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Does anyone have experience with spark erosion / electric discharge erosion manufacturing?
I want to build a CNC 2D wet spark eroder for PCB manufacturing. Right now I'm stuck finding a good spark making setup.

What is a good voltage?
What is a good electrolyte?
What is a good method of regulating the spark (something with MOSFETs or so)?


I remember a DIY stick welding rig on instructables. I have it downloaded as pdf, but it's not on this machine. Basically you wire up two golf cart batteries in series to get 24v. clamp a jumper cable to whatever you're erroding. As for the electrolyte, depends on how much you are trying to remove. simply attach a wire to the other jumper cable, and it should work like a dremmel. You don't need the mosfet necessarily, or really any oscellation, but it makes it easier to control.

If you want an automated CNC machine, you could use a 3d printer maybe. Feed the wire through like plastic, attach the lead from the battery to the spool. The feed route would need to be insulated against heat and electricity, but it should work.