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More updates on that one van dwelling lain...

Looking for possible names, and tips and ideas on what to do next... Generally vehicle life and alternative living thread anyone?

I am a physicist, does anyone know what a physicist in a van should even do?


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More pictures so you lains might remember me from last time.


I thought about getting a Nissan NV2500 and doing this.

How long have you been van dwelling?


Just fyi, there's already a great thread over here >>>/cult/450


do you know anything about meteorology?


You could try ham radio, or meteorology.


Dwelling for about a week. the van is still not quite finished. I still have electric systems and water to set up.


Thank you. Ill make note of it.


A good bit. Why? what kind of meteorology would I do in a van?


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I'm about to diy a backpack and go hitchhikking for some time. Sketching the thing up right now, gotta buy the fabric and make a pack because the ones they sell are too expensive. I'm all ears for suggestions on the design, I don't even know how the commercial ones look inside. Hitchhikking stories would be fun to read too, as it's my first time.
I like the planning stage, but sometimes it takes me too long. I might end up throwing everything in a big sack like I'm carrying xmas presents and head for the road.

Hi back! I didn't know you were a physicist, that's cool. I would study/learn more, just fill it with books. That's what I'd do.
Got any plans for where to travel, or a to-do list?

The topic is a mixture of /diy/ an /cult/, we could take the technicalities and know how to /diy/ and the social/personal parts to /cult/.


>0-400 mph 4.2 sec
>0-60 mph 7.5 sec

how can you reach 400 mph faster than you can reach 60?


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Looks nice OP, except for the duct tape.
>and tips and ideas on what to do next...
Keep that thing away from schools and playgrounds


How much did this van cost you my fam


truck driver here
travel centers like loves or pilot or flying jjs gas stations has showers microwave and laundry rooms.

rest areas are good places to sleep and they have bathrooms open 24/7 and BBQ grills and tables outside.


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Here's some ideas from The Zeek on custom travelling gear.
The whole book is here: