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This is similar to one of the concerns over net neutrality. People are worried that, if they could, internet companies would make a budget version of the internet for a really good price and then once it has wide adoption, they slowly raise the price back up to what the full package was, while the price of the full package increases to the point that most people can't reasonable afford it. Meanwhile the websites in the basic package pay the cable company for the privileged of being included. It's really good for the cable company and absolutely terrible for everyone else since we are paying a similar price for a worse product and it stifles innovation by increasing the cost to even compete.

In the event/when this goes into effect , if I have a laptop (disposable) could i piggy back / get into public wifi hotspots anonymously or with out paying , using kali or spoofing a mac add?

Im older now and havent kept up with things. I just want to be safe if and or when we dont have a free internet.


Are you in the "Western World?" If so I wouldn't expect this scenario. Other places its possible.

As for your question, how could anyone know? Its a hypothetical scenario. It things are as they are now, except tiered internet, then yes, I would expect it to be fairly straight forward to grab someones WiFi who pays for the real deal, though true anonymity is more difficult than spoofing a mac address (though maybe in this scenario you really don't care that much about real deal anonymity, you're stealing cable, not leaking state secrets).

If its some elaborate dystopia, then who knows?



i am in the western world but its getting closer and closer


im talking worst case how do i contact people when everything is shutdown, lainchan to me is the last free forum just cause nobody knows about it.


Tor hidden services


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>how do i contact people when everything is shutdown
meshnets, ham radio, or in person


Would BBS still work?

>The body was too short or empty.

Thank you for telling me, Appleman. How about now?


BBSes would work well but how would we connect? 56k modems? We consume information in such quantity now that a totalitarian power would be happy if the underground went to modems.

I remember downloading Slackware isos over 56k, it literally took a fuarrrking week.


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