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Hi, Lainons.

I'm currently working on a project and I need your opinion.
I want to create a parallel computer with old PC and broken PC parts.
I know a lot about electronics, but I don't know enough about informatics.

I guess like these are all computer with different OS, I need to have them all on the same OS.
But I'm not sure what to do.
So I thought it was better that I create a new OS that can withstand all their differences, like a multi OS.
Is there an OS in the Linux branches that can rotate together different OS?

Or is it better that I create a new one?
Moreover, does anyone know about or where i can find electronic documentation on parallel computing?
Thanks you.


I only know that Debian works on a lot of computers, wish you luck


look up beowulf cluster if you haven't already


Beowulf is symmetric-only, no?

OP, if I were you I would decide on what exactly you want to do with this cluster. Clusters are useless for personal computing, and most algorithms will not see significant speedup either.