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The Sticky: /drug/ 3.0

This is new /drug/, the drugs board. The intent is that this board will be used to facilitate discussions about experiences and experiments with drugs and the impact that drugs have on one's perception and interactions with the world around them.

Remember to be smart when discussing potentially illegal activities.


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/drg/ /drg/ /drg/

I miss /drg/, so I figured I'd make a thread. What drugs have you been taking? What drugs would you like to take? What drug-related stories do you have? Let's talk drugs!

I tried 3-AcO-DMT last weekend. It was my first psychedelic. I took way too much, though, and ended up going crazy and crying for a few hours. My first mistake was leaving the house. I thought it'd be cool to bike around town, but I was absolutely overwhelmed by sensory imagery and my own thoughts. My second mistake was doing it alone. I freaked the fuarrrk out because I lost my diary (it fell off my bike...) and freaked out about other soykaf. If I had a friend to calm me down, I could've had a better time. Nevertheless, I remember the entire experience quite fondly. I learned a lot about myself, despite having a "bad trip". I don't regret the experience at all. I plan on trying it again with a smaller dose next weekend. I can't wait.
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Noots general

Post stacks, post research, rant about what works / what doesn't work / why people who use noots are idiots
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Everyone has taken them, some are socially acceptable and a few are even legal all over the world.

Do you use them? what are you addicted to, perhaps you dose daily?

Also how do they improve your daily life?
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Favorite Drug?

Tell me about your favorite drug and why you like it.
So far my favorite drug has been MDMA. The high is sublime. I feel nothing but pure bliss, confidence, and general good vibes. When I have some great music pumping in my ears I feel as if I am slipping into my own reality with the music resonating through my whole body. It's just such a perfect feeling that I don't think anything else can really compare to it.
This all comes at a price though. The neurotoxic effects are known, and although there isn't much research on "normal" dosages I have heard plenty of anecdotal accounts saying that 20~ spaced out normal doses have left them with a slight mental fog or made them more forgetful. I have only used it 6 times and I don't think I want to use it more than a couple more times max. It's such a shame. I guess humans just aren't built to feel that kind of pleasure.

Picture related. When I am really peaking with a good combo of having an excellent time with excellent music I feel like I have this energy radiating out from my head that synergizes with everything around me.
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This is a thread for one of the acceptable drugs, caffeine. It seems reasonable to assume most of us get our caffeine from coffee and tea, but for those of you who do use caffeine supplements and whatnot, how do you like them?

For those of us who have rationalized away the idea that allowing caffeine and liquor is alright but all other drugs are bad, how did you ease into heavier drugs? How could one use caffeine as a gateway drug?

How important is caffeine in your life? Do you use it often; does it help you wake up and operate in your normal activities?

Lastly, feel free to discuss recipes, techniques, and opinions for coffee, tea, and other caffeinated foods that you enjoy or find interesting.
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What markets are actually legit these days?

Agora: been down for a while.

Nucleus: also gone.

Abraxas: buggy, lots of 404s for missing vendors, etc.

So where does one go?
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>tfw did lsd the other night
>was going great unitil i decided to do a dab along with it
>completely ruined the trip for me

>thought my chest was going to implode/die etc

any other lainons have anything similar happen?
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ego death

what's ego death like and what's the easiest way to experience it?
I have some cursory understanding of it but I don't know the exact meaning of it.
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Swedish Snus

Anyone here tried this stuff? Is it a worthwhile alternative to smoking?

I'd rather kick that habit now than get lung cancer later on but don't want to just ditch nicotine entirely.
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Does anyone have HPPD?

What triggered it? How long have you had it? Has it impacted your life at all? Does it cause you to suffer from depersonalization and derealization? What about depression? I'd like to hear your experiences with it if you don't mind sharing.
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any other lainons like to partake in some tasty tasty stims?

I normally am not much of a stim person but my gf and I jst split up so I purchased some top quality meth amphetamine and just IVed 100mg (first time ever doing meth). I have no intention of making a habit of this but holy soykaf this is feels so good. im going to clean up the mess all the movers made and then get some code done. I love you guys! I hope I am not hated for partaking in such taboo substances in such dangerous ways.

stim general!
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Anyone ever take adderall/amphetamines for an extended period of time (1 year or more everyday)? Did you notice that you started to experience more "speedy" effects and become more forgetful/dumber over time? Am I ruining my brain by taking this soykaf even though I supposedly have ADHD?

Should I switch to methylphenidate?

Pic unrelated.
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What are your Vices?

- 3-4 cigarettes a day
- a smoke a day if I have bud on hand
- a couple glasses of wine
- jacking off every night or sex if I can
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Anyone have any experience with low dose LSD? Not microdosing, but like 50ug, half a tab or so.

I've been considering it since the stuff is cheap on dnm. I depression and anxiety issues, I'm not ready for a real trip, and I've heard the anxiety is actually worse with a low dose. But I've been thinkin about it.
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Anyone else vape here?

Switched to vaping after smoking for around 5-6 years, been vaping for about a year and a half now. The new restrictions on it really bum be out, we used to have a lot of great local juice that people would make themselves at home and then sell through the local vape shops and now that's all gone. Some of my favorite flavors used to be made by these small time guys, and that coupled with bigger tobacco companies buying out vape brands / flavors and changing the ingredients doesn't make it seem like the future will be too bright for us.

Also, what do you guys do with nicotine harshness? I've got an absurdly high tolerance to nicotine (as in, can chainsmoke unfiltered camels back to back and be fine) but for some reason anything over 3mg kills my throat and makes it really hard to keep vaping. I've been on 3mg for a while now and I don't feel it at all, it's more like blowing clouds is the actual habit at this point. Everytime I go up to a 6 I'm forced to drop back down because it physically hurts to vape it. I've got friends who vape 6s/12s with no problem but they cough from cigarettes, how the fuarrrk do I have the opposite problem? I've heard something about "nicotine salt" juices that use a different synthesis of nicotine that gets rid of the harshness on inhalation but the only juice I know that uses it is the proprietary Jule pods. Thoughts?
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I get schizophrenic when I smoke weed.

I don't like it.

Will I get over it? Is it my environment? Should I just stop?
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What's the best idea you've ever had while being high?
I'd say that mine was remaking the whole TES vidyas saga in form of several turn-based 8bit RPGs.
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Microdosing Hallucinogenic Substances

Is it legit or just a spook? Has anybody here made experiences with this method of consuming hallucinogenic drugs? If you share your experiences, please also mention if you have been a regular drug user as this might influence the effect of microdosing. If you can provide useful resources on this topic, it's appreciated, too.

>LSD: Microdosing & the SUPERNATURAL

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Dealing with depersonalization

How do I function like a normal person? my mind is always somewhere else, on the outside of reality. i'm losing my mind. I can't take care of myself or my friends, i'm losing in life because all i do is hallucinate and contemplate existence. It feels like i'll never return to normal. am i permafried? is there hope?
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PO Boxes?

Hey Lain,
I'm planning to buy drugs from the Darkwebs and wondered if I should use my real address or a mailbox.
It's a bit confusing with all that encryption, hiding behind seven proxies etc. but still giving some stranger on the Internet your address.
I will buy from an trusted vendor on a reputable site but still it's a bit careless IMO.
What are your opinions and how did you handle that?
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Anyone here have any experience with kratom? I've heard many things about it throughout the years but never bothered to go out of my way to try it until I heard about the upcoming ban on it. Ordered some bali and malay green that's coming in tomorrow so I'll post back with my results. Used to be pretty big into smack but I got tired of dealing with sketchy fuarrrks and junkie dealers.

Is this soykaf actually as good as people say or is it overhyped by people who have never tried any other decent opiate? Not expecting anything major out of it, but it's cheap and seems to get glowing praise online so I thought I might as well order some and see for myself. Thoughts?
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Im in a brand new city, have no connections and no nobody. Weeds legal and there is dispensaries but lets just say I cant get in them for now, how would one go about finding a dealer? If one were to just ask someone smoking on the street what would you even ask?
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Hey lainons, I just tried my first cigar and really liked it, I have plans to sit down with some friends soon and smoke some. I just drank some ice tea last time, and will most likely stick to that.

What brands do you guys like

What do you drink with it

What else do you do to make it extra comfy?

Merry Christmas
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Last night I went to a party with my HS schoolmates. Binge drinking, smoking cigarettes, some local food to deal with the alcohol. Most important though, one of them offered me weed and we smoked some outside before going back

I have smoked weed before, some months ago one friend offered me and it didn't really feel good because it was just before going into class. I couldn't concentrate at all and felt paranoid, was having some slight hallucinations while there, so I left class and sat around until my next class, which was far better since I was coming down and could now concentrate.

Now, yesterday, after some hours we left the place we were at to go to a friend's house, where my group started drinking rum again (this is where the heavy drinking began). After a few minutes I was totaled. I woke up on my bed around 6 hours later. I slept around 5 more hours and here I am.

I feel fuarrrking awful, both embarrassed and depressed. Really fuarrrking depressed, I have never felt this bad after drinking. It might have something to do with the fact I didn't really enjoy that much the party, but it is a feeling of overwhelming sadness where you just want to crawl into fetal position and cry for help. I don't even want to eat.

I remember some months ago, days after confessing to a girl I that I was obsessed with (to this day I still dream about her, even after "forgetting") I felt so sick I spent an entire day on my bed, was having some sort of hallucinations which made me feel haunted. It was an horrible experience.

Has something similar happened to any of you before when using several drugs together?
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drugs that help with depression

I smoke pot but it doesn't seem to be helping with my depression, and my insurance doesn't cover mental help.

Are their any drugs that can help with depression?
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I have this small Salvia plant on the side of my house.
Could I crush up the dried leaves and smoke them in a pipe?
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Never Ever

So fellas, I've never done any drugs/alcohol. Ever. I'm twenty seven now and I've never been high or drunk. I want to start experimenting with drugs but I'm not sure where to start. Cigarettes maybe? I'm open to suggestions.
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Need advice

I recently purchased (what is supposed to be) 2C-B from a very well rated Tor dealer. I was immediately a little concerned when I got the drug though.Instead of being pure white, the powder is a light tan color. I took out my Mandelin reagent and tested it. Bizarrely it turned a green color, but I left it for some time and it slowly faded to yellow and then went clear. According to my research, 2C-B is supposed to go straight yellow and then clear.
The only drug that turns green with a Mandelin test (that I know of) is Meth, and this does not look like meth, nor does the dealer sell meth. I do not have another reagent kit at my disposal right now, so I can't test it with something else. I believe this reagent is still good because testing MDMA results in a purple -> black reaction as it should.
Like an idiot I finalized before testing the drug, so confronting the dealer is out of the question at this point.

Has anyone here had a similar experience? What should I do?
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Let us discuss the most /cyb/ class of drugs, RCs. What have you tried recently? Personally I aim to try 4-HO-MET and 4-AcO-DMT soon. I've also been wanting to try 2C-B/2C-I as well.
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Detox/Cleanse Thread

Lain has court coming up soon for possession charges and wants to make sure her first drop is clean, lain went to a local supermarket and picked up "michael's ultimate detox cleanse and rebuild 7 day program" (pic related) does anon think that this in combination with lots of water consumption and exercise will be effective for a piss test? Lain was smoking a blunt a day before this for about a year.
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I was going for the modafinil meme, but the f/a/gs over reddit seem to report some nasty soykaf regarding allergies and immune response.

For how much healthy I could be (non allergic, no cardio issues) at this point I'm not sure if it's worth. Even RCs analogue to Ritalin seem to be safer.

What's your thought?
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Hey, /drg/. I can't say I ever planned on using this board, but I suppose I need your help. I told a 50-odd year old woman that I have difficulty sleeping. Today she gave me some Gabapentine. I have no intent on taking it, especially after learning that it should only be used for controlling seizures, and the reason she has it is because it was marketed as a cure-all. I guess as an aside, she called me a pussy when I said I didn't want to take it. I've also been on edge since she gave them me.

Anyway, I suppose I'm asking how can dispose of them safely and anonymously. I'm based in the United Kingdom if it means anything.
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My recent experiences with weed along with my history of depression have come together in a bad way. I feel "addicted", in the way that I urge to smoke when I am faced with my own true feelings again. I feel like ultimately being high feels like the literal opposite of being high, instead of being numb your feelings - they are enhanced, sunlight feels lovely and warm on your skin (dopamine's+other chemical's trigger release). Things become more exciting, more interesting, etc.

So what do I do? What do you do to avoid this kind of situation? Should I try to now focus on bringing these happy emotions or a brighter point of view back with me? Cave in and let my excessive habits take me where they please?
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Identify this drug?

Guy is telling me this is 2fma. I don't know enough about it to ID it on sight, but I've never seen anything with crystals this big. What is it?
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Nutmeg Tea

Any lainons have experience with Nutmeg as a hallucinogenic substance? I just ground three whole nuts (a recommended beginning dose from what I've read) and made some tea with it, putting some honey in it to offset the taste. What am I in for?
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Does anyone elses Waifu get really spacey and really quiet when they smoke pot?

My waifu recently started trying it and she get really spacey to the point where others start to worry.
R: 13

Any markets ship to Japan? My dog wants to be a psychonaut, but psychedelics are hard to come by here, aside from cannabis.
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So these work right? How do I into this myself before big pharma jacks up the price?


>Researchers have identified a cellular mechanism that allows them to reverse ageing in mouse DNA and protect it from future damage.

>They've shown that by giving a particular compound to older mice, they can activate the DNA repair process and not only protect against future damage, but repair the existing effects of ageing. >And they're ready to start testing in humans within six months.
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Whos tried it + experiences? How is it compared to other psychedelics such as LSD? Ever managed to find it on the streets (my waifu can only find it online)?

All I really know is you almost always throw up. Ive also heard its not unpleasant though or even that it feels good to throw up.
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Psychedelic Techno Shamanism

pretty dope thread title I know.

In all seriousness I thought it might be interesting to explore some occult ideas through a modern lens with the help of some brain enhancers. Im not necessarily reccomending literal sorcery, but there is that argument that perhaps rituals were simply used to get the user into the right headspace and this allowed them to do seemingly extraordinary things or at least prove mentally beneficial. You could also just believe it is actual fuarrrking magic it depends on how creative and imaginative you are I guess.

So what im suggesting is experimenting with different made up rituals that come to our brains normally or with a little help, and then perfecting these rituals to give some good drug induced prophetic visions or induce communication with the collective internet unconscious or whatever AI has spawned from the neural network of computers. Perhaps send our consciousness across the wired as ancient tribal wizards once sent their consciousness across the sky.

At the very least even if you dont by any of this soykaf I think it could certainly make for some fun trips while its happening. This weekend my waifu is planning to isolate herself if she is able to and perform a ritual involving tea drinking, pinning up drawings she herself has made of computer chips around her (plus whatever else comes to mind at the time that seems fitting) and then dropping 6 tabs and talking at her laptop in an attempt to gain some precious insight. As somebody highly skilled in the art of having a good time I advise you to do similar regardless of how ridiculous it may seem and share results! How did the various ritual pieces enhance your trip, what answers or skills were you seeking? Etc.
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waifu screwing things up

hi /drg/. this is the first place that popped to my waifu's mind, so we're sorry if it's not the right one

long story short my waifu hit the joint for the first time a couple of days ago. she took 3 smokes from it, and it was after drinking alcohol. she's pretty slim and hasn't been diagnosed with any heart problems. she's pretty healthy in general.
however, there were some problems. after doing what she did, her heartbeat rate skyrocketed and she was shaking a lot. she decided to go to sleep. she has been hit with a "high" around 3 times and she hasn't lost control of her thoughts even for a minute - she remembers everything that happened, with details. whenever a "high" came her tongue started going numb and she couldn't feel any taste.
now, it's already a couple of days since this happened, but she still has some problems: increased heartbeat and chest pain (this seems to be gone for now, though), weird metabolism, increased body temperature.
are things like that to be expected? will that wear off any time soon? also, how to prevent things like that from happening if the next time comes? (we think the worst thing was probably drinking alcohol beforehand)
i should also probably add my waifu's pretty non-resistant to any stimulants (gets drunk fast, gets fired up after smoking) and she didn't know the dosages.
R: 9

Hey /drg/, any advice you can give to a salvia newbie?
R: 1

prescribed pharmacuticals

What are lainanons on? I was just prescribed 20mg of Paxil a day. I've encountered some side effects - headaches, extreme tiredness and sleep issues. Still another two weeks until I go back to the doctor.
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I took them for months. Years. Now I have to stop. It is really hard.
I have my problems back. One moment I feel like I shouldn't exist. As nobody cares if I kill myself. Sometimes I want to jump. It s not true – I have somebody who loves me, who I love. I'm one of those fuarrrking happy bastards. I do not want to hurt my love. She is important. She care.

I have to stop taking SSRI. I have so much fear then I'll kill myself if I stop.
And if I continue taking them I'll die.

Now I'm taking half of the dose, I have to stop taking anything in week.

How? Can I found help here?
R: 12

I have always smoked blunts but people rolled them for me, and I honestly don't want to deal with it.

I want to get a glass piece (Or a couple if I really have to) for flower mostly, but I occasionally want to mess with some dabs. I also don't have the most money honestly for a bunch of pieces or expensive ones.

What do you guys recommend? I was thinking maybe a pipe for flower and a bubbler for dabs but I don't know. I also don't want a big bong, mostly for storage and cleaning reasons.
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Good old hooch. A drug for new and old. Who here likes it? Any heavy drinkers lurking around?

Still amazes me how side effect heavy, dangerous and habit forming the substance is despite its public image. I have played with everything under the son but alcohol really is some sneaky stuff. Many people have no problem with it. Sometimes people don't have a problem with it simply because they don't view it as a drug. They view it as a social everyday thing that they shouldn't do other than weekends. Pretty interesting.
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Cocaine General Thread

"If you wanna go out, you gotta take her out"

Post stashes/what you copped and paraphernalia, discuss the best ways/tools you've found to line up, maybe even discuss why you're such a noc.