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I just wrote my own table top game!

It revolves around 20 sided dice, ship miniatures and large open playing areas. The manual and playing cards are attached, all you need to bring in order to play are 5 different types of icons to represent the following per team:

1 Carrier
8 Cruisers
8 Destroyers
8 Frigates
8 Wings of fighters
8 Health Icons for Wings
8 Anti-Air Ammo Icons for Wings
8 Anti-Ship Ammo Icons for Wings

These could be coins, pieces of paper, or in my case 3D printed warship models about 8cm long. I will post images of them shortly.

I wrote the rules and created the cards in about two days with the goal of achieving a simple, easy to learn game with strategic depth and reliance on manoeuvre over chance. I hope one of you Lainons can play test for me and tell me how it went. I'm yet to play this but, if all the printing goes well, I'll have completed a game in the next 2 days which I'll report on here.

This is the only place I have uploaded the PDFs. I put a lot of work into this and I'm happy to give it out for free, so in the unlikely event you see this posted outside of Lainchan, leave a reply with a link or screenshot.


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I'm impressed, OP. Indeed, a lot of effort went into it, seems like you've put a lot of thought into mechanics too. Have you ever thought about making online version and playing via IRC, for example? I saw a lot of game bots being made and modifying them should not be hard.

Also, what did you use for formatting manual? Is it TeX-based?


I don't really have too much interest in playing via IRC, I more just wanted to play with some friends in real life and I have no experience with IRC bots.

I just used MS Word to create the manual, yeah yeah, free as in freedom, I know...


I will play it and post feedbacks. Thanks for your work lain.


I see. Maybe someone interested will chime in and make it?

As for Word - does it matter if it looks good?


I'm not too rabid about libre software but generally yes. However society basically forces us to use Word formatted documents anyways so we don't really have a choice.


It was literally just on my PC so I used it. It's an obsolete version anyway, but most importantly I'm very familiar with it because I had to work on all my school and uni projects with it. As such it'd just be a waste of time and energy switching over to Libreoffice (which I do use on my Mint laptop) just for this project. All it would accomplish is slowing me down.

Anyway, I just finished a game. It was good but there are a few changes I will make to the second edition:

Firstly, aircraft should NOT trigger an attack of opportunity when they enter a ship's AA range.

Secondly, 1500 starting currency is only enough for a handful of ships and wings. It should be more like 2500.

Thirdly, ships should have their speed adjusted to 15CM, down from 30CM.

Fourth, cruisers are OP and need to be nerfed but buffed in a different way to counter it. Anti-ship range should be reduce to 60CM from 90CM. Anti-missile dice should be changed to 4D20 down from 5D20. Anti-aircraft should be upped to 2D20 from 1D20.

I'll try a second game played like this and see how it goes. Will keep you posted.


I'm really interested to hear how it goes, make sure to post here about your experience.