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I received an Answer Manitou 3 elastomer suspension fork from a swap meet for free. The PO decided to stuff wine corks inside it as a "fix". After 3 days of fuarrrking with it I successfully modified it to use coils and motorcycle shock oil for dampening.


Your bicycle looks totally awesome!

It reminds me that I need to change the tire on my bike. I've never done it before, though, and don't know what size of tire I need. I'm thinking about getting a friend to help me.


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Jesus.. those stanchions on those Manitou III's look fuarrrked up, badly.

On topic: here's my Maverick ML8, which I dearly love.


Frame: '05 ML8 "Dabbit" size L, matte black anodised so easy to clean+nearly invisible at night.

Fork: Rock Shox Recon TK 335 with a Pike compressiono damper, and when I get the cash a Fast Suspension shimmed compression damper, and maybe a Revelation WorldCup rebound damper.

Drivetrain: Shimano Deore shifters, XT M760 crank with a single Rotor Q-ring, 36t, XTR M951 RD.

Brakes: Shimano M615

Seatpost: Some XLC thing, I'll get a Maverick Speedball some day.

Seat: Stripped retro Ritchey seat.

Bars: KCNC Rampant 710mm, Xtreme stem (which isn't too bad but muh 25.4mm is ded), Ritchey Neoprene grips.

R/H/T: DT HuGi 240/Cannondale Competition on Mavic X3.1/XM819 UST rims, rolling on Michelin Dry2 Dual Compound tires, UST setup.

Other soykaf:

SolarStorm X3 front light, some Lezyne rear light.


what size are the wheels/


26, Maverick had plans for a 29er bike, but they were scrapped because the brand quit entirely.


good size.


Do any of you Lains go on longer bike trips (couple of days or more) ? If so what do you take on your trips? How do you transport it? On what bike do you tour?


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Updated pic, new setup:

Fork: updated with Recon 351 lowers in black

Seatpost: Thomson Elite 30.9/410 with stealthed decals

Stem: Thomson X4 90mm/25.4

Tires: Vredestein Killer Bee/T-Lope UST F&R

Chainring: TruVativ 38T steel singlespeed chainring


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I got this bike, except mine is purple


File: 1442958797632.png (378.63 KB, 200x150, IMG_0098.jpg)

New bike, went full sus, hydro brakes, 1x9, Lol. Scott Spark leads pro XC!


I've had a Gary Fisher bike sitting in my garage for a hot minute while i've been getting fat. I tried to use it the other week but gear shifting came off as really wonky. Obviously I'm not giving you a lot to work with here but does anyone know how to fix up the gears on a bike so they shift smoother?


Try putting some oil on the chain and on the gears, it will help already. Try taking a look at the metal part that moves the chain up and down and see if you can move it in a way that makes the transition easier or more precise.


Thats the exact advice I was looking for despite how simple it is. Will update with pics etc once i fix stuff.


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I really need to bike more, but I've just started.

Any tips on managing stamina? I'm not doing any sport biking just simple bike rides to lose some weight and spend time outside. I always work myself too hard for some reason and get worn out fast.


Make a schedule and keep to it. It's ok to take it easy. Slowly increase the intensity and/ or length of your sessions. Give yourself at least a day to rest afterward, but stick to the schedule.


learn how to be in the correct gear.


unless you are a tiny woman you need to raise the seat. take the bike to a stop and ask them to help you fit the seat. then get a seat that is less fat. a thinner and less thick seat will help you a lot.


lastly upgrade to some pedals that are wider so your foot has a good grip. unless you are a tiny woman (which that bike was made for) then ignore me.

pedals like this cost 15$ >>1141


Thank you for this.
Honestly now that i think about it my biggest issue is that everything is flat in my neighborhood. Any tips for that?

These pictures were taken before i actually took it for a ride

i got a female bike for a reason, though I could probably still use some new pedals, my feet aren't small and those are tiny. The seat is also not comfortable at all so i'll have to go do that as well. Again like stated above this was taken before I ever road the bike. i definitely raised the seat.


show us


show you what exactly?


the bike


I'll buy a bike anyone could give me any tips?


Get one used and fix it up.
Don't buy new unless you're some rich rulers kid.


File: 1448296146835.png (219.83 KB, 133x200, bikes.jpg)

Mountain bike...
Well hard tail or full suspension...
Persoinaly I would go full suspention if you want a do it all bike you should get somthing like 5 inch suspension rear and front... this will be fast enough and tough enough for most. Will eat steps, curbs and cobbles as well as cross tram lines way safer in town environments. But will still pedal ok because not too much suspension. Get disk brakes hydralic - if your a big guy cheap and efective way to up braking power is upgrade to 203mm rotor up front - maybe 180mm rear.
Off road such a bike will see you down some rufffff woodlands and rocks... as long as its not silly steep/rocky (then you need a full DH bike).
Get a rear small led light for roads - leave on all the time, then get removable larger front light for off road at night...
Remember concrete 'n' cars will fuarrrk you up more than mud 'n' trees!


A decent full suspension bike runs you 3-4000$

Half that price will get you a hard tail with a pike and full XTR.


Not second hand - spend say ~$600-800 and you should have a good bike.

All bikes need some basic maintainence so you may as well practice on a 2nd hand one!


yeah maybe if it's fuarrrked up and needs suspension and bushing service, new wheels and soykaf . Carbon that isn't new and you have no prior knowledge of its abuse


No, second hand if you look will get you an ok bike... might have a few minor niggles but nothing too much.. But carbon is $$$, go for aluminium.


>Carbon is bad meme
Alright i'm done with you.


An aluminium full suspension bike is a waste of money.



Carbon is just too expecive to get a good frame without $$$ second hand (or new). Fine if your swag.
For full sus you better on the economy end to put that $$$ into suspention and other bits as long as the bike has a good geometry and a weight <17kg your gonna be fine. More is the type of suspension action used, some counter brake jack better than others, some have a diffrent rear sweep as travel changes. As well as trying to get a slacker head angle as more modern designs have.

>Aluminium is good value for money.


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Ditched the T-Lope and put a Nobby Nic in 2.25 on the front of my ML8.

Also sold the Thomson post and got a KS E-Ten dropper.

2nd bike is my Trek 970 (winter)beater bike.


My Trek 4300...I have been using it daily for 9 years. I had several crashes with it, including one car crash. It still looks like new and people can't believe me how old it is.
I am proud of that thing!


File: 1459274128507.png (2.64 MB, 200x150, image.jpeg)

Should I switch to compact bend bars? I think so.


File: 1467404561065.png (952.42 KB, 200x151, sJg_h8t.jpg)

Here's my ML8 as of today.

New since last post:

>Ditched the Recons, brought a Maverick DUC32 from a guy in Malaysia

>built a new wheelset, WTB Frequency i25's on Novatec D712SB/Maverick 24/7
>Ditched the shit tires I had on it for brand new Hans Dampfs
>Southpaw remote for E-Ten because I broke the original one
>Cane Creek Carbon headset
>XT M750 shifter
>Some retro Ritchey saddle
>A light bracket on the DUCs for a SolarStorm X3
>SLX M660 cranks
>Narrow-wide 36T chainring from Aliexpress
>FINALLY upgraded the rear shock to a ML8.2 from Ethan "Maverick Yoda" Franklin, thank you for the GREAT service and communication!
>New SLX cassette
>SLX M675 brakes
>Time Z Control DH pedals
>A new taillight that only can go on/off instead of 3 other modes and on/off
>Oury grips
>Edge 705

Still to come:
>6-cell battery pack from Kaidomain
>Powder coated DUC32 top crown
>New downtube decals


File: 1467408473130.png (798.9 KB, 200x151, 20160701_004.jpg)

The 970ZX has been scrapped btw, I broke the BB shell trying to remove the old BB to install a XT HT2 crank.

Ironically, a day later I brought ANOTHER 970ZX, in this case a '96 Ice Fire Red 970ZX SHX (!), SHX means suspension ready which in turn means it rides lightyears ahead of the old ST970!


how much for the stem?


File: 1467719794016.png (264.2 KB, 200x150, accepting_donations_192_1000.jpg)


You mean the Tre G/3G Racing stem on the ST970?


Ditch the Tora and buy a Recon Gold or a Reba, and throw in some Revelation internals. (moar shimz!)


i got a pike.


Nice, the 32mm/05-11 or 13-present Pike?


File: 1468005090683.png (1000.66 KB, 200x151, 20150708_002.jpg)

Oh shit I realised I have my ML8 exactly one year today!

Here's how I built it up exactly one year ago.


File: 1468005412019.png (1.14 MB, 200x151, 20160708_005.jpg)

And now, one year later.

DUCs, dropper, new rear shock, 1x oval ring, you name it!


New since this post:
>Rock Shox Reverb 125mm
>Kaidomain 6-cell battery pack
>WTB Rocket V saddle just to piss off a LBS owner
>Ditched the 3G Racing stem as one of the screw threads is fucked
>Race Face Prodigy Forged stem
>Maxxis Maxxlite 330 rear tire
>Ritchey Comp 620mm bars from a Nishiki Z29 I had in April this year (upgraded to a 710mm wide bar on that bike)


>M760 FD

>Later this year:

>Winter/shit weather tires
>Original rigid fork

Sorry no pics, i'm on vacantion.


This will be my final post as you k i k e s block that word.


Are there any good 27.5" suspension forks that work with non disk brakes?


File: 1477660139353.png (3.03 MB, 200x150, 20161016_142539.jpg)

I don't know if this counts as a bike 'mod', but I'm currently in the process of building a bike from scratch using carbon fiber and bamboo. It's really fun, but also really time-consuming.


and really flexible.


File: 1478016395179.png (282.72 KB, 200x150, fixie1.jpg)

And a picture of the "finished" product

Rides like a dream, haven't noticed any structural problems so far.



I don't see foot retention, best not be fixed.
OTOH, I don't see a rear brake, best not be free.
Lol but either way, nice work.

(Seriously though, foot retention is sweet, I prefer on any bike, get some straps on there)


I got straps in the mail right now.
This is the first time I've done anything above buying a bike from walmart or something, so it's all a learning experience.
Thanks for your kind words


very nice work... i guess the slight flexability makes it a smooth ride.

where did you get the carbon fiber from?


http://compositeenvisions.com/ is where I got mine from, but there are tons of online vendors of carbon and fiberglass.


wtf is wrong with you the fit is all wrong. fix the fucking seat angle and same for the bars. seriously.


Calm down man, I took that picture right when I finished assembly.

The seat and bars have been adjusted since then.


Looks super fun, did you follow any guidelines or you just went for it copying some other frame? Sadly I won't be able to make it any time soon, but a man can dream.


I vaguely followed this:
and the frame geometry is based on the cannondale supersix evo. In retrospect, it would have been better to model it off of a velodrome bike, the bottom bracket is a little too low for a fixed gear.

It's really not an expensive project, it just takes a lot of time


I have one bike in compact and one bike in ergo drop and I'm happy I have both. If you spend a fair bit of time transitioning and you're not super flexible, switch to compact. If you're flexible and spend a lot of time on flat road ergo drop is great.


File: 1481139898792.png (243.45 KB, 200x125, orbeaconfort.jpg)

Eh, this advice might sound obvious to many bicycle rider here, but regularly putting oil on the gears and chain instead of not doing it is like day and night when you ride before and after that.

I ride this fuarrrker daily. From what I read it's not worth soykaf but it get the job done.

I'd love to do something like this :
But I don't know where to find free milk crate and checking the components in store made it clear that it will cost me way more than 20$, and I don't have the right tools for that left.

I don't know what kind of other modifications could benefit me. Maybe adding an e-bike if the bike is enough of a good starting build to bother.


What are some good bike brands? I want to buy a decent bike thats not soykaf and wont break. Supposedly Japanese ones are very good?


Like Fuji or Suigino? That's probably true.

What is available in near you? Honestly, if you go to a good bike shop and spend $450 I think all the models around that cost are about the same. The frame will be the difference between similar models, they will all use the same shimano groupset. And it will be a decent bike.

If you want to get a good deal used, I guess I would read bike forums for a bit so you have a better idea of what to look for.