) on the Internet?


>What is your electricity bill like?
Okay, forget it. I didn't read the entire OP.


Be a true cyberpunk and use junk. Collect old or broken laptops from family and friends or go dumpster diving. A university is a good place to get junk tech.


File: 1483097025770.png (49.97 KB, 200x103, Atari8000.jpg)

Atari 8000.
Get on my level.


You would still have to convince your parents to give you a room to do this. PLus electricity bill.

Well maybe it would be a good idea to get to a local junkyard sale as well.


File: 1483102468364.png (10.63 KB, 200x173, 1308eed60c33365f47919f298d511f98.jpg)

I wish I could live there.


File: 1483108615019.png (1.07 MB, 200x113, Pi_Lego_detail.jpg)

See this is where I love stuff like the RPi's and other similar little boards. You can assemble a lot of processing power, stuff it in a lunch box, power it off a car battery ffs and jury-rig the whole thing together using crap bought from radioshack^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HeBay (let's be honest), hell, people are building beowulf clusters out of them.

I suppose the key thing comes down to what you want the lab for as well, what are you learning?; basic linux server/client environment simulation? Pentesting? Networking? Or just hoarding tech? (still valid). For a lot of professional study a lot of value can be had with an 8 core AMD processor and 16-32'ish gig of ram and virtualise everything with either GNS3 for networking stuff or $hypervisorofchoice for regular PC environment stuff. Advantage being you don't need a separate room, don't need to kill your parents electricity bill, etc. etc.

Junk acquired servers are neato but the scream of rackmount server fans are a great way to make parents and housemates hate you.


how powerful is this?


its actaully pretty schway, might make one of these


It's a cold-war era telemetry system, it's used to get sensor data such as acceleration, preassure etc. from rockets and satellites. It's pretty neat in action


Is the guy in the picture on the left using a microVAX as a nightstand?


File: 1483929307612.png (276.01 KB, 200x134, HIU8HH4.png)

yes and yes and yes. this is the kind of layout home users need. virtualize weird architectures or one-off boxes, pi the rest. the age of basements of iron is over.

and as for "my home datacenter" christ where to begin:
>vcenter server
>elderly sun desktops
unless you pay licenses for all this garbage its a security and patching nightmare. its also made completely obsolete by the MAAS.

>switches at .005% utilisation

>powering up 200 empty ports
>old sun hardware == about as powerful as a pi these days.

this rack looks like a future episode of Hoarders.


vaguely related but I'm planning on visualising my home server. Mostly just for the sake of doing it as almost non of the benefits really apply to my setup.
Any of you gone down this road? any pit falls I should avoid?
current serv is CentOS7 if you were curious.