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Hello, lain anons.

Recently, I grabbed a tape drive from a data center that needed clearing out.
I decided I needed a server and wanted to set it up quickly.
I grabbed some crates and rigged the motherboard to it using zip ties and some rubber bands.

Please share any scrap builds you have made or seen on the internet!


Posts your specs dude


The motherboard I stuffed in those crates was from a soykafty HP prebuilt.
I think it's an AMD A6, 8GB RAM, some random GPU and a SCSI PCI controller for the tape drive.


Also the drive is a HP Ultrium StorageWorks 1860 which uses LTO-4 capable of storing 1.6TB compressed or 800GB uncompressed.


Why use tape instead of large spinny disk HDDs in raid?


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This is my "old laptop" server setup.
I took the board out of the housing for slightly better thermals. It's mounted on an old side panel with some standoffs. Soon I'm going to set up a raspberry pi next to it to host a web server.
It's a 2nd gen mobile i3 with 8 GiB of RAM.


Cost. The drive is always the most expensive item, but after that your storage is extremely cheap and extremely durable.

OP did well.


Because I was a lucky cunt and got it for free
HDDs are too expensive


Looks good anon
I see yours is also rack mounted Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!


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I made a wooden padlock from scrap materials (you might've already seen it in the woodworking thread)
These pics are a bit old, in them the only thing that's left is to sand and apply some oil, but I've already done that ( just didn't bother taking new pics)

I made it from a plank of hardwood I found in a dumpster, a flat popsicle stick, some wooden pins (the ones that are used for food) and a round peg of wood as the key - so it's really, really cheap material-wise (I think the only thing I bought was the glue)

you could use pretty much any wood (apart from pine and other needle wood that splits easily), though multiplex is probably the best option if you're going for functionality over looks. If anybody is interested I'll post the pattern, though I've changed some stuff while making the lock (so I'd need to update the pattern).

In the pics there's first the lock, then the lock with the back taken off and the key in and finally just the lock, open backed