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I'll make bracelets out of pixel art images lainons post ITT,
I'm learning the technique on this OP's pics.
Resolution is aproximately 16x40 or less (template pic related) but exceptions can be made if you think larger is worth it.
Difficulty grows kinda exponentially with the quantity of colors, so keep that in mind.
I'll also be selling some of them, so interesting designs are welcome.

Apologetic line: this thread is also for related talk about macrame and such.


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If painting the individual squares in that template is too annoying you can open up a 800x320 blank canvas in some image editor and paint it with a 20-pixel sized square pencil.


File: 1490570431614.png (919 B, 175x76, ok.png)

did you make those in the OP? they are nice. could you make some with this?


>did you make those in the OP?
I didn't, found the pics online. But I think it's the same technique I'm learning.

>could you make some with this?

I can give it a try tomorrow, what's it from? It gave me the idea of making a Cave Story one.


File: 1490646475370.png (78.44 KB, 200x113, 7PEFO6w.png)

Never thought about these things in pixel art manner. Maybe op can try making pic related (Space Invaders) - pattern is simple and easily recognisable.
By the way, are these bracelets sturdy?


File: 1490653542714.png (23.14 KB, 200x119, macrame.jpeg)

Mandatory Space Invaders is indeed mandatory.
>are these bracelets sturdy?
I make them with waxed thread, which ties tightly to itself, is water resistant and looks like this pic. Now that I zoom in, the OP's pics are made using colored beads as pixels, I don't know how sturdy those are.


It's from a small game we made in pico-8 as part of our brand\company.


File: 1490786275080.png (3.72 MB, 200x113, DSC_0250.jpg)

Here it is. I started with the Space Invaders one because it was a lot easier than the other one. Still made a couple mistakes and my technique is rough (I think you can see how it gets better as it progresses from left to right) but it was fun and good practice. Thanks!

I'll make more if good designs float into this thread.


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Turned out nice. What about pcb-styled pattern? Like pic related, although I'm not an artist.

Other ideas: aztec ornament patterns, greek ornamental patterns and maybe kittens.