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So, I've been trying to find some new project to do in my spare time. And I got really excited with the idea of a little humanoid kind of robot, that could also help me as an assistant for everyday jobs. I want it to be connected to my computer and my room.

Why humanoid? It's more of an esthetic choice. No real purpose there. Besides, I find bipedism way more exciting than good ol' wheels.

The problem is, I'm not that well trained in electronics. I've been thinking to use an arduino for the mechanical controls for the robot, and a Raspberry Pi for the assisting functions. As for my room, I also thought of a Raspberry. Mainly because I'm familiar with it, there are libraries for functions like image recognition and I like python very much.

But it would be a nuisance if I try to do a robot without knowing some basic electronic stuff, I suppose. What do you suggest? Do I start with more simple robotics? Or maybe I will learn in the way? What books or information can I read?



Might not be what you're looking for, but the guy in this video talks about robots being humanoid in mannerism rather than appearance. It's from the perspective of someone that started without formal robotics training, if that helps:
What are you shooting for? Anything bipedal would be complex for a roboticist let alone someone only interested, so I'd start with basic control systems that possibly involve servos/steppers and work from there. If you're getting into electronics in general you'd probably also need some breadboards/protoboards and soldering equipment.


You'll need a solid, instinctive understanding of mathematics, programming and electronics for this. It's never bad to start out with something but I have to be honest with you. If you have to ask how to do it, when it comes to A.I. etc. You're not ready now nor next year. This is going to take a decade of blood sweat and tears at least. Anyone claiming otherwise is either a ego tripping genius, alien or mentally retarded. If you do however really want this, may I suggest the subreddit for building robots and A.I.; they have this wonderful course/mooc that really helps out with the basics.



I'd like to respond to this comment by giving OP a few starting points, you know how the guy who made the replicants in blade runner, he had all those fuarrrked up 'friends' at home.

That's what you need to make man you need to start as small as possible, simple bipedal robots, and then as time goes on get a little bit more complicated. I'd absolutely suggest you get started with an arduino or maybe a rasbery pi.