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There are a couple threads, but they're not general.

Share your tears of a broken 3D printer here...
Here's mine, the heat break barrel is fuarrrked up because of the Teflon tubing failing and letting PLA leak out.
New part coming in tomorrow.
What 3D printers do you guys have, and how many tears have you shed?


> how many tears have you shed?
Heh, none - they are too expensive, both machines themselves and materials. For $300, I can buy cheapo milling machine and monstrous belt grinder and use plywood and wood that I have tons of. Not saying printers are useless, just not very feasable economically in my circumstances.


I'd like a 3d printer, infact I was building a delta except it got too complex so i stopped. I personally dont think they are all that usful, i'd much rather a machine that can do metal sintering tbh.


I find a 3D printer handy and a nice hobby, it also can be very profitable for 3D printing for other people. I have a lot of cosplayer's wanting me to make them props because they either don't have the time or want to make it stronger than foam core and styrofoam.


So my new heat break came in, the fuarrrker sent me one WITHOUT the PTFE tubing which I asked him to do so...

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