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Hello lains. I really liked the idea of the Weekly Project and started to think about the possibilities.

The people on the IRC agree that we probably have lots of capable people here (specially with technology) and that it would be nice to have a small poll (or something like that) so we can gather some information about peoples capabilities and desires in order to be able to better organize common projects. So, some questions:

1) Do you think this is interesting?
2) Do you know a practical way of gathering this information?

It could maybe result in some nice art projects, information websites, a lain-community github account, a lain wiki, etc…!


Two very vague questions there. Please elaborate on them.


OP here. The very idea of doing projects is very vague, that's why I'm asking if people are 1) interested enough to invest some time on it 2) know the means to better organize around common capabilities.


I am interested in investing time in /diy/, and in projects like this. I do not have any programming capabilities though.

As for better organizing, besides a thread, a global announcement on the site, and speaking in IRC, I cannot think of anything.

Are you participating in the /diy/ weekly project? I am. I also talk to the mod running it a fair amount, so if you want to float any ideas for next week's project, it'd be great! Or, you could use nanochan's .tell feature to send messages to the /diy/ mod, whidgle, on Lainchan's IRC, so he can get them if he's not on.


Hell yea, I am most likely to contribute
Whatever it is, if I get the time to make it, I will be doing it


I'm not participating this week because it's too artsy for me…

And also, sometimes a project taking more than one week can be desirable.

I just don't know what people like to do and what they can do. Everybody here has a common appreciation for tech and cyberpunk, that's clear.

Do someone knows something better that… strawpoll?

Or for the poll, which categories of stuff should we have? Programming, hardware, writing, political knowledge, drawing, etc..?


Let me just take a minute to reply to a few things you said to the other anon.

>too artsy
Ok. You can do whatever, though. We are looking more for community participation than good looking things.

>Sometimes a project taking more than one week can be desirable

Even though it is called the "weekly themed project thread," the time is changeable. It is more like "Lainchan group themed projects" type of stuff. It is wanting to be what you are saying, actually.

I agree on the tech; on the cyberpunk, too, mostly.

>Programming, hardware, writing, political knowledge, drawing, etc.

Sounds good to me, so far.


1) very interesting
2) making a strawpoll asking lainons whether they are designfags, codefags, drawfags, etc (when it comes to coding have different options for languages so we have an idea of what language is more commonly used by lainons)

im very interested in working on some projects with lainons, im a design\drawfag that can help with coming up wit project ideas and then creating some propaganda


>Creating some propaganda

Awww yissss!

What kind of propaganda do you prefer, lainon? I primarily do written propaganda, though I am decent at infographic propaganda.


Hi lains! I created a suggestion box here:


The password is lainchan. You can do two things:

1) Rate and comment for things that concern you;
2) Create new suggestions for things I didn't have in mind.

I think everything is public for you… I have the admin rights, I something goes bad, say it here!


Also, put some details in the comments! Maybe you have weird skills in common!


I'm only just now starting to look into these project threads.

Restoring my currently rusty drawing skills back to something presentable might take a couple of days but I'd be happy to try and contribute to lainchan somehow.


Is this only general idea suggestions or could we suggest some kind of specific project?


Put the suggestion in the comments! I think they are readable…


More details:

1) Add project ideas in the comments when you vote!
2) You can only vote once per account ;( so write everything you want in one comment! (Sorry, don't know how to deal with it)


we have to register for that =\

suggest a specific topic here so lainons can talk about it without having to register to the suggestionbox bs.


The registration does nothing, it does not even send you a mail. Put Bill Gates mail there and call it a day, it a little more organized that way. When we have a good idea of the overall situation threads will be indeed the best method.


Or, if somebody find some other place that is better than this one, or want to make one that is perfectly adapted for the proposition of ideas and skills…


+1 for cyb propaganda


"Application Offline for Maintenance"
"This application is undergoing maintenance right now. Please check back later."

It has been like this for a few days. ;_;


I'm definitely interested in anything programming-related and would lend my help where I can (and time allows!).

I have a strong background in C and Lisp, with a lot of experience in C++, Ruby and PHP too.

But languages aren't really a barrier for me, if the group consensus was to use Haskell, I'd enjoy the learning experience.



I think this idea partially died because the suggestion box >>408 went like this >>438

I am good at writing, am OK at drawing, and can just do a bit of whatever (besides programming ;_;).

Let's do something fun! The OP is good, and so are the ideas presented above, but ***********LET'S ASSUME FOR THE SAKE OF EASE THAT THOSE WHO COMMENTED EARLIER IN THIS THREAD ARE NOW GONE UNLESS THEY SAY OTHERWISE**********

Anyone up to do some cool projects with me? I am already thinking of submitting some stories to our zine.


I'd be down to collaborate on a project if there are any nice ideas.
I can offer programming skills.


Do you have any ideas? I only wish I could remember the ideas that were in the suggestion box...

The posts from several months ago mention making /cyb/ propaganda, so there is one idea that still remains. The others got lost to that evil suggestion box. ;_;


I don't realy have any project ideas.

It might be a smart idea to open another/move this thread to another board, though, so more lainons actualy notice it.


It would make more sense to just start a project and advertise here.


If they use /all at all, they will notice it.

Yes, but I need ideas for a project, terrorist scum! Because 9/11


Hey, I'm interested in community stuff, and I have some ideas I guess.
I can do a bit of graphics, programming, music, and writing.


Sounds like a neat idea, I can maybe do music and writing.

Is anybody actually willing to throw out some ideas?

**Cuz I got nuthin. ;-;**


I think a python-based CLI textboard would be pretty nice.


I'm down. Seems like fun working some other lainanons together.


>>914 Here,
had to go for a bit but I just wanted to add that maybe there is a better format for organizing this stuff than on lainchan? I like the idea of everything being contributed somewhat anonymously though. People working on these sorts of things for reputation could lead to problems I think. An anonymous irc equivalent might be kind of nice for discussing ideas, and then threads could be made for the projects themselves. What do other lainons think?


It's a nice idea and all, but working without having identities is fuarrrking hard.
What about doing an equivalent of /g/'s https://teknik.io/ ?


fair point, I can understand that. I don't often work in groups so I can't say I know much about it. Teknik looks pretty good. I think it's similar to what I had in mind.


I had a pretty /cyb/ idea for a project that we could possibly work on together. Making some fiction, art, or multimedia stuff. I was basically thinking about some of Google's projects and what their possible long term goals could be. I ended up connecting the dots in a kind of plausible way.

The idea is centered on Fiber being a plan to create infrastructure to leverage software as a service. Google will buy out industry standard software companies and incorporate photoshop, autodesk, maya, etc. into the Google drive suite. With the 1GB/s throughput, all the software can execute nearly entirely server-side, making for uncrackable DRM. Because of this, having a good computer is now obsolete. All you need is a cheap chromebook to connect to software services. At this point Microsoft and Apple have pretty much had their market niche desecrated, and are acquired as subsidiaries. Intel and AMD quickly follow suit, since the only people who need good processors are developers and engineers. At this bleak point it looks like Google has an absolute monopoly in the tech market, and will probably just keep growing. Facebook and other social media are likely targets. Letting imagination run wild, I can imagine a Google Party running for office in the US. We've basically set the stage for a cyber-punk dystopia within the next 25 years.

There are tons of great narrative possibilities with this. Imagine criminal warez groups that break into company headquarters to try to steal executables and personal data. Linux users and free software may become culturally associated with terrorism because of their opposition to proprietary software. A sub culture of freedom fighters emerge who scavenge and trade black-market components for their machines and coordinate secretly via p2p, creating and sharing illegal software and data.

Definitely could make for some good graphic novels and short stories. I'd like to see concept art and mock propaganda posters or things like that too. Flesh out the idea.


Hello. I am >>907 and would love to work together with you on this idea.

I have no programming skills to speak of, so I wouldn't be much help on doing anything like this >>916 or >>919 (though they do look cool).

Imagine, with the fiction, art, and multimedia stuff, we could put some of it in the lainzine, and we could spread all of it around the internet (with lainchan.org in small print at the bottom).

I very much want to work with you. Do you prefer using Freenode or Rizon for IRC? I do not have Tox or Retroshare.


Yeah, I thought it would be cool to make some content for the zine. I can use either for IRC. My nick is skolskoly


I reccomend you stick to freenode as people on the lainchan irc will already be using it


i'm a little tired right now but your post makes me uncomfortable because it sounds like what's probably about to happen IRL


I propose that we split this thread in two. One thread can be more /art/ and /lit/ centred and the other can be more /cyb/ and /tech/ centred



If you want to hear more about the /art/ and /lit/ part, come to #1998AD on Freenode.

I shall eagerly watch the lainons put together an idea for the /cyb/ and /tech/ centered project..


Though this may be more suitable for a kickstarter, or something made by one person, I have a good idea for a physical device.

The iPod, or the iPod Classic as it was when it died, was basically a hard drive with a screen. Now that the product line is no more, I was thinking of making some rudimentary equivalent.

That led me to the problem: should I use a HDD and save on money/increase space, or use a SSD for speed? That led me to the conclusion, why not just make the enclosure, allow it to adapt to any 2.5" SATA device? That way the user can quickly swap or replace drives, or use their own old one.

So all we'd need for components would be the case to put around it, a screen, some buttons for an interface, a battery, and a board that has ram, an OS, a plug for power and audio out.

Battery would probably be the hardest thing, now that I think about it. Plus, trying to fit all that into one small enclosure might make it too big to fit in a pocket, or carry around easily.

Maybe have it connect to the drive externally, and mount it to the device itself?

Anyways, this would be a great thing to have, I'm fine with my Sansa Clip+, but I won't be able to get more than 32GB, and even if I could get more than that I'd be spending almost the same amount as a 500GB HDD

Just an idea, may not be able to execute via internet, but still possible


A device that could take multiple MicroSD cards or mSATA SSDs would be a lot more userful, smaller, and more power efficient. SSDs and SD cards are getting cheaper and cheaper so the price won't be a problem. This also gives more room for a battery. Even at that point though, if you need more than 128GB of space on a mobile device there's already something wrong there since I doubt you use all that content regularly enough to justify the extra cost of having to make something like this.


Why not contact teknik to see if they want to help out?


Let's restart this, friends! I am sure that among us are some very skilled and very creative individuals, and if we bring some together we can make some cool stuff!

What sort of projects would you be interested in working on, what skills do you have, etc?


why not restart the lainchan magazine that seems to be dead now?


I would say yes, but it actually isn't dead, just it is taking a bit longer to prepare the next release, or so I've heard. But thanks for the suggestion!


I am seeing a trend on the site right now that is pushing for lains to actually produce and not just discuss, and I like it. Do we need a strawpoll or something to weigh in our skills?





If there is no money involved, I'm not interested. My own fun projects are fun enough.


why even post?
who gives a soykaf about you?
wtf man?


Since nobody is doing anything. I made the strawpoll for talents.


I think it will be great for Lainchan to make something. It'll be fun!


File: 1456287162451.png (52.14 KB, 200x200, gendoalows.jpg)

I am interested in this...
I have a strong background in physics, chemistry, biology and neuroscience as well as experience in java and C++ and mechanical skills for working on cars and stuff.

Anyone wiling to help me out on getting into the IRC for lainchan and this thread in particular?


download an irc client, to be honest i don't know what good ones are - i just use hexchat.

join the freenode server then join #lainchan


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Hey you guys should join tilde.town or even better we make our own. It's pretty comfy.
Here's mine: tilde.town/~nuyen


what is the freenode server address? i use empathy .




i know nothing about networks, programming, computers or stuff like that.
i'm a music fag. can play an instrument, write a song, and produce mad beats (i studied musical production and electroacoustic arts).
i can program in MAX/MSP tho.

if anyone finds me useful, im around.
i can also prepare taboule salad


where can I hear your music?


tell me more about your salad


Share your taboule recipy pls


Isn't this what the Wired Learning Group and #wired-students in IRC is for?

Personally, I'd like to see things to increase in technical difficulty as the layers progress. I like that we're starting with functional programming, and I'd hope to see things move in the direction of AI / machine learning stuff.

I think it'd only be natural to have a layers on security, encryption, etc. but I'm not sure how this would flow from functional programming as a starting point. I'm also not sure who's leading the Wired Learning Group, but I'd like to see more input from the organizers there in leading this discussion.


please elaborate on the salad