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File: 1483747483117.png (71.5 KB, 300x214, pocket_galaxy_smartphone_running_debian_jessie_arm_RemoteDesktop_FileManager_terminal_gngbEmulator.png)


Anybody here ever experimented with running Debian Arm on old smartphones with the help of apps like "lil' debi" ?


I once ran Debian on Samsung Galaxy Mini. It was working, though I was too n00b back then to do anything besides apt-getting random soykaf.


Yeah with a minimal build.
It was so good but then I reconverted it to a normal phone because pentesting apps were easier to get although not so effective, except for zAnti.
It is a huawey y-600


Took me a long time to come back here (= OP).

Lady 3jane, the screenshot also runs some random soykaf.

Void, this runs without removing android, it kind of side-loads and runs at the same time.

At least one interesting aspect about this, is the fact that the phone just appears to be running android... or could be made into a fun little server.


here is Void.
Yes I know it didn't delete android, the problem was memory occupied by something I didn't use