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Does anyone have any tips or tricks for making awesome analog glitch art? Got any schematics to share? What are some good types of devices to data bend?


no but i would like to know more



I haven't tried this out yet, but essentially it takes in two composite video signals and out puts a mixture of them. and has a potentiometer to change the mixture.

Looks like a simple starting point, i just have to buy the parts.

I keep getting 404ed for the original builders site (Karl Klomp)



Theres this too, just to show you that is possible to manhandle around in a vcr and make soykaf.

Going to try this once i get a second vcr


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I once thought about passing a composite video signal through a guitar delay... mad ghost effects? who knows i never did it... probably not enough bandwidth on the delay pedal to keep any video signal?

CRT monitors with magnets and fuarrrking with the gun controls inside - but be warned old CRT monitors will kill you if you touch the wrong bit inside! - also its not doing anything to the signal just the display so...


> but be warned old CRT monitors will kill you if you touch the wrong bit inside!

yeah can stress that enough. Just because its unplugged doesn't mean theres no power in there! They can hold a latent charge in the tube for a while, one source said several days.

Not sure if its true but another source said that they can build up charge over time even if never plugged in. This sounds fake but i haven't challenged it yet.

If you want to work on a crt there are safe ways to discharge the tube. all you need is a alligator clip and a plastic handled screw driver. look up the rest online.



Capacitors are the components that you want to avoid. Like you said, there is a method to discharge them so that you can work safely. It's the same with guitar amps or any other electronics with caps in them. I don't believe that capacitors build up their own charge over time while unplugged...that sounds pretty mythical to me. Contrary to the laws of physics? Theoretically they should lose their charge gradually over time, but the only way to be sure is to discharge them yourself.


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i dont glitch my own hw but make stuff sometimes

here you go OP, from muffwiggler

karl klomp's site is still down, i messaged him about it but no response yet, archive exists and you can find his vids on vimeo

>What are some good types of devices to data bend?

analog video mixers, the gold standard is the edirol v4 but it's expensive, other alternatives are videonics or some panasonics. you can also look at old "video effects mixers" there's one i've seen that let you paint with a stylus lol. and ofc classic consoles are a well documented option

>any tips or tricks

either get a time base corrector or a good crt and set up a camcorder directly facing it, otherwise you won't be able to capture most stuff accurately